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12 - 15 June 2018

Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018

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Westland Region Participants 2018

AnthuraArmada Young Plants B.V.Beekenkamp Plants BVBOCK Bio Science GmbHBrandkampButterfly GardenD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by LannesDümmen OrangeFlorensisGedifloraEndischGreen WorksHendriks Young PlantsJonge Planten GrünewaldKP HollandLily LooksP vd Haak HandelskwekerijPrudacQueen® GeneticsSakataSchneider youngplantsSchoneveld BreedingSelecta one (NL)SionSyngenta FloriPro Services®Van den Bos FlowerbulbsVarinovaVWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs

Rheinland Westfalen Region Participants 2018

Dümmen OrangeEbbing-LohausElsner pac Vertriebsgesellschaft mbHKientzler JungpflanzenSelecta oneWesthoff

Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018

About usABZ Seeds

Gourmet Strawberries
ABZ Seeds is a Dutch breeding company dedicated to the development of F1-hybrid strawberries, propagated by seed. In our breeding programs we give high priority to flavour. We work on ornamental strawberry varieties. The flowers of these varieties are known for their special colour, shape and size. Nowadays we offer over twenty strawberry F1 hybrid varieties to the market. From Holland Strawberry House in Andijk we ship strawberry seeds to over 35 countries on 6 continents. It is our ultimate goal to please strawberry lovers all over the world, from strawberry ‘gourmands’ to home gardeners.

Video impression 2017ABZ Seeds

Summer Breeze Pink: a strawberry rose in soft pink flower colour
Summer Breeze Pink: a strawberry rose in soft pink flower colour
Strawberry Summer Breeze Pink is a new approach in ornamental strawberries. The rose-like double flowers in soft pink are real eye-catchers. This double type of flowers keep their colour for a considerable longer period than the single types. The combination of abundant colour and fresh summer fruit will give consumer the fine feeling of a summer breeze!
Summer Breeze Rose: sensational deep rose flower colour in strawberry rose
Summer Breeze Rose: sensational deep rose flower colour in strawberry rose
Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose is a real eye-catcher for its sensational deep rose flower colour on a rose-like double flower. The compact plant of Summer Breeze Rose produces a deep rose cascade of flowers and fresh-sweet fruit during whole summer. Consumer will experience the fine feeling of a summer breeze blowing through the jasmine in their mind!
Our total product concept Delizz® brings a new market within reach: convenience consumers who just like to enjoy delicious home-grown strawberries. The attractive presentation of Delizz® with a specially selected Tamara pot in a fancy purple colour and a colourful transport sheet and pot cover makes a perfect gift to someone you love. In 2016 strawberry Delizz® was decorated as National Winner at All America Selections (AAS). This prestigious prize was granted to Delizz® as first strawberry ever due to its outstanding outdoor performance in many climate zones of North​en/​cultivate/​delizz

Top 10 productsABZ Seeds

  1. Fragaria Summer Breeze pink
  2. Fragaria Summer Breeze rose
  3. Fragaria Delizz® AAS 2016
  4. Fragaria XL Flower Toscana deep rose FleuroStar 2012
  5. Fragaria Hanging Basket Ruby Ann red
  1. Fragaria Hanging Basket Elan white
  2. Fragaria Hanging Basket Frisan hot pink
  3. Fragaria Early Compact Loran white
  4. Fragaria Early Compact Merlan pink
  5. Fragaria Early Compact Tristan deep rose

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About usAgriom

Masters in Plant Breeding
In developing new varieties Agriom cooperates in joint-venture companies, each of which excels in a specific crop. These partners are excellent companies with leading positions in the global market.
Together with its partners, Agriom follows the global developments in floriculture. Responding to changing market demands regarding product characteristics or colours involves a continuous process of development and selection.
In addition to breeding activities implemented within the joint-venture companies, Agriom conducts breeding activities for other propagation and/or production companies and provides them with assistance.
This assistance can range from consulting services to the complete design and implementation of a breeding project.

Video impression 2017Agriom

Hydrangea for indoor, patio and outdoor
Hydrangea for indoor, patio and outdoor
Top quality varieties with their recognisable HBA characteristics; good branching, compact growth and abundant flowering. Colour combinations, special flower shapes, selections for specific production and sales areas. Reblooming varieties flowering on fresh shoots. For the garden segment 4 Hydrangea paniculata varieties.
Recent introduction: IPM 2018 prize winner Hydrangea Tabletensia®.

Thursday 14th of June, from 6.00 to 9.00 p.m.: Hydrangea Night; for all Hydrangea pot and cut flower producers: spectacular Hydrangea breeding, networking and party combined. For information and registration:
Kalanchoe Prime line, single flowered
Kalanchoe Prime line, single flowered
Perfecta Breeding, the cooperation between Agriom and Lankhaar Nursery introduces in 2018 the single flowered Prime line next to the existing and successful double flowered Perfecta series. The characteristic uniformity, compact growth and broccoli shape are well recognised in our 6 selections. The year round production of cuttings is situated in Africa. High uniformity of cutting material, graded in sizes for worldwide
Mandevilla Summerstar®
Mandevilla Summerstar®
Agriom and her partners are actively breeding several horticulture crops. Mandevilla Breeders Association (MBA) represents a breeding concept with only top class Mandevilla varieties. Selected by premium growers that only settle for the very best.
New: Mandevilla Summerstar® series. Very early and abundant flowering, lasting till the end of the season. Available in three striking colours: white, pink and red. The perfect choice for patio, garden and

Top 10 productsAgriom

  1. Hydrangea macrophylla (HBA)
  2. Hydrangea macrophylla Tabletensia®
  3. Hydrangea macrophylla Royal en Tropical (cut flower series)
  4. Mandevilla Summerstar® series
  5. Kalanchoe Prime Line and Perfecta series
  1. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Sunny Cities®
  2. Pot rose Favourite series
  3. Delphinium Elatum Dewi series
  4. Lobelia Africo™ and Africo™ Speedy (heat stress tolerant)
  5. Pelargonium Piccola™ en Graziosa™ (heat stress tolerant)

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About usBenary Samenzucht

Benary is THE World Leading Begonia Specialist - for 175 years!
Benary - 175 years excellence in breeding!
Renowned worldwide as a leader in Begonias, both tuberous and fibrous, Benary’s fine selected assortment includes some of the industry’s most sought after varieties in Pansies & Violas, Pentas, Petunias, Marigolds, and Rudbeckia, just to name a few.
Benary is active in three breeding facilities: USA, The Netherlands, and Germany. That brings us closer to you and your markets. Our main focus is on developing and selling flower varieties for the professional bedding plant market – bringing beauty to the world.
Our professional quality products are offered to growers through our wide network of distributors and brokers around the world.

Video impression 2017Benary Samenzucht

Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star
Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star
  • A new Pop Star is born!
  • Best branching
  • Most compact plant habit on the market
  • Tight flowering window
  • Fast and very easy to grow
  • Great for in-ground beds; patio containers
  • Use as indoor / outdoor product
  • 3 enchanting colours​en/​node/​2066
Helianthus annuus F1 Bert®
Helianthus annuus F1 Bert®
  • Let the sunshine in!
  • Bert® – the perfect gift plant
  • Large flowered, pollenless F1 hybrid
  • Bright yellow flowers with chocolate center, lush green foliage
  • Reliable high germination rates
  • Rated as one of the best pot varieties by LVA Heidelberg
  • Strong consumer appeal; compact habit; excellent for shipping​en/​node/​2031
Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD
Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD
  • HD grandiflora - The next SUCCESS! Story
  • SUCCESS! HD Rose Star is Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner!
  • Genetically compact series for “high density” production
  • Very uniform flowering
  • Large flowers
  • Full packs, pots or baskets
  • 7 extremely vivid colors​en/​node/​2077

Top 10 productsBenary Samenzucht

  1. BIG Begonia x benariensis F1 series
  2. Begonia tub. Nonstop® Joy - Trailing
  3. Begonia tub. Nonstop® / Nonstop® Mocca
  4. Begonia semperflorens Sprint Plus
  5. Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star
  1. Petunia grandiflora F1 SUCCESS! HD & 360°
  2. Petunia x hybrida F1 SUCCESS! series
  3. Pentas lanceolata F1 Graffiti® series
  4. Pansy Inspire® Plus & DeluXXe series
  5. Viola cornuta F1 Admire® series

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About usCohen Propagation Nurseries

Cohen Propagation Nurseries Ltd.
Cohen Propagation Nurseries is a family business, specialized in producing unrooted cuttings of bedding and basket plants for export. Cohen is located in the center of Israel and spread over 3 different farms in Kfar Hanagid, Gderot and Nir Hen.
Please make sure to visit our new website with an all new ordering system -
Please come and visit us in Israel, or meet us at one of the following events –
June 2018 – Flowers Trials (Holland)
July 2018 – Cultivate (USA)
September 2018 – Four Oaks (UK)
January 2019 - IMP Essen (Germany)

Video impression 2017Cohen Propagation Nurseries

Diascia Morning Mist Basket Red
Diascia Morning Mist Basket Red
First introduction in season 2017-2018.
Bred by Breier in Israel exclusively for Cohen.
Early flowering with compact growth habits, self-cleaning, easy rooting and fast growing.
This series contains 9 varieties, including 3 special basket varieties.
Perfect growth habits for finished plants in larger pots and baskets.
Nemesia Honey Bicolor Light Pink
Nemesia Honey Bicolor Light Pink
New for 2018-2019.
Bred by Breier in Israel exclusively for Cohen.
Compact growth habits, good branching and upright habits.
Large range of 25 varieties with special new color combinations.
Petunia Happy Giant Pink Mix
Petunia Happy Giant Pink Mix
First introduction in season 2017-2018.
Bred by Breier in Israel exclusively for Cohen.
Early flowering, floriferous with natural basal branching perfect for hanging baskets and large containers.
Wide range of special colors and sizes.

Top 10 productsCohen Propagation Nurseries

  1. Petunia Surfinia Purple
  2. Vinca Major Variegated
  3. Petunia Surfinia Hot Pink
  4. Vinca Minor Bowles
  5. Petunia Surfinia White
  1. Petunia Surfinia Deep Red
  2. Petunia Surfinia Blue
  3. Petunia Surfinia Table Dark Red
  4. Petunia Surfinia Giant Purple
  5. Calibraschoa Celebration Red

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About usDanziger - Imperial plants

Founded in the 1950s, Danziger is one of the world’s most innovative floriculture companies, creating extraordinary flower varieties that help customers all along the supply chain achieve extraordinary success.

Powered by one of the flower industry’s largest R&D departments, and with cutting-edge propagation facilities and nurseries in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia, Danziger supplies elite quality vegetative material to around 1000 customers in over 60 countries.

Danziger manages over 600 varieties under breeders’ rights. Through collaborative partnerships with growers, Danziger continuously explores new ways to capture the market’s imagination, while staying true to its roots as a family business.

Video impression 2017Danziger - Imperial plants

AMORE™ Purple – Petunia
AMORE™ Purple – Petunia
With an abundance of heart-shapes decorating every flower, Amore™ Purple, the latest addition to the lovable AMORE™ series, led by the prominent AMORE™ Queen of Hearts, is literally bursting with emotion.
With its long-lasting flowering period and a strong and uniform semi-trailing habit, it is a true novelty and a fabulous choice for every pot, basket or mixed container, bringing true affection and friendship into your world and filling your garden with love.
Golden Empire – TIMELESS™ Bidens Collection
Golden Empire – TIMELESS™ Bidens Collection
The TIMELESS™ Bidens Collection brings the best genetics of a wide range of Bidens. From the best of the traditional Bidens to the extraordinary new generation of habits, flowers and colors.
The GOLDEN EMPIRE™, is a unique and an impressive variety, known for its upright habit and rich unique golden color
Its abundance of flowers and early bloom, together with the fact that it is bee-friendly, makes it a wonderful variety to provide an all-natural and untamed feeling in the garden.
LIA™ Calibrachoa
LIA™ Calibrachoa
This new series of Calibrachoa features tight internodes for more flowers and great garden performance. LIA™ is an early series with medium vigor, between our NOA and COLIBRI series, making it perfect for 12 cm pots and compact basket production. LIA will flower in a ten-hourday, with bigger blooms. The flower size is noticeably different, up to 30% larger. LIA is available in six new colors including yellow, white, pink, blue, melon and raspberry..

Top 10 productsDanziger - Imperial plants

  1. AMORE™ Series - Petunia
  2. Golden Empire™ - Bidens Timeless Collection
  3. LIA™ series – Calibrachoa
  4. COLIBRI™ Series – Calibrachoa
  5. NANO™ - Portulaca
  1. CAPELLA™ - Petunia
  2. TOUCH™ Series – Scaevola
  3. FRESCO™ Series – Brachycome
  4. NESIA™ Series – Nemesia
  5. Golden Sphere™ - Coreopsis

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About usDe Zonnebloem Jonge Planten

De Zonnebloem Jonge Planten BV
De Zonnebloem Jonge Planten BV specialises in the propagation and breeding of terrace plants. The young plants are for sale as unrooted and rooted cuttings, half-mature plants in pots for mail orders or as custom-made plants. Most varieties are available year-round. Unique products in the assortment are: Anisodontea Elegans series, Abutilon series, Mandevilla Bloom Bells® series, Tibouchina selection, Hibiscus Moscheutos Extreme series, Lantana stem series, Thunbergia assortment and a full assortment for tub plant stem culture.

Mandevilla Bloom Bells Yellow
Mandevilla Bloom Bells Yellow
Mandevilla Bloom Bells® Yellow is an early flowering plant and its big, dark yellow flowers which remain on the plant for a long time make it a striking and unique addition to this series which was only available as red and pink cultivars until now.

Top 10 productsDe Zonnebloem Jonge Planten

  1. Mandevilla Bloom Bells Red (P)
  2. Mandevilla Bloom Bells Yellow (P)
  3. Anisodontea elegans Pincess (P)
  4. Hibiscus Extreme Hot Pink (P)
  5. Hibiscus Extreme Oak Red (P)
  1. Mandevilla Bloom Bells Pink (P)
  2. Abutilon Red Trumpet (P)
  3. Mandevilla Bloom Bells Dark Pink (P)
  4. Solanum rantonnetii Charles Blue Star (P)
  5. Hibiscus Extreme White Eye (P)

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About usEvanthia

Evanthia is a young, dynamic and innovative company that boasts in-depth experience in a wide range of fields. Within just a short space of time, our high-quality products have made us an established player in the horticulture industry
Evanthia is market leader in the pot sunflower market with two AGM award-winning Sunsation® varieties and market leader in Western Europe with our cut Celosia Act series.
Evanthia’s main product groups are:
• Cut flowers
• Pot and bedding plants
• Rooted and unrooted cuttings
• Tropical seeds and plants
• Seed technology
At Evanthia we specialise in constantly developing new varieties and safeguarding the quality of our existing cultivars. Helping our customers grow and market the product is another of our core tasks. Quality in all aspects is the value underpinning everything we do.
Evanthia, creating more…

Video impression 2017Evanthia

Helianthus 'Sunsation® Yellow F1'
Helianthus 'Sunsation® Yellow F1'
Owing to its compact growth, Sunsation® Yellow is ideal for commercial production. Its short cultivation period enables this variety to be grown in many different conditions. The dark yellow colour of the pollen-free flowers against the dark green foliage make Sunsation® Yellow a best-seller. This variety won the prestigious AGM Award in the RHS plant trials in the UK, coming out best in class in a comparison trial involving more than 100 sunflower cultivars. All this goes to make the Sunsation® series the no. 1 choice for both grower and consumer!
Helianhus 'Sunsation® Flame F1'
Helianhus 'Sunsation® Flame F1'
Flame, a bicolour variant that is also part of the Sunsation® series, is relatively unknown in Western Europe but extremely popular in South America. The bicolour pattern on this pollen-free flower is distinctively recognisable. This variety, with its very regular flower markings and attractive dark green leaf colour is a true stunner! With its compact growth and short cultivation period, Sunsation® Flame is ideal for commercial production. The growing habit of Flame is the same as of its sister variety Sunsation® Yellow. All this goes to make the Sunsation® series the no. 1 choice for both grower and consumer!
Helianthus 'Sunsation® Lemon F1'
Helianthus 'Sunsation® Lemon F1'
Sunsation® Lemon features the same compact growth and dark green foliage as its Sunsation® stablemates. It is pollen-free and has a neat, compact habit. Thanks to its short cultivation period, Sunsation® Lemon is ideal for commercial production. Like Sunsation® Yellow, Lemon also won the prestigious AGM award at the RHS trials in the UK. Its flowering and presentation in the field throughout the season are exceptional and outclasses the other sunflowers in the comparison trial. All this goes to make the Sunsation® series the no. 1 choice for both grower and consumer!

Top 10 productsEvanthia

  1. Helianthus Sunsation®
  2. Bellis Mars
  3. Bacopa Arusha
  4. Sanvatalia Sunstar
  5. Helychrisum Silver Super Compact
  1. Monstera
  2. Strelitzia
  3. Asparagus
  4. Celosia
  5. Brassica Empire

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About usFloranova

Floranova is a specialised breeder of flower seed varieties for the professional bedding and pot plant sector. Our seed products are available to trade and consumers through a network of wholesale and retail distributors throughout the world.
Established in in 1978, Floranova is now recognised as being one of the worlds leading flower seed breeding companies. The company’s portfolio also comprises vegetatively propagated products that are licensed to a network of propagators.
Floranova is focussed on bringing new, high quality and beautiful products to the global marketplace: products that excel for horticultural professionals and gardeners alike.

Video impression 2015Floranova

F1 Vinca Blockbuster
F1 Vinca Blockbuster
Floranova’s latest breeding has focused on flower size!

This exciting new series of 10 colours brings all of the attributes you would expect from Floranova Vinca, but with huge flowers!

Blockbuster has a compact, well branched habit as seen with Vitesse, but with much larger flowers that maintain their well rounded form. The flowers are capable of reaching 5.5-6 cm, even in extreme conditions. The colour intensity of Blockbuster is much greater, even in full sun conditions.
F1 Pansy Freefall® XL
F1 Pansy Freefall® XL
Pansy Freefall® XL has the same great habit as the original Freefall series but has the added benefit of much larger flowers. XL is easy for growers thanks to its non-tangling habit and 10-14 day earlier flowering in Spring than Cool Wave. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers or even ground cover, Freefall® XL will flower prolifically all over the plant.
F1 Ivy Geranium Reach Out
F1 Ivy Geranium Reach Out
A brand new series of F1 Ivy Leaf Geranium. Early to flower and easier to produce than competing varieties due to its compact habit and short internodes. The Reach Out series produces a full canopy of flowers all over the plant and does not get ‘tangled up’ in production like other varieties. Superb landscape, container & basket performance.

Top 10 productsFloranova

  1. Begonia Bossa Nova
  2. Ageratum Cloud Nine
  3. Cosmos Apollo
  4. Geranium Horizon
  5. Geranium Quantum
  1. Nemesia Seventh Heaven
  2. Pansy Freefall
  3. Salvia Sentry
  4. Viola Bel Viso
  5. Wallflower Sugar Rush

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About usFloricultura

Floricultura specialises in breeding, selection and propagation of orchids. Annual sales of many dozens of millions of young orchid plants all over the world have made our company the global market leader in orchid propagation material.
As suppliers of propagation material, we stand out not only for the volume of our output but also for our wide range of orchid genera. Besides a good working atmosphere, our approachable company culture promotes contacts between and a good exchange of knowledge and expertise among employees. The driving force behind our success as a production company is the prominent role we assign to research, wherever possible we use our research results and new technologies to further improve the quality of our orchids and our production methods.

Video impression 2017Floricultura

Phalaenopsis 'Serena'
Phalaenopsis 'Serena'
Floricultura has a wide range of orchids in the white colour group. So a new variety must really have something extra to offer to be included in our existing range. And that is indeed the case with the newly introduced Serena. With a flower diameter of 11 cm this may rightly be termed a large-flowered variety. Also impressive is the number of flowers per spike. When this variety is in full bloom it’s a veritable gem.
Phalaenopsis 'Lady Luck'
Phalaenopsis 'Lady Luck'
A deep purple colour and at least three spikes that also branch really well. This combination of characteristics results in a sea of at least forty flowers – quite unique in this colour group. So Lady Luck is a variety that performs well in several respects.
Phalaenopsis 'Calm Storm'
Phalaenopsis 'Calm Storm'
The calm before the storm is a familiar expression. But a “Calm Storm” must be something quite extraordinary. This new addition to Floricultura’s range meets all the requirements that may be expected from a good variety. A beautiful deep pink colour, vigorous growth and a long crown. And last but not least - a perfect flower diameter of at least 10 cm. The calm exuded by this beauty will make the storm blow over quickly ...

Top 10 productsFloricultura

  1. Phalaenopsis 'Tropic Wonderland'
  2. Phalaenopsis 'Mellowstar'
  3. Phalaenopsis 'Lady Luck'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Calm Storm'
  5. Phalaenopsis 'Eternal Flame'
  1. Phalaenopsis '243851'
  2. Phalaenopsis 'Serena'
  3. Phalaenopsis 'Misty Snow'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Cold Feet'
  5. Phalaenopsis '353526'

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About usFlorist Holland

Florist Holland B.V.
Florist Holland is a propagation and breeding company with almost 75 employees in the Netherlands. We specialize in Gerbera. We are located in De Kwakel, the Netherlands, where all our international activities are managed too. When it comes to our sales activities, we make optimal use of knowledge and the network. At the same time, we adopt a local approach and respond to specific growing and market conditions in each country. Florist Holland is also focusing on the consumer of tomorrow. Based on the latest technologies and innovations, the enthusiastic Florist team, will continue to develop new varieties and sales concepts for the future.

Video impression 2016Florist Holland

Garvinea Sweet Sunset®
Garvinea Sweet Sunset®
Garvinea® Sweet Sunset® with its warm orange-yellow two-toned flowers, brings joyful colors into the garden - bees & butterflies will join the party! Sweet Sunset® has the same Garvinea robustness and disease resistance growers and retailers expect. With great weather tolerance, Garvinea Sweet Sunset® provides lots of happy colors from spring to
Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef®
Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef®
Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef® offers stunning XL-sized plants with large decorative flowers, for an instant WOW effect at the front door, patio, deck, terrace or veranda. Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef® will show its pink-white flowers from late spring to early autumn. BONUS: pick your own flowers for a beautiful
Pure Blooms®
Pure Blooms®
Go Green with Gerbera

Gerbera Daisy helps purify the air in your home. NASA studies prove the Gerbera Daisy is able to break down the everyday harmful gases released by paint, varnish, flooring materials, and household furniture throughout your living area. Gerbera brings joy and happiness along with better air quality in homes, offices, schools, and any indoor area. For the best results, place several in a grouping in each of your living areas.

Look no further!
PureBlooms® offers flowering plants that purify the air in your home and make you feel good. PureBlooms®, the happy air

Top 10 productsFlorist Holland

  1. 1. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Fiesta®
  2. 2. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Sunset®
  3. 3. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Frosting®
  4. 4. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Painted Desert®
  5. 5. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef®
  1. 6. Gerbera Flori Line® Giants mix
  2. 7. Gerbera Flori Line® Select mix
  3. 8. Gerbera Sundayz® mix
  4. 9. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Orange County®
  5. 10. Gerbera Sundayz® Berries & Cream®

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About usGruppo PADANA

Our quality is our roots
Gruppo Padana is a family company specialized in young plants production.
The wide assortment consists of breeding activities, exclusive varieties and selections among the best world genetics of annual plants from seeds and cuttings, cyclamen, vegetable plants, perennials, roses and much more.
The company vision is to produce high quality young plants with minimal environmental impact, using our own patented recyclable trays, investing since years in biological and integrated approach and guaranteeing punctuality and reliability in deliveries, in European and Middle Eastern markets.

• Primrose of our own exclusive breeding
• Two lines:
PRIMABELLA early with large flowers, PRIMABELLA XL early or mid-early with giant flowers
• Round and uniform plants both in habit and flowering window
• Very bright​en/​in-vetrina/​33-primabella-xl.html
Lavandula LAVINIA
Lavandula LAVINIA
• This Lavandula stoechas is the result of a genetic selection worldwide
• Exclusive series that stands out for the beauty of the flowers
• Sturdy plants ideal for pots from 14-16 upwards
• Early and lasting​en/​192-lavinia
• Exclusive selection of compact and early Petunia
• Mounding and slightly hanging habit
• Continuos flowering and resistant plants from spring until the first frosts
• TOP-TUNIA STYLE presents unique and special​en/​164-top-tunia

Top 10 productsGruppo PADANA

  1. Primula PRIMABELLA
  2. Viola SUPERBA
  3. Lavandula LAVINIA
  4. Petunia (TOP-TUNIA, SURFINIA)
  5. Pelargonium (VILLAGE, PEGGY, SANSONE)
  1. HORTYSUPER Vegetables Plants
  2. Dipladenia SUNDAVILLE
  3. Argyranthemum GRANDAISY
  4. Cyclamen
  5. Roses

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About usHassinger Orchideen

Life of Orchids - Hassinger Orchideen
Hassinger Orchideen is a family owned business from Germany that looks back 30 years of orchid breeding. Over 500 varieties in Phalaenopsis, Masdevallia or less known genera are developed in that time. These Types are sold worldwide as young plants or as tissue culture. Wheter prosper grown and luminous pink or tender and classic white, our repertoire is wide. We deliver special types for high class products as well as marketable standard ware.
This years’ focus is on the Sunrise Serie – Phalaenopsis varieties for every pot size from 6 cm to 12 cm in the color of a sunrise, gaudy and harmonic the same time. Unique is also the scent of some of those tropical beauties, if warmed by the sunlight.

Video impression 2017Hassinger Orchideen

Bellavallia has won by its compelling flower characterisics and its aesthetic growth some prices. Available under this brand name are many Masdevallia Hybrids and natural varieties, which get nicely merchandised. Take a step forward and broaden your production plan with lines like this. Bellavallia® is available as young plant and as flowering pot​sortiment.html?lang=de
Hassinger Phalaenospis
Hassinger Phalaenospis
Phalaenopsis is the most popular pot plant, not at least by concepts like micro, medio, marco, compact line and long life from Hassinger. 2017 we introduce our new line “Sunrise varieties.” These Hybrids present a gorgeous play of colours in yellow-orange to red shades. Besides some “Sunrise varieties”do decoy with a tender citrus fragrance. Exclusively at the Flower Trials a choice will be​sortiment.html?lang=de
Hassinger Cambria
Hassinger Cambria
Cambrias, also known as Intergeneric hybrids are the third pile of Hassingers sortiment. Boosted effort was made on products which bloom earlier and grow more compact. Cambrias are real eye-catcher and highly demanded by​sortiment-cambria.html?lang=de

Top 10 productsHassinger Orchideen

  1. Fritzi
  2. Carmen
  3. Coco
  4. Sunny
  5. Bibi
  1. Nippon
  2. Naskapi
  3. Bellavallia orange
  4. Bellavallia yellow
  5. Oncidium "Little Brilliants"

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About usHem Genetics

Hem Genetics | "Low Grow Approved"
Hem Genetics breeds, develops and markets both seed- and vegetatively raised ornamental pot and bedding plant varieties for the professional grower market. Hem Genetics has developed highly successful varieties which require less or no plant growth regulators (PGRs). These genetic dwarf varieties are marked as "Low Grow Approved” in our assortment and include Petunia Limbo, Mambo, Geranium Nano and Salvia Reddy. No or reduced use of plant growth regulators (PGRs) is not only financially beneficial to professional growers, but also enables them to take a step forward in sustainable cultivation of plants. In combination with the creation of novel ornamental varieties, Hem Genetics continues to apply similar concepts in its breeding activities that will contribute to a greater awareness of sustainable applications in our industry.

Dianthus SUPRA™ F1 Pink
Dianthus SUPRA™ F1 Pink
The Supra varieties Crimson, White, Salmon, Red, Purple and the new Pink are the result of interspecific Dianthus crossing. These compact, well-branched plants are hardy, flower early and also perform well at high temperatures.
A varied range of outdoor trials worldwide have produced outstanding results, demonstrating that Supra Pink, in particular, excels in extremely hot conditions. As a result, this year it won the prestigious All America Selection Award (AAS), previously also awarded to Supra​new-series-and-colours
Limbo *GP* Red, Rose & Burgundy Picotee
Limbo *GP* Red, Rose & Burgundy Picotee
The introduction of the Limbo *GP* Picotee series in the colours Red, Rose & Burgundy is another breakthrough in the breeding of bi-colour, genetically compact Petunia from seed, with more colours being developed. The Limbo *GP* assortment has been extended with the addition of two single colours: Orchid veined and Pink. This means that the series now has 24 colours!
Limbo *GP* does not require growth regulators, bringing considerable cost savings for growers and making the cultivation process more eco-friendly and less labour-intensive. For both growers and consumers, Limbo *GP* performs superbly throughout the season, and lends itself well to many​new-series-and-colours
F1 Patio Tomato Sweet Valentines
F1 Patio Tomato Sweet Valentines
A very compact, well branched and trailing plant structure combined with masses of delicious, heart-shaped fruit make this new patio tomato unique.
Sweet Valentines only grow to 12-16 inch, meaning this new variety fits perfectly in the Hem Genetics Low Grow range. The shape of the plant and fruit make Sweet Valentines ideal for growing in pots, containers and hanging baskets or as a striking addition to mixed pots. Sweet Valentines is a Fleuroselect Approved​new-series-and-colours

Top 10 productsHem Genetics

  1. Petunia Limbo/Mambo *GP*
  2. Salvia Reddy
  3. Dianthus Diana
  4. Antirrhinum Twinny
  5. Geranium Nano
  1. Pansy Cello
  2. Ageratum Aloha
  3. Viola Corina
  4. Vinca Heatwave
  5. Vinca Solar

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About usHilverdaKooij

HilverdaKooij breeds and propagates various varieties of pot plants and cut flowers. HilverdaKooij has excelled in producing varieties of Dianthus, Limonium and Alstroemeria for many years. Its assortment has expanded in recent years to include Helleborus, Echinacea, Gypsophila, Scabiosa and Dahlia.
Its large-scale network of locations and partnerships in the Netherlands and abroad enables HilverdaKooij to provide its customers everywhere in the world with a complete assortment of starting material for cut flower and pot plant production. HilverdaKooij has production sites in China, Kenya and Colombia.

Video impression 2017HilverdaKooij

Flow® serie
Flow® serie
- Large double flower buds
- Many different bright fresh colours
- Compact and filled plant
- Pot size 12-15 cm
- Flower from June until September
- Wonderfully scented pot carnations
- Cheerful large, bicolour blooms
- Easily fills the pot
- Easy to grow
- Pot size 10.5 - 12 cm
- Flowers from spring until autumn
Summer Paradise Summer Red®
Summer Paradise Summer Red®
- Garden Alstroemeria with bright red flowers with a yellow heart
- Strong plant with firm, straight stems
- Perennial
- Flowers from May until the end of October

Top 10 productsHilverdaKooij

  1. Dianthus (FLOW®) Apella Beach®
  2. Dahlia (REBEL®) Angel®
  3. Dahlia (REBEL®) Skitty®
  4. Echinacea (MOOODZ®) Shiny®
  5. Echinacea (MOOODZ®) Satisfy®
  1. Alstroemeria (INTICANCHA®) Moon®
  2. Alstroemeria (INTICANCHA®) Sunset®
  3. Dianthus (BEAUTIES®) Sissi®
  4. Dianthus (BEAUTIES®) Zoya®
  5. Dianthus (BEAUTIES®) Yfke®

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About usHishtil

Hishtil | A Leading Plant Nursery Company
A world leader of seedlings and young plants of herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. Hishtil is renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge based plant propagation. Its innovative approach that combines horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology results in production of the healthiest possible plant material. Being a market leader in the world of advanced horticultural nurseries, Hishtil is constantly developing unique technologies and production protocols in order to keep up with the ever changing market demands. Hishtil established a global nurseries network with a yearly production that totals well over one billion young plants.

Video impression 2017Hishtil

'Funtastick Calibrachoa'
'Funtastick Calibrachoa'
'Funtastick Calibrachoa' (WO 2016/038613 PCT/IL2015/050922) is a new high stem, grafted, ornamental Calibrachoa. A new ornamental and esthetic combination achieved by grafting herbaceous ornamental Calibrachoa having a short height and bushy growth habit on a rootstock containing high-single stem. Grafting ensure higher survivability, long shelf life, improved growth performance and compatibility for perpendicular stability when planted in a pot and/or containers. 'Funtastick Calibrachoa' display continuous flowering and esthetic design.
Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo' P White/Pink
Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo' P White/Pink
Cultivated in Japan, Scabiosa ‘kudo’ is a wonderful perennial that flowers all summer long. Its stunning flower heads have a pins-like core rounded with light pink or white petals.
‘Kudo’ is a First year flowering perennial that produces compact mounds of foliage and stems, a feature that makes it ideal for beds and borders. It grows up to 40-50cm (16-20") height and spread to 50-60cm (20-24") and prefers a sunny exposure.
It is a magnet of bees and butterflies - A must in any​our-products/​perennials-long-flowering-period-good-weather-and-drought-tolerance-and-low-maintenance-needs-plants/​scabiosa-incisa-kudo/​
Oxalis tuberosum 'Crimson'/'Gold'/'Crimson & Gold'
Oxalis tuberosum 'Crimson'/'Gold'/'Crimson & Gold'
Native to the Andes and very popular in New Zealand, Oxalis tuberosum, known as Oca, is a perennial herbaceous plant that overwinters as underground stem tubers.

Eaten boiled, baked, fried or dried, Oca is used as a potato alternative with superb nutritious values!
Oca daily consumptaion provides you with much needed nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron and much more!!​SearchResults?q=oxalis

Top 10 productsHishtil

  1. Funtastick Calibrachoa Tree 'Caloha Classic' Real Red
  2. Funtastick Calibrachoa Tree 'Caloha Classic' Yellow Chocolate Ring
  3. Lavandula stoechas Libelle™ 'Compact Blue'
  4. Lavandula stoechas Libelle™ 'Compact Rose'
  5. Lavandula stoechas Libelle™ 'Purple'
  1. Lavandula stoechas subsp. Lusitanica 'Lusi' PBR Pink/Purple
  2. Lavandula stoechas 'Ever Great Blue'
  3. Penstemon 'Pentastic'™ Blush
  4. Gaura lindheimeri 'Summer Star Baby' ℗
  5. Thymus citriodorus 'Cascata™ Lemonade'

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About usHorteve Breeding

Hydrangea breeding and market know-how.
Horteve Breeding is specialised in the breeding of Hydrangea for the production of indoor pot plants, garden shrubs and cut flowers. But Horteve is more than just that. Beside the many years of experience in the breeding of Hydrangea, Horteve has in-depth know-how and experience in propagation, production of forcing plants and shrubs as well as the European markets. As a result Horteve can offer a choice of possibilities which Hydrangea can provide in the various market segments.

Horteve is an innovative company and has been introducing over the last years a lot of novelties. Keeping quality and new flower types are still goals we are breeding for. Horteve does flower, every year, about 10.000 new seedlings. These seedlings are part of the breeding program. Different seedlings from the previous years has become clones and are tested yearly. After several years of trialing these clones some of these might become a variety.
The sister company of Horteve Breeding, Hortensia France Production (HFP), is for 100% specialized in the growing of forcing plants of hydrangea’s. The assortment consists out of the beautiful Magicals, mop-head varieties, teller types in all colors. Due to the 24.250 cubique meters of cold store HFP is capable to cool the whole production on their own premises. The plants are grown on 19 ha platforms in the pot sizes 12PVC, 14PVC and a 4.7 litre pot. Another sister company Bocause is specialized in the multiplication of these varieties producing in a 180 hole tray, 104 hole tray and a 35 hole tray. Bocause is a rooted cutting supplier with a very homogeneous product.
A wide range of mophead varieties of Horteve Breeding are on the market varieties like Xian pink and blue have an outstanding keeping quality aswell in the coldstore as when the plants are in flower. Ankong pink and blue, Ningbo red makes superb plants with a lot of branches. These plants can also be used for garden plants. The teller varieties are original and some of them have a very different flower form.

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About usJaldety Plant Propagation Nurseries

Jaldety Plant Propagation Nursery
Jaldety Propagation Nurseries are a family-owned business producing and supplying a colorful range of niche perennials and annual cuttings. Our propagation programs are designed to supply cuttings on a year-round basis and focus on both year-round quality assurance and on attentiveness to the needs of our customers. Jaldety operates 2 production sites in Israel, for export only and offers cuttings from more than 450 different varieties from open and private stock. Private stock services are provided to all our customers assuring solutions to all customer needs.

Video impression 2017Jaldety Plant Propagation Nurseries

Aeonium haworthii Bicolor
Aeonium haworthii Bicolor
A great additional texture and color plant, evergreen low growing dense, succulent, with an attractive green and dark red edged foliage, easy to grow, low maintenance, drought and salt tolerance. Ideal in low beds and borders, gravel and rock gardens, along walkways, front of flowerbeds, miniature and costal gardens, patio containers and combinations with other succulents
Crassula deceptor Stone Age Silver
Crassula deceptor Stone Age Silver
A unique succulent an evergreen low growing dense texture plant, with silver- gray foliage and interesting shape, easy to grow, low maintenance, deer resistant, drought and salt tolerance. Ideal for rock gardens, low borders, along walkways, miniature gardens, costal gardens, patio containers and combinations with other succulents.
Senecio Silvery Velvet
Senecio Silvery Velvet
Color and texture plant- an evergreen shrubby perennial, grown for its big silvery foliage, heat and drought tolerant, easy to grow, low maintenance. Great use for Landscape, garden planting, rock gardens, house plant, excellent in combinations and large containers

Top 10 productsJaldety Plant Propagation Nurseries

  1. Calocephalus Silver Stone
  2. Erodium Bishop's Form
  3. Iberis Masterpiece(PP22280/EU33834)
  4. Lithodora Heavenly Blue
  5. Orostachys Chinese Hat
  1. Pelargonium Pinki Pinks
  2. Salvia Amistad(PP23578/EU35867)
  3. Sedum Makinoi
  4. Senecio Blue
  5. Thunbergia Lemon

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About usKoppe Begonia

Koppe, The Begonia Specialist.
Koppe Begonia is a genuine family business. It took root in the early 20th century – in 1910 to be precise. Over more than 100 years, our organisation has grown from a small family-run company into a leading breeder and supplier of propagation material. In other words, an expert in the breeding and propagation of begonias. The Koppe range consists of indoor as well as outdoor flowering and foliage begonias. Koppe’s propagation is distinguished by its large range. Our market share is growing steadily and demand from international breeders for our cuttings is constantly rising.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a process of continuous professionalization, we are now the most innovative breeder of foliage begonias and flowering begonias in the world.

Video impression 2017Koppe Begonia

New Innovations!
New Innovations!
What new innovations has Koppe, the Begonia Specialist, to show you this year? In addition to 4 new launches, we have 5 new indoor varieties (under number) to show you. And outdoors, we’d love to show you our Boliviensis Breeding Trial. We’re also presenting the new BeLove line that thrives both indoors and outdoors, with stunning big blossoms and short growth time. Then there’s Hailey Peach, which combines the lifespan of the Barkos line with the fast growth of the Ilona Collection. Lastly, we have the lovely Manga that has a completely new look and is named after the famous style of Japanese animation. To sum it up, there are many reasons why you should visit us.

We’ll have coffee waiting!
B e l e a f  i n  B e g o n i a !
B e l e a f i n B e g o n i a !
In 1690, Charles Plumier (French botanist and monk) named this plant after his patron Michel Bégon, a former governor of French colony Haiti. Along with Hillebrandia, Begonia forms the Begoniaceae family. Begonias only grow naturally in tropical and subtropical parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas. But their numbers and diversity are great, with more than 1000 recorded species excluding special-breed varieties. This makes the Begonia one of the most wide-ranging ornamental species with virtually endless possibilities. There’s a Begonia for everyone, and that’s exactly why we – as a Begonia Specialist – believe in the Begonia. And we’d be delighted to show you just that!

Betulia & Beleaf Collections / new website
Betulia & Beleaf Collections / new website
We’re very proud of our Betulia & Beleaf promotional campaigns in which we aim to add just that little extra to these extraordinary collections. So please visit our updated website at Just like every other year, the site features our new catalogue with stunning product images and gorgeous lifestyle shots.

See you at the FlowerTrials® 2018!

Top 10 productsKoppe Begonia

  1. Begonia Betulia Collection
  2. Begonia Barkos Collection
  3. Begonia Beleaf Collection
  4. Begonia BeLove Collection
  5. Begonia Ilona Collection
  1. Begonia Valentino Pink
  2. Begonia Adonia Pink
  3. Begonia Sunny's Collection
  4. Begonia Elektra Collection
  5. Begonia Florencio

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About usMNP flowers

The champions of tomorrow, today
Since 1989, MNP flowers is managing the European rights and is master licensee for all (future) products from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd. Each year we select new and innovative varieties in close consultation with Suntory®.

MNP flowers introduces new varieties three times a year: during the IPM in January, the FlowerTrials® in June and the FloraHolland Trade Fair in November. This means that there is always a reason to visit MNP flowers. Once again, our intensive cooperation with the breeding team of Suntory Flowers Ltd. has produced some brilliant varieties for the future. This has given us lots of inspiration and therefore we’ve created some exciting new concepts.

Video impression 2016MNP flowers

Sundaville® MiMi Red
Sundaville® MiMi Red
Super early blooming Mandevilla, which is perfectly suitable for small pots. Ideal for growers due to its high rate of return.

Our first new star is the world champion of early flowering: the Sundaville® MiMi Red. We've never seen a Mandevilla bloom earlier, bringing Sundaville® varieties to a completely new market. This new variety can be grown without support into an attractive, compact flowering pot plant (12 cm pots). Because of its extreme earliness, MiMi Red is ready at the perfect moment for bedding plant sales. Offering outstanding garden performance, this is a superior and exclusive gift product which will bring a big smile to every customer. The medium size flowers have an intense classic red colour with a yellow
Senetti® White
Senetti® White
Unique and first white Pericallis variety available with very abundant flowering.

Our second novelty is Pericallis Senetti® White. This is a truly unique variety! With its shiny snow white petals, purple-blue center and dark green leaves, it is a must-have for every consumer from early spring to summer. Eye catching pure white petals with an intense dark blue heart studded with contrasting warm yellow pollen grains when the flower gets older. It’s a compact plant with a nice dark green contrasting foliage and very abundant flowering.

We are also very proud to have won the 1st price in the Neuheitenschaufenster contest at the IPM 2018 with this
Grandaisy® 3 new "Mum" types
Grandaisy® 3 new "Mum" types
These new ‘Mum’ types branch profusely and flower abundantly, creating a superior shape, and are slightly compacter than the original Grandaisy® varieties.

Grandaisy® Gold
Looking like a sea of gold only punctuated by the dark brown rounds of its heart.

Grandaisy® Pink Tourmaline
Displaying big marbled vivid pink flowers with a white ring circling a dark contrasting heart.

Grandaisy® Ruby
Coloured flowers with a hint of yellow turning into an intense red colour, enhanced by a yellow ring and a dark

Top 10 productsMNP flowers

  1. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Apricot
  2. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Soft Peach
  3. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Mini Scarlet
  4. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Mimi Red
  5. Petunia, Surfinia®, Trailing Red
  1. Petunia, Surfinia®, Blue Ocean
  2. Petunia, Surfinia®, Coral Morn
  3. Pericallis, Senetti®, Ruby Red
  4. Pericallis, Senetti®, Red Bicolor
  5. Pericallis, Senetti®, Pink

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About usMorel Diffusion

Morel is a family company specialised in cyclamen breeding for 4 generations.
Morel creates and produces varieties to sell F1 hybrids seeds all over the world.
The distinctive characteristics of the Morel genetics: particularly resistant under difficult growing conditions, long lasting plants with high blooming power, intense colors, innovations in flower shapes and contrasts.
During the Flower Trials, Morel presents in preview its new varieties in the 6 ranges Halios®, Latinia®, Premium, Tianis®, Metis® and Smartiz®, as well as varieties to diversify your offer, « Very Special ». Choose our OUTstanding Cyclamen® label for the best outdoor performance.

Video impression 2017Morel Diffusion

Innovation & Diversity
Innovation & Diversity
A wide selection of standard and fancy varieties for all sizes and all seasons: Smartiz ®, Metis®, Tianis ®, Premium, Latinia ®, Halios ®, as well as SUCCESS ® and HD. Our breeding criteria: to serve the horticultural trade with reliable and performing varieties.

LATINIA® SUCCESS® Candy​en/​professional/​catalogue/​cyclamen-latinia-mixes
15 novelties 2018-19 in preview
15 novelties 2018-19 in preview
From the living room to the balcony, discover both indoor and outdoor uses of each series. Among our novelties, choose the ones matching with your customers!
At your disposal, marketing and communication tools as well as inspiring ideas to boost your sales.

HALIOS® HD Red​en/​professional/​catalogue
28 solutions for autumn / winter
28 solutions for autumn / winter
From standard to fancy, plain or original, find our wide choice of varieties in all sizes of flowers and pots, colourful presentations, for a quality of plant with remarkable longevity that will build customer loyalty.


Top 10 productsMorel Diffusion

  1. TIANIS®
  4. FANTASIA® all sizes
  5. VICTORIA® all sizes

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About usPanAmerican Seed

F1 seed breeding at its' best!
PanAmerican Seed is your go-to breeding company for the best of seed-raised annuals, biennials, perennials and speciality cut-flowers.

Video impression 2017PanAmerican Seed

Plug & Play
Plug & Play
All-seed. All-proven. All you need! 20 on-trend Plug & Play newcomers expand the line-up of easy, fresh and fun combos that deliver. This season we are excited to offer the first ever cool season combos to feature Cool Wave Pansies! Furthermore, we have answered the big demand for heat lovers by providing all new warm season combos perfect for​ERKV8G
Zinnia Double Zahara Bright Orange
Zinnia Double Zahara Bright Orange
The only fully double, disease-resistant zinnia series makes a huge colour show! An award-winning, all-season performance with durability in the landscape, especially in sunny, hot and dry conditions.

The intermediate size is perfect for in the landscape and works well in containers, too.

Double Zinnia Zahara Mixture now includes a Double White Colour which is not currently available​TVDHk1
Wave Petunias Red Improved
Wave Petunias Red Improved
The biggest selling brand in plants worldwide brings a new addition to family. Choose Easy Wave Red Improved for exceptional uniformity resulting in simplified production, maximised plug yields and the ability to consistently meet the shipping dates for every Petunia​f4Cr8M

Top 10 productsPanAmerican Seed

  1. Plug & Play Combos
  2. Wave Petunias
  3. Cool Wave Pansies
  4. Sorbet Violas
  5. Impatiens
  1. Cut Flowers
  2. Bonanza French Marigold
  3. Zinnia Zahara and Double Zahara
  4. Coreopsis
  5. Perennials

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About usRoses Forever

Roses Forever ApS
Breeding - License - Know-how

Dynamic family-owned Danish rose breeding company.

Roses Forever offer up-starts cuttings and know-how for starting and maintaining a pot rose production.

Pot roses (mini roses) on own roots:
· Roses Forever® - Colorful roses
· Infinity® - Extravagant roses
· I am Different® - Never seen before roses
· We also offer young plants.

Garden Roses - get a license to grow:
· Plant'n'relax®
· Sweet Home Roses®
· Plant'n'Cut®

Cut roses:
· Rosa Loves Me® - Nostalgic garden type cut roses

License to grow contact Rosa Eskelund

Mini pot roses on own roots
Mini pot roses on own roots
Culture time 9 weeks
Easy to grow roses
Innovative on-going development of ranges
For indoor and outdoor
3 series:

Roses Forever®
• Strong colors
• Wide range
• Varieties for all pot sizes 6-23 cm
• International recognized quality

• Extravagant roses
• Very long durability (+5 weeks indoor)
• Thick dark green leaves prevent the plant from drying out quickly
• Big well-shaped flowers with a diameter of 7 cm
• Uniform plants

I am Different®
• A brand new series of spectacular mini roses
• Developed for customers who look for something special and really​brands/​infinity/​
Garden roses
Garden roses
• For budding
• Ideal for forcing in containers
• Some also suitable for production on own roots

Sweet Home Roses®
• For budding
• Ideal for forcing in greenhouses in early spring
• Very uniform plants with lots of filled well-shaped big flowers in strong colors
• Long lasting roses
• Recommended container size 3-5 litres

• Cut roses sold as bare-rooted and potted rose plants
• For people who wants to grow their own bouquets again and again in many years
• To be planted in the garden or hobby greenhouses
• Cut the beautiful long-stemmed roses throughout the summer and fall
• Inspirational label including care​brands/​plantnrelax/​
Rosa Loves Me®
• A new series of romantic and spectacular cutroses
• With nostalgic garden look
• Special colors
• Novelty flower forms
• Beautiful Bourbon-shaped flowers
• Stunning flower opening
• Excellent vase life
• Delicate fragrance
• Rosa Loves Me® undergo an important outdoor testing for resistance
• Breeding is an on-going process and new Rosa Loves Me® roses will be added to the line every​brands/​rosa-loves-me/​

Top 10 productsRoses Forever

  1. Mini rose, Infinity®, original white Infinity®
  2. Mini rose, Infinity®, Princess of Infinity®
  3. Mini rose, Roses Forever®, Maasland Gold™
  4. Mini rose, Roses Forever®, Moscow by Night™
  5. Mini rose, I am Different®, Look at Me™
  1. Garden rose, Plant’n’relax®, I am Grateful™
  2. Garden rose, Sweet Home Roses®, Sweet Love of Mine™
  3. Garden rose, Plant’n’cut™, Tender™
  4. Cut rose, Rosa Loves Me®, With Heart and Soul™
  5. Edible rose, Gourmet Roses®, Birthday Rose™

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About usRoyal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is the international nursery of plants and flowers. A progressive, innovative company with a wide and attractive range of source material. Royal Van Zanten delivers growth talent. In which we invest plenty of talent. We develop new species and varieties and improve existing crops. We can draw from breeding programs in the Netherlands and abroad. Royal Van Zanten has a strong focus on the market. Our customers are spread over all parts of the world. The production sites are located in South Africa and Uganda.

Video impression 2017Royal Van Zanten

The Amadore® series is now available in six colours.
Amadore® varieties are suitable for cultivation with or without blackout.
Multiflora chrysanthemum Amadore® Red is our newest introduction with an intense, deep red flower and a perfect spherical habit.

• Beautiful red flower color
• Amadore® series includes 6 different colours
• Suitable for outdoor and indoor production
Celosia Merida® Purple 18
Celosia Merida® Purple 18
Merida® Purple 18
is our new Celosia for all consumers who are looking for a plant with compact growth and deep purple flowers. No blackout required!
Aster Showmakers® Magenta
Aster Showmakers® Magenta
is a new, unique colour in our Aster assortment with the same superior qualities as the other varieties in the Showmakers® series.

• Decorative flowers in white and various shades of blue, pink and purple
• Very suitable to create mixed colours in a pot
• In 9 weeks a fantastic plant in 9 cm pot (4”)
• Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation in different pot

Top 10 productsRoyal Van Zanten

  1. Potchrysanthemum Fireworks™ Cream
  2. Colorita® Eliane
  3. Potchrysanthemum Giro Time Purple
  4. Bellevardia® Pink Eye
  5. Bellevardia® Blossom Pink
  1. Aster Showmakers® Magenta
  2. Celosia Merida® Purple 18
  3. Celosia Flirt® Magenta
  4. Multiflora Amadore® Red
  5. Multiflora Heron Yellow

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About usTakii Europe B.V.

Takii Europe B.V.
Takii Europe B.V., situated in De Kwakel, The Netherlands, is the European base of operations for Takii & Company. Ltd. in Japan. Takii Europe B.V. is a seed company engaged in the breeding, production, processing and sales & marketing of a wide range of flower and vegetable varieties for professional growers.

Video impression 2017Takii Europe B.V.

BEGONIA semperflorens ‘Fiona Red’ F1
BEGONIA semperflorens ‘Fiona Red’ F1
  • Early flowering, self-cleaning semi double type
  • Annual
  • Non fading upright flowers throughout the season
  • Attractive flower shape in vibrant colour
  • Usable as Patio & bedding plant
  • Suitable for >9cm pot sizes
  • Gold medal winner 2019
CANNA generalis ‘CANNOVA® Bronze Orange F1
CANNA generalis ‘CANNOVA® Bronze Orange F1
  • Botanical, colourful, exotic, unique and robust.
  • First Canna F1-Hybrid from seed.
  • Also suitable for the mild, North-West European climate.
  • Available in 8 colours
  • Detailed info:
VIOLA cornuta ‘Floral Power Lilac Purple Wing’ F1
VIOLA cornuta ‘Floral Power Lilac Purple Wing’ F1
  • Early & continuous flowering
  • Excellent for Spring & Autumn
  • Usable as Pot, Bedding, Landscape & Patio plant
  • Suitable for packs & pots

Top 10 productsTakii Europe B.V.

  1. Helianthus annuus Sunrich® series
  2. Eustoma grandiflorum (Lisianthus) Arena series
  3. Viola cornuta Floral Power® series
  4. Canna generalis Cannova® series
  5. Brassica oleracea Crane series
  1. Gerbera jamesonii Royal series
  2. Matthiola incana Canneto series
  3. Brassica oleracea Pigeon series
  4. Zinnia elegans Dreamland series
  5. Eustoma grandiflorum (Lisianthus) Carmen series

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About usThompson and Morgan

At Thompson & Morgan Wholesale we specialise in breeding innovative material. Our products are ideally suited to offer something new and exciting for you and your customers and to help you differentiate yourself from competitors. We work with distributors around the world for both the commercial and amateur markets. We also offer an exciting range of vegetative products which are available from our licensees.

Helianthus 'Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl'
Helianthus 'Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl'
It's taken 8 long years for our breeding team to perfect Sunflower 'SunBelievable™ Brown Eyed Girl'. The vision has become a reality; here's a sunflower for beds and containers that will produce 1,000 flowers over a season! This brand new hybrid is sterile so it puts all its energy into flowering rather than setting seed. It's super easy to grow and will bounce right back if you forget to water it. Bees love this unbelieveable sunflower too! Height and Spread: 60cm (24")
Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade'
Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade'
Fabulous cream and apricot blush cosmos with white tipped flowers. The blossoms of Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade' are produced en masse throughout the summer on short, branching cosmos plants.
Fantastic for patio pots or as a robust and oh-so-floriferous border filler - its colouring and habit means that it combines well with most other plants in bedding or container displays. Cosmos 'Lemonade' also makes a great cut flower and looks stunning in a vase, either on it's own or mixed in with other flowers. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 40cm (16").
Bidens 'Stop Light'
Bidens 'Stop Light'
The stunning dark pink blooms of this new T&M-bred Bidens, with its bright yellow central eye, is the result of almost 10 years of development and breeding. One of a whole new generation of Bidens offering bushy plants and unrivalled flower power, Bidens 'Stop light' will look spectacular wherever you plant it and won't take over your containers or hanging baskets. Height:20cm (7.9")

Top 10 productsThompson and Morgan

  1. Helianthus 'Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl'
  2. Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade'
  3. Bidens 'Stop Light'
  4. Pelargonium 'Tall Dark & Handsome'
  5. Papaver 'Supreme'
  1. Tropaeolum 'Orchid Flame'
  2. Strawberry 'Just Add Cream'
  3. Digitalis 'Knee-Hi' Series
  4. Cosmos 'Cupcakes Blush'
  5. Calendula 'Crown Orange'

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About usVolmary GmbH

Volmary - We are family!
Volmary GmbH is an independent, medium-sized family business in the horticulture sector and a leading European plant breeding company. We are a strong, innovative partner in professional horticulture as well as for garden centres and food retailers.
We are internationally active and successful in the following areas:
• The production and distribution of vegetatively and generatively propagated young plants of flowers, vegetables and fruit
• The propagation and marketing of seeds (flower and vegetable seeds)
• Sales of vegetable bulbs
• Classical plant breeding in the area of flowers and vegetables
• The development of the plant brand concepts Volmary® Plants, Kiepenkerl® Profi-Line® Plants and Soul Plants®

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Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy® Amber Stripe'
Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy® Amber Stripe'
• A novelty with pretty striped flowers in amber colours
• Very floriferous
• Strong growth and healthy, dark green foliage
• Early flowering
• Ideal for large pyramids and​en/​home.html
Jamesbrittenia 'SummerDream®'
Jamesbrittenia 'SummerDream®'
• Flowers with particularly attractive colour combinations
• Richly branched, flat round habit
• Heat and sun tolerant, good alternative for Sutera
• Robust healthy growth
Image: SummerDream® Burgundy​en/​home.html
Candy Store: sweet cherry tomatoes 'Solena®' & plum cherry tomatoes 'Mirado®'
Candy Store: sweet cherry tomatoes 'Solena®' & plum cherry tomatoes 'Mirado®'
• Highly aromatic, sweet cherry tomatoes with a high brix content
• The mouth-watering taste experience for healthy, pleasurable snacking
• Tempting colourful varieties!​en/​home.html

Top 10 productsVolmary GmbH

  1. Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy® Amber Stripe'
  2. Jamesbrittenia 'SummerDream®'
  3. Dahlia 'Lubega® Power'
  4. Verbena 'Samira® Up'
  5. Cocktail - pot tomato 'Strongboy'
  1. Blight tolerant potatoes 'Sarpo'
  2. Sweet Potato 'Erato®'
  3. Yacon 'Inka'
  4. New herb trio 'Barbecue Strong'
  5. Filled flowering strawberry 'Summer Breeze'

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Westland Region Participants 2018

About usAnthura

Anthura - Unlimited in Varieties, offering unlimited possibilities
Anthura is expert in breeding and production of Orchids and Anthurium. Many years of focus on innovative and sustainable product development resulted in an unlimited variation of colourful varieties. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new Anthura varieties, offering unlimited possibilities.

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80-year anniversary
80-year anniversary
We proudly celebrate our 80-year anniversary in 2018. The history goes back to 1938, the year in which the first generation of the family Van der Knaap started their own horticultural company.

In eighty years the company has grown from a small family business to a worldwide specialist in the field of Orchids and Anthurium.

We would like to welcome you during the Flower Trials this year in a festive​timeline/​?lang=en
Large variation in Anthurium
Large variation in Anthurium
Anthura is world market leader in Anthurium and offers a large palette of colourful, graceful flowers and plants. We pay special attention to innovative and strong varieties that fit the specific needs and requirements of growers worldwide.

During the Flower Trials our showroom offers a unique selection of promising Anthurium novelties, including Alaska®.

Alaska is a 'cool' Anthurium with large snow white flowers. The plant also performs surprisingly well under prolonged warm
Worldwide famous cities
Worldwide famous cities
Anthura is expert in Orchids and delivers young plants in more than 40 countries. Hundreds of growers in the professional horticultural sector prefer our varieties and millions of consumers daily buy flowers and plants.

Our orchids varieties are named after world-famous cities and are well recognizable in the market.

Visit our showroom during the Flower Trials. It is filled with novelties of world class including Anthura Torino, a classic Italian

Top 10 productsAnthura

  1. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Leeds'
  2. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Torino'
  3. Anthurium pot plant 'Sweet Dream®'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Morelia'
  5. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Stellenbosch'
  1. Anthurium pot plant 'Joli®'
  2. Anthurium pot plant 'Madural®'
  3. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Narbonne'
  4. Anthurium cut flower 'Maravilla®'
  5. Anthurium cut flower 'Eterno®'

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About usArmada Young Plants B.V.

Specialists in Young Plants.
You are very welcome to visit us during FlowerTrials 2018 at our location in De Lier!

Armada Young Plants B.V. is breeder and propagator of cutflowers, potplants and perennials. Specially Chrysanthemum, Aster, Ajania, Asclepias, Eupatorium, Eryngium, Chelone, Lysimachia for cutflowers. For Potplants Armada Young Plants B.V. is specialised in Aster, Ajania, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum and Pico Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, Dianthus, Monarda, Chelone, Lavendula, Solidago, Veronica, Hypericum and Potroses.

Video impression 2017Armada Young Plants B.V.

Pot Aster Sunrise® series
Pot Aster Sunrise® series
A beautiful series with all main colours of Aster in double flowers, this is the newest line of pot Asters of Armada. The Aster Sunrise® serie is after years of breeding and selection selected on uniformity and vigor. The current serie is available in the colours: white, pink, lavender, blue and
Pot Rose Star®
Pot Rose Star®
A gorgeous series of pot Roses in many colors! Unique within the Star Roses are the intense colors of the varieties. The "Bling" line within the assortment distinguishes itself with deep green glossy leaves, which in the production already benefits in terms of diseases and pests. In addition, these varieties show very vital in the shelves in the stores and have a more than excellent shelf life.

Star Roses, we call with appropriate pride THE pot Roses genetics for a successful, profitable
Dianthus Dianturi® Twinkle
Dianthus Dianturi® Twinkle
Dianturi® Twinkle is a rich flowering garden plant which is extremely suitable for gardens, borders, pots and dishes. Dianturi® Twinkle flowers several times per year and produces bright pink flowers with a great fragrance. Dianturi® Twinkle is winter hardy until -15 degrees celcius. Dianturi® Twinkle is an excellent product for city parks and streets. Dianturi® Twinkle requires little maintenance, is not sensitive for pests and diseases and gives a happy feeling with its bright

Top 10 productsArmada Young Plants B.V.

  1. Pot Chrysanthemum
  2. Pot Chrysanthemum Pico®
  3. Pot Chrysanthemum Multiflora Blanchett®
  4. Hibiscus Cheerleaders®
  5. Pot Hypericum Miracle®
  1. Pot Roses Star®
  2. Dianthus Diantini Splash®
  3. Lavender Havanna®
  4. Pot Aster Sunrise®
  5. Pot Aster Summer Surprise®

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About usBeekenkamp Plants BV

Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants.
Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants such as Begonia, Dahlia, Poinsettia, Lavendula, Campanula and Celosia. Beekenkamp is the leading producer of crops, including Cyclamen, Helianthus, Primula, Platycodon, Petunia, Begonia seedraised. You find innovative products like the TomTato® and the new Begonia concept: DREAMS!

The company aims to distinguish itself through service, specialization and quality in several crops and cultivation knowledge.

Video impression 2017Beekenkamp Plants BV

Make colours of your dreams reality!

Begonias are an absolute trend! The DREAMS concept is the tool to help you to position this diverse product with a simple and clear message. From producer to end consumer, each tailored specifically to their needs. Making you and your customer happy AND successful with Begonias!
KELOS, your splash of colours…
KELOS, your splash of colours…
The Celosia Kelos is back on Fire! The Celosia fire is known for its bright colors and good shelf life results. This versatile –no need to use black cloth- product, can be used as a mono as well as in a combination pot. Explore the possibilities what you can do with this amazing product called KELOS.
Sunbelievable is a truly phenomenal new sunflower. Like no other sunflower, Sunbelievable flowers continuously from June until the first frosts. This fabulous new sunflower to make a real impact in people’s gardens - its non-stop blooming will appeal to sunflower lovers and gardeners everywhere.

Top 9 productsBeekenkamp Plants BV

  1. Begonia (outdoor and indoor)
  2. Poinsettia
  3. Dahlia
  4. Celosia
  5. Campanula
  1. Sunny
  2. Cyclamen
  3. Petunia
  4. Primula

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About usBOCK Bio Science GmbH

creating future. breeding leaders
As pioneers in the field of in vitro propagation, we are already today creating and propagating
the plants that will make your customers happy tomorrow.
At Bock we firmly believe that naturally beautiful plants enhance our lives.

We stand for more than 90 years of breeding experience.
This sets us apart – and makes us Bock.

Video impression 2017BOCK Bio Science GmbH

Phalaenopsis - 90 years of experience
Phalaenopsis - 90 years of experience
It takes expertise which has been nurtured over generations to achieve the interbreeding, cultivation and calibrated propagation of the very best varieties and product lines.

Bock focuses especially on the consistent development of high- performance Phalaenopsis assortments for a all market segments.

We are your reliable partner in the exclusive cloning and propagation of your varieties.

Good things may take a while!
Hellebore – success can be programmed
Hellebore – success can be programmed
Bock hellebore clones offer you a uniform, fast growing culture with 6-9 months cultivation time and an early flower.

We supply you with pure white, rose and red varieties for a range of pot sizes from 6-18cm.

You can order our young plants for delivery year round.

We develop your assortment!
Personal Vault - your treasure in good hands
Personal Vault - your treasure in good hands
We are your partner for modern plant breeding. As experts in propagation of Phalaenopsis, Helleborus, and shrub cultivars, we have innovative methods and state-of-the-art reproduction techniques at our disposal at two facilities.

Your genetics are your capital and we conserve it for you in vitro!

Professional virus diagnostics and molecular genetic studies ensure the health of your plants.

Our know-how for your success!

Top 10 productsBOCK Bio Science GmbH

  1. Phalaenopsis - Bock·leaders18
  2. Helleborus niger - Bock·leaders18
  3. Helleborus or. - Double Ellen™ & Queens™
  4. Alpine Auricula - "Gartenlegenden"©
  5. Leontopodium - "Silvretta Silver"©
  1. Saxifraga cortusifolia - "Asian Delight"©
  2. Grasses & Bamboo - "Spirit Greens"©
  3. Climbers and Woody Ornamentals
  4. Cloning Service - Your "personalVault"©
  5. Tissue Easy Culture - "RoBoPlug"©

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About usBrandkamp

Young plants
Brandkamp is a family owned, innovative young plants company since 55 years. The success based on the cultivation of chrysanthemums and bedding plants and on the production of young plants. The mother plants grown in Kenya and Uganda.
The main company is located in the Westphalian Anholt. The young plants are rooted there and half-finished plants are produced on almost 4ha. The own tissue culture laboratory ensures the health of the mother plants.
The breeding and evaluation of new varieties take place in Anholt every year very carefully. So Brandkamp can ensure that they can offer a modern range that reflects the trend of the market.

Video impression 2017Brandkamp

Fuchsia Jollies La Grande
Fuchsia Jollies La Grande
Fuchsia Jollies are now the synonym of a modern fuchsia. The large-flowering varieties of the Jollies La Grande range have the same good qualities as the Jollies. They are weather-resistant and branch out very well. The bright colors and the great growth make them a real eye-catcher.Fuchsia Jollies La Grande
Tropic Lantana
Tropic Lantana
The successful Lantanen "Tropic Lantana" received for 2018 three new varieties. Batida (white), Tamarillo (yellow/orange) and Mango (yellow/pink) complete the tropical range. Like all Tropic Lantanas they convince by a perfect compact growth as well as an early and long lasting flowering.Tropic Lantana
Cut Chrysanthemums Colombo
Cut Chrysanthemums Colombo
The variety group "Colombo" is a single flowering variety with fresh green center and available in four colors. It is a fast variety with a response time of 7 weeks. It stands on very sturdy stems and produces a nice, even spray. It is very resistant against white rust.Cut Chrysanthemums Colombo

Top 10 productsBrandkamp

  1. Jollies La Grande
  2. Lantana Tropic Line
  3. Cut Chrysanthemum Colombo
  4. Verbena Carpet Line
  5. Jollies La Grande Trailing
  1. Branpetit Different size of Mixes
  2. Pot Chrysanthemum Pemba
  3. Sanvitalia Sunny Stars
  4. bicolored Pot Chrysanthemums
  5. Brandomino, new Mums Line

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About usButterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden Lavandula stoechas series consists of varieties, especially bred for modern programmed cultivation, which ensures sales of high-quality products throughout the season - from early spring to late autumn. Our varieties have large intensely colored "wings" and a very long flowering time

In Lavandula angustifolia, our key variety ‘Endless Joy®’ forms very compact, healthy and uniform plants with many large, deep blue flower heads - a real eye-catcher!

Butterfly Garden is located in Odense, Denmark. Visit us at FlowerTrials® 2018. You will find us at Green05 in the Westland region of the Netherlands.

Video impression 2017Butterfly Garden

Lavandula angustifolia 'Endless Joy®'
Lavandula angustifolia 'Endless Joy®'
First year flowering (- no need for vernalization) Hardy, very compact and uniform plants. Long flowering time with many branches and a lots of beautiful, large deep-blue flowers. Very attractive sales​
Lavandula stoechas 'Giant White Summer Imp.'
Lavandula stoechas 'Giant White Summer Imp.'
Giant white wings on dark purple flower spikes. It has an upright and well branched growth habit with medium early flowering. Suitable for big pot sizes. Fast and strong​
We are proud to introduce this novelty, that will set a new standard in the market. It forms a strong, healthy and compact plant with large flowers. The vibrant red color is truly unique – a “must see” of the Flower Trials 2018!​

Top 10 productsButterfly Garden

  1. Lavandula angustifolia 'Endless Joy®'
  2. Lavandula stoechas 'Giant White Summer Imp.'
  3. Lavandula stoechas 'Noble Summer'
  4. Lavandula stoechas 'Alexandra'
  5. Lavandula stoechas 'Giant Summer'
  1. Lavandula stoechas 'Favorite Summer'
  2. Lavandula stoechas 'Early Summer'
  3. Lavandula stoechas 'Pink Summer'
  4. Lavandula stoechas 'Classic'
  5. Lavandula Stoechas ´Avenue´

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About usD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

DHM Innovation by Lannes
DHMI is a leading breeding company in Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® and Hibiscus HOLLYWOOD™. It also acts as a Plant Editor for the European Market with Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE®, Abutilon MAPPLEIA™…
DHMI is the R&D unit of Lannes Group. It creates and promotes new varieties in various countries, particularly in Europe but also in the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan and South Africa.
Collaboration and partnerships lead the company to innovative and performing products that fulfill the needs of the new wave plant consumers.

Video impression 2017D.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' Lanmassachusetts
DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' Lanmassachusetts
The Tourmaline segment of the DIAMANTINA® series comprises non-vining mandevilla type varieties. Presented for the first time at IPM Essen this year, Tourmaline ‘Rose Splash’ is the latest introduction with extra large flowers and leaves. The compact plant habit is stunning and makes this variety suitable for ‘ready to use’ decor garden use. Flowers are a shade of pink and rose splashes of colors. They open widely and last many days. 15cm pot size is required as a minimum to properly grow Tourmaline ‘Rose Splash’. Pass by our DHMI booth at Green05 to discover this new outstanding DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' variety and take as many pictures as you want!
DIAMANTINA® Jade 'Orange Coral' Lanmississippi
DIAMANTINA® Jade 'Orange Coral' Lanmississippi
DHMI has introduced two Orange dipladenia types of which this one fits into the compact series called Jade. DIAMANTINA® Jade ‘Orange Coral’ is now available as unrooted cuttings this summer. This variety has been performing extremely well in our various trial fields since its first presentation to the professionals. Jade ‘Orange Coral’ is very compact and branches beautifully. The unique eye catching color is a shade of orange with yellowish and reddish touches. The flowers are slightly smaller than a typical dipladenia type but come in numbers. Make your sales flying with this new trendy DIAMANTINA® Jade ‘Orange Coral’ dipladenia!
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'Lancalifornia & Platinum 'Intense Fuchsia' Lanarkansas
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'Lancalifornia & Platinum 'Intense Fuchsia' Lanarkansas
DHMI was the first Mandevilla breeder to introduce different colors to the traditional red Mandevilla market. With its pure yellow flowers, Opale ‘Citrine’ is not to present any longer as it is worldly recognized as part of a regular dipladenia product assortment. Platinum ‘Intense Fuchsia’ was introduced last year and is now available starting this summer 2018. Color combination is a major consumer trend. Is there anything to add to the beauty of this picture, showing a stunning and ideal color combination of gold yellow with dark pink fuchsia? Just pass by our booth at Green05 and see by yourself!

Top 10 productsD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

  1. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'
  2. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Topaze 'Vermillon'
  3. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Orange Coral'
  4. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Jade 'White'
  5. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Pink'
  1. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Agathe 'Scarlet'
  2. Hibiscus RIO CLARA 'Orange'
  3. Hibiscus RIO CLARA 'White & Pink'
  4. Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE 'Best Red'
  5. Lagesrtroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE 'Purely Purpple

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About usDümmen Orange

Orange is the new green!
Dümmen Orange® is a leading international breeding company focused on potted plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, cut flowers, and bulbs. Representing a legacy of floricultural excellence of more than a century in the making, we provide the largest selection of superior flowers and plants.

‘Orange is the new green!’ at the 2018 Dümmen Orange® FlowerTrials. At our locations in Rheinberg (DE) and Naaldwijk (NL), we go in depth with our GreenGuard and GreenCare policies. Please note that our location in The Netherlands has changed. Like last year, you can find us at Bosweg 6 in Naaldwijk.

Video impression 2017Dümmen Orange

Pot Mum - Rainbow Circus
Pot Mum - Rainbow Circus
Circus is a new bicoloured variety with nice red and yellow flowers which is a great addition to our Rainbow series. Grower-friendly due to the fit in assortments and easy-to-sell due to its green flower centers. It has strong colour retention across all seasons and creates a vivid contrast between the colours. It’s no surprise we named this series Rainbow- like sunshine after rain, this series certainly brightens up your day! This single-flower series is characterized by the stunningly beautiful bicolour effect wrapped around a fresh green center. Definitely the most passionate Pot Mum around!
Leucanthemum maximum - Sweet Daisy Birdy
Leucanthemum maximum - Sweet Daisy Birdy
The Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy series by Dümmen Orange is an improvement on the classic garden daisy. These new varieties are characterized by a uniform plant structure and deep, dark green foliage. The robust flowers open in late June and show off their brilliant white colour. Whether in pots on the terrace or planted in large beds, the Sweet Daisies are a real eye-catcher for early summer. Sweet Daisy Birdy, with its special umbrella blossoms, is brand new for the upcoming
Impatiens New Guinea – Sunstanding
Impatiens New Guinea – Sunstanding
SunStanding is outstanding anywhere! The name says it all: SunStanding hybrid New Guinea Impatiens have a strong adaptability to sun, heat, and humidity, but easily grow in shade as well. SunStanding satisfies with its compact growth and early flowering. This year Dümmen Orange is introducing this new series with eight colours to the European market.

SunStanding is available in QuickTurn™ cuttings, which offers growers an extra crop turn. The cuttings are ideal for direct-stick applications. To complete this series, a colourful six pack with a SunStanding handle is

Top 10 productsDümmen Orange

  1. Pot Chrysanthemum / Mystic Mums
  2. Kalanchoe
  3. Pelargonium
  4. Confetti Garden™
  5. Impatiens
  1. Pot Carnations
  2. Anthurium
  3. Phlox
  4. Calla
  5. Cut Flowers

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About usFlorensis

Florensis is an innovative, second-generation family business that has proven its success over the years. We have been providing professional growers with new varieties and plant propagation material since 1941.

More than 2,000 devoted and skilled employees in the Netherlands, other European countries and throughout the world produce more than 900 million young plants from seed and cuttings every year. We specialise in annuals, pot plants, primula, pansies, perennials and cut flowers.

We supply growers with an unrivalled assortment of more than 4,000 different varieties of flowers and plants of the very highest quality, in spectacular colour ranges and grown using the most innovative and, wherever possible, sustainable technologies.

Video impression 2017Florensis

MixMasters® Multispecies Cotton Tail
MixMasters® Multispecies Cotton Tail
Try our new MixMasters® Multispecies Cotton Tail for the upcoming season!

Do you Lilac it is one of the new interspecific mixes. MixMasters® are the perfect answer for tomorrow's customers! Why? Because our MixMasters® are becoming more and more popular and are being continuously developed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

What makes Florensis MixMasters® so unique and attractive, is their year-round availability. These outstanding ready-to-go MixMasters® mixes make it easy for you to produce profitable plant combinations to supply your customers throughout the year.

All of our mixes are developed by having them tested for pot and garden performance in Europe and the US. For most of our mixes, we use Florensis and Ball FloraPlant genetics to guarantee great performance and​en-gb/​about/​mixmasters-your-year-round-programme
Begonia Squad
Begonia Squad
Solutions for all your Begonia needs!

There may be as many as 1500 named Begonia species worldwide ….the number of varieties is anybody’s guess. Deciding on the right mix for production and retail can overwhelm even the most experienced grower.

Florensis offers a streamlined selection with the best genetics for greenhouse-to-garden performance. Begonia Squad gives a clear overview on outstanding features, habit and vigour, optimal production format, colour range and propagation type.

Florensis makes Begonias simple!​en-gb
Toscana® Pelargonium
Toscana® Pelargonium
Great to produce and great to enjoy!

The renewed Toscana® range has undergone a metamorphosis and is presented in new segments, including the latest colours and varieties from our own breeding.
The qualitatively superior plants and the best in class colour palette make Toscana® an easy and profitable program for you to produce. The early flowering varieties allow you to catch the profitable early season sales window.

The Toscana® range is known for the bright, vivid colours and unusual colour combinations. Toscana® is proven to have the best garden performance and can be used both in patio containers and for bedding plantings.

Florensis presents you a modern and unbeatable Pelargonium​en-gb

Top 10 productsFlorensis

  1. MixMasters® Multispecies
  2. Begonia Squad
  3. Toscana® Pelargonium
  4. Calibrachoa at Home
  5. Echinacea Sombrero™
  1. Salvia Blue Marvel
  2. Salvia Mysty
  3. Lavandula Lovers
  4. Phlox Popstars
  5. Lisianthus Celeb Madonna & Grape

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About usGediflora

Gediflora - Belgian Mums
Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums.
We deliver cuttings from Brazil and Africa to cultivators worldwide. Our wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name ‘Belgian Mums‘.
Every year, Gediflora's breeding department introduces new, fresh and eye catching but above all colourful varieties.

Video impression 2016Gediflora

The intense colours of the Aduro Family
The intense colours of the Aduro Family
The stunning bi-coloured flowers of the Aduro variety are trendy newcomers in the Belgian Mums collection. This collection stands out by its anemone shaped flowers with an intense and beautifully rich coloured centre.

Welcome to the world of Dazzling Aduro!
• Aduro comes in intense, warm colours: orange, red, pink and violet.
• The bi-coloured flower is the most distinctive feature of the Aduro variety.
• The flowers open extremely slowly, which guarantees a much longer shelf life - Aduro is a hit in our range!
The large flowered Amiko Family
The large flowered Amiko Family
Magnetic Amiko is a symbol of irresistible beauty. This Belgian Mum has a large flower with a diameter of up to six cm and is available in a wide variety of colours. These beauties will definitely extend the summer feeling.

Who falls for the charm of the Magnetic Amikos?
• Amiko comes in 6 bright colours: pink, yellow, white, red, violet, orange
• Large flower with a diameter of up to six cm
• The Amikos have a long shelf life with a minimum of 6 weeks
The charming Arluno Family
The charming Arluno Family
The Adorable Arluno collection of 4 bright colors is an asset to the Belgian Mums Range. Those who like a strong pink color should definitely choose the Arluno pink. This Belgian Mum is a precious eye-catcher. The Arlunos are excellent for mid-September natural day production both inside and outside.

Here is the charming Arluno!
• Arluno is a decorative flower with a large flower type
• Can be grown in the greenhouse
• Good alternative for those who want something different than the standard jasoda assortment.

Top 10 productsGediflora

  1. Belgian Mums, Jasoda family
  2. Belgian Mums, Mefisto family
  3. Belgian Mums, Pure Primo family
  4. Belgian Mums, Aduro violet
  5. Belgian Mums, Aduro orange
  1. Belgian Mums, Staviski family
  2. Belgian Mums, Sicardo family
  3. Belgian Mums, Padre family
  4. Belgian Mums, Vigorelli violet
  5. Belgian Mums, Vigorelli orange

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About usEndisch

Endisch - Leading Breeding
Cultivating ornamental plants is a tradition in the Endisch family. Personal, confidential contact with our customers and good cooperation towards a common goal are our premise. The next generation is making its own mark - not only symbolically with a new logo and claim - but also with new cultures for co-creating more fields in the green industry. The name Endisch also stands for reliable quality and competence in horticulture growing.

Video impression 2016Endisch

Xtreme - Pelargonium interspecific
Xtreme - Pelargonium interspecific
After the successful introduction of the XTREME series, the following characteristics are evident: The zonal character of the foliage is complemented by three-dimensional growth in height, depth and width. It still must be mentioned: XTREMELY easy to cultivate in mountains and valleys, XTREMELY adaptable in containers, window boxes and flower beds, XTREMELY good branching and strong growth, XTREMELY rich blooming, XTREMELY long flowering, XTREMELY attractive long distance effect and finally XTREMELY
The Trend is your friend!
The Trend is your friend!
From the start of cultivation up to the outdoor plantings, these are top varieties that sell well! Trend cuttings root quickly and grow rapidly. Trend young plants all have the same cultivation pattern and growth habit: They are easy to cultivate and are fast growing. Even early in the season, an uniform pool of colorful blooming pelargoniums is possible with Trend. Strong, ready-to-sell Trend plants are captivating due to their clear, attractive colors. Consumers can enjoy these plants throughout the entire summer due to its excellent suitability for gardens. This is one pelargonium that is bought again and
Impress yourself - Big peltatum!
Impress yourself - Big peltatum!
In addition to the well-known, double, semi-trailing varieties, we offer with the Big 5 series yet another variant of double-bloomed ivy-leaved geraniums. Big 5 Malva, Big 5 Neon Pink India, Big 5 Red Devil, Big 5 Soft Rose and Big 5 White Angel complement each other to provide a complete color palette of vigorous ivy-leaved geraniums. With our Big5 series, splendid cascades of double blooms appear continuously throughout the entire

Top 10 productsEndisch

  1. Pelargonium zonale Trend
  2. Pelargonium zonale Hot Spot
  3. Pelargonium interspecific Xtreme
  4. Pelargonium peltatum Big 5
  5. Pelargonium peltatum Lollipop
  1. Petunia Pet! Boom
  2. Pelargonium zonale Belmonte
  3. Rosmarinus officialis Green Rosi
  4. Impatiens New Guinea Euroline
  5. Pelargonium interspecific Sugar Baby

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About usGreen Works

Green Works - specialist in Young Plants, Paeonia & Ranunculus
Green Works is a grower and supplier of young planting material for the professional cultivation of pot plants and (summer) cut flowers. We are specialized in Young Plants, Paeonia (peonies) and Ranunculus.

We grow and supply planting material within the Netherlands and globally to professional growers and (export)traders. Our planting material meets the national and international inspection requirements. All products are tested for viruses and they are true to variety. With support in growing, promotion and sales, we offer a total package to put an unique and healthy product on the market. We have years of experience in horticulture. As a result, we are seen as a true specialist!

Visit our site:

Video impression 2017Green Works

CannaSol™ Happy Wilma®
CannaSol™ Happy Wilma®
CannaSol™ plants are excellent for every garden or patio. This compact series has a long blooming time and produces large, self-cleaning flowers. CannaSol™ is available in many beautiful colours. There are varieties with green leaves and with dark leaves. This collection is propagated by tissue culture and free of viruses. The flowering period starts at the end of May and the flowering continues till frost. We have CannaSol™ tubers too, available in size nr. 1 and nr.​en/​
Agapanthus Summer Love™ White®
Agapanthus Summer Love™ White®
Agapanthus Summer Love™ is also called the African Lily or the Lily of Love. The name is derived from the Greek language. ‘Agape’ means love and ‘Anthos’ means flower. This variety, available with blue and white flowers, is a true sunbather. Agapanthus Summer Love™ is unique because of its long blooming time: from May to September.

This plant is very suitable for the patio or in the garden. Combined with its strong green leaves and compact, strong stems, this is a great variety. It comes with a unique Agapanthus Summer Love™ pot cover that makes the plant even more​en/​
Patio Peony™ Madrid
Patio Peony™ Madrid
Green Works a specialist in Paeonia, better known as peonies. In the Netherlands, we are a grower of peonies and we have - with more than 150 varieties - an extraordinary large assortment. We have unique peonies in (almost) all shapes, colours and fragrances. Through many years of experience in growing, we can deliver top quality planting material. And we keep offering our professional support even after the sale, because it is important to us that you get the most beautiful peonies!​en/​

Top 10 productsGreen Works

  1. Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue®
  2. Ranunculus Butterfly™ series
  3. Paeonia Etched Salmon
  4. CannaSol™ Happy Cleo®
  5. Paeonia itoh Cora Louise
  1. Patio Peony™ Rome
  2. Paeonia Belgravia
  3. Gypsophila Summer Sparkles®
  4. CannaSol™ Happy Carmen®
  5. Paeonia Lemon Chiffon

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About usHendriks Young Plants

Hendriks Young Plants - The art of growing
Family business Hendriks Young Plants is breeder of Bella Fuchsia ® and propagator of Fuchsia, Pelargonium Grandiflorum, Angel Pelargonium and Argyranthemum.

We are a family business in which both the second and the third generation are active. Together with a team of dedicated employees we produce and deliver top quality young plants, give our growers expert growth advice and support in marketing.

We are strengthening our range with new varieties each year. Years of breeding has resulted in the introduction of Bella Fuchsia®.

We invite you to visit our company during FlowerTrials 2018.

Video impression 2017Hendriks Young Plants

Bella Fuchsia®
Bella Fuchsia®
Bella Fuchsia® varieties have a
compact growth and begin blooming very early in the season. The blooms of these varieties have outward and upward facing flowers, meaning no more hidden blooms.
Mosquitaway - Angel Pelargonium
Mosquitaway - Angel Pelargonium
Mosquitaway are rich flowering Angel Pelargoniums for your home or garden. The strong citrus scent of these plants acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes who appear to dislike the emitted
Pelargonium Grandiflorum
Pelargonium Grandiflorum
The Regal Pelargonium is a home and garden plant which is also known as Pelargonium grandiflorum. You only have to look at the size of the flowers and the colours, to understand how this prestigious plant has earned its second

Top 10 productsHendriks Young Plants

  1. Bella Fuchsia® bush
  2. Bella Fuchsia® semi-trailing
  3. Bella Fuchsia® sixpack
  4. Pelargonium Grandiflorum - Elegance series
  5. Angel Pelargonium - Mosquitaway
  1. Pelargonium Grandiflorum - Regalia series
  2. Argyranthemum
  3. Fuchsia - giant flowers
  4. Fuchsia - winter hardy
  5. Fuchsia - standards

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About usJonge Planten Grünewald

Continuity is paying off
Continuity is paying off. Our New Entries have already a long way behind before they are being introduced commercially - with an in- and external testing program we are making sure, that only varieties are being introduced, which can be produced easily by the grower and guarantee a long lasting joy at the end consumer.

Video impression 2016Jonge Planten Grünewald

Lobelia 'Suntropics'
Lobelia 'Suntropics'
Lobelia Suntropics is the ideal Lobelia for the summer as Suntropics takes the heat better than regular Lobelia and therefore guarantees more satisfaction. With medium growth habit and early flowering Lobelia Suntropics are ideally suitable for plant combinations.
Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy'Beetractive
Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy'Beetractive
You say Thunbergia and actually mean Sunny Susy – not without any reason Sunny Susy is market leader in the Thunbergia market. Last year we introduced three more varieties successfully, which are completing our commercial assortment with 9 varieties.
Pelargonium `Summerpearls`
Pelargonium `Summerpearls`
With the introduction of Pelargonium under the trademark 'Summerpearls' we are completing our high quality bedding- and balcony assortment.
We are offering: Interspecific, Zonale and Peltatum. Your special attention we would like to point to the 5 interspecific varieties which are very homogenous in growth and all in flower within a window of one week.

Top 10 productsJonge Planten Grünewald

  1. Calocephalus Silvercalos
  2. Sunny Susy Thunbergia
  3. Checkies Mixes
  4. Sweet Pleasure Petunia
  5. Chameletunia Petunia
  1. Summermelody Fuchsias
  2. Sweet Bells Calibrachoa
  3. Honeybees Argyranthemum
  4. Sanvitos Sanvitalia
  5. Sunnybees Dianthus

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About usKP Holland

KP Holland; grower and breeder of flowering pot plants
Aware of its role as a progressive grower and breeder, KP Holland produces products of constantly good quality. The unique combination of both disciplines - breeding and growing - in a single company sets KP Holland apart. KP Holland is born to breed & bloom

Video impression 2017KP Holland

Kalanchoë series
Kalanchoë series
  • The Rosalina™ series is composed of double-flowered cultivars but with the classic Kalanchoë leaf shape. New, attractive varieties are added to the collection every year and are available in every colour for all pot sizes. The Rosalina series is distinguished by the perfect balance between its large number of buds and its compact habit.

  • The Passion™ series. An appealing line of single-flowered products is also available.

  • The Gardenlina™ series: new in the field of flowering outdoor plants is Gardenlina™, an outdoor plant that has been especially selected by KP Holland. The characteristics of this plant result in it being very strong and colourful by nature.
KP Holland supplies an extensive line of Spathiphyllum with premium varieties for every conceivable pot size. Starting material up to and including pot size 9 cm is propagated from seed; each variety suitable for pot sizes larger than 9 cm is propagated by tissue culture. The breeding objective focuses on developing pollen-free varieties with attractive deep green leaves and robust flowers. New varieties intended for pot sizes 12/14 cm and distinguished by a compact habit and profuse flowering will also be launched this
KP Holland is the Curcuma specialist. Typical of the Curcuma are its very large extravagant flowers and impressive colors. The roots of this plant are the source of turmeric which is used for culinary purposes. Research has demonstrated the beneficial properties of this spice. The Siam™ Curcuma series is composed of unique colourful products which can be planted in many pot sizes. Also available is a distinctive range of Curcuma varieties used for cut flower production. KP Holland has many compact varieties available for smaller pot sizes.

For more information, please check out
Please also see

Top 10 productsKP Holland

  1. Curcuma Siam™ Shine
  2. Curcuma Siam™ Solar
  3. Curcuma Siam™ Splash
  4. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Don Alano
  5. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Don Amarillo
  1. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Don Fabio
  2. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Don Féliz
  3. Spathiphyllum Bingo Cupido™
  4. Spathiphyllum Romeo Cupido™
  5. Spathiphyllum Unico Cupido™

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About usLily Looks

The Brand Lily Looks Lily looks consists of 4 unique series of potted lilies. The Tiny Series, the Sensation Series, the Sunny Series and the Double Series.

Video impression 2017Lily Looks

Tiny Series
Tiny Series
The Tiny Series consists of genetically compact Asiatic varieties (around 35-40cm high) especially developed and tested for the potted plant culture. Characteristics are: Clear flower colors, full green plants with a compact habit. The Tiny series is also very suitable for outside
Sensation Series
Sensation Series
The Sensation Series consists of naturally short Asiatic multicolored varieties (around 50-60cm high) with a unique flower pattern created especially for the potted plant culture. Characteristics are: double colored flowers that radiate a breath of exclusivity, rich in bloom and full evergreen
Sunny Series
Sunny Series
The Sunny Series consists of naturally short Oriental varieties for the potted plant culture. Characteristics are: large exclusive flowers, beautiful buds and nice compact green plants. Very suitable for use as indoor potted plant use and also as out-door plant for patio and

Top 10 productsLily Looks

  1. Sunny Robijn®
  2. Tiny Double You®
  3. Sunny Keys®
  4. Tiny Bee®
  5. Tiny Nugget®
  1. Sunny Azores®
  2. After Eight®
  3. Tiny Invader®
  4. Sunny Martinique®
  5. Tiny Ghost®

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Toscana® Nixe
Toscana® Nixe
Senna Zonale
Senna Zonale

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About usPrudac

PRUDAC: Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption
Our product focus is on innovative plant breeding and we breed GMO-free. We serve the professional and the hobby market with easy-to-grow attractive, edible products.

Ponchi F1 Fa & Ponchi F1 Mi
Ponchi F1 Fa & Ponchi F1 Mi
Suitable for 10-12 cm/4”-5” pots
Pillar Peppers F1 Mimi & Pillar Tomtoes F1 Catch Red
Pillar Peppers F1 Mimi & Pillar Tomtoes F1 Catch Red
Suitable for 12-15 cm/4,5-6””pots
Rocket Peppers F1 red Mamba & Sweet Sturdy F1 Grace
Rocket Peppers F1 red Mamba & Sweet Sturdy F1 Grace
Suitable for 15-18/6”-7,5” pots

Top 10 productsPrudac

  1. Allium Quattro F1
  2. Cauliflower Multi-Head F1
  3. Cauliflower Baby F1
  4. Basket/Container Pepper Spicy Jane F1
  5. Rocket Pepper F1 Red Mamba
  1. Tasty Viola F1 series
  2. Pot tomato Heartbreakers F1 series
  3. Pot Tomato XXS Ponchi F1 series
  4. Pot Tomato Sweet Sturdy Jo F1
  5. Tall Tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 series

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About usQueen® Genetics

Breeding | Cultivation | Innovation
At Queen Genetics we have more than 50 years of experience in breeding and developing unique plants that meet the need of modern consumers. – A long-lasting, easy to care for plant.
Our innovative, carefully selected plants stand out for their:
- Excellent shelf-life
- Perfectly formed and large flowers
- Strong and vibrant colours
- The highest ethylene tolerance on the market.
Exposure to ethylene gas is a well-known problem for flowering plants. We have therefore devoted considerable efforts to developing natural ethylene-resistant varieties, and adapting them to stand the challenges at POS in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

Queen® ElseFlowers™ 'Dean'
Queen® ElseFlowers™ 'Dean'
The Queen Genetics breeding department has been recognized at the IPM 2018, where the judges awarded the IPM Novelty Prize in the "Flowering House Plant" category to the Kalanchoe Interspecific Hybrid Queen® ElseFlowers™ 'Dean' for its innovative look and distinct appearance.

‘Dean’ is part of Queen Genetics’ new ElseFlowers™ Assortment, an eye-catching series of bi-color varieties that provide a striking contrast to classic, single flower Kalanchoes.
All varieties are subject to ethylene and shelf-life testing to ensure a minimum longevity of 6 weeks, setting new standards on the market.
NEW - Queen® Romantic Roses™
NEW - Queen® Romantic Roses™
Queen Genetics surprises the industry by setting new quality standards in Rose breeding. The carefully selected 'Queen® Romantic Roses™' series made its debut at this year’s IPM exhibition, in Essen, were it was introduced at the fairs opening ceremony.

The assortment stands out for its:
• Longevity and ornamental value
• High resistance to mildew
• Low water consumption
• Level of ethylene resistance
• Reduced need for growth regulation
• Optimal plant quality, throughout the season
• Vibrant long lasting colors.
NEW - Queen® Green (Succulents)
NEW - Queen® Green (Succulents)
The Queen® Green™ Succulent assortment comes in many shapes and colors - ready to be mixed and matched in the modern consumer’s urban jungle.
We focus on selecting and breeding unique, high quality varieties with excellent longevity to ensure a superior customer experience from the grower all the way to the end customer.
To make sure that growers get a perfect start with high quality cuttings, a special packaging system has been designed to ensure that young plants will not be squeezed together during transport, limiting the risk of damages, broken leaves or fungus infections.

Top 10 productsQueen® Genetics

  1. Kalanchoe: Queen® Originals™ (Single Flowers)
  2. Kalanchoe: Queen® RoseFlowers® (Double Flowers)
  3. Kalanchoe: Queen® MoreFlowers® (Large Flowers) – LIMITED SPECIALTY
  4. Kalanchoe: Queen® ElseFlowers™ (Bi-Color) – LIMITED SPECIALTY
  5. Cut Kalanchoe: Queen® CutFlowers™ (Kalanchoe cut flowers)
  1. Roses: Queen® Romantic Roses™
  2. Asters: Queen® Regent Asters™
  3. Succulents: Queen® Green™ - Adromiscus
  4. Succulents: Queen® Green™ - Echeveria | Pachyphytum | Pachyveria | Sinnucrassula | Graptoprtalum
  5. Succulents: Queen® Green™ Kalanchoe | Tomentosa | Crassula

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About usSakata

Passion in Seed
As an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers, Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners. While consumer satisfaction will always be a critical consideration, we listen to distributors, growers and retailers so we can deliver products, technical information and marketing support to meet the needs of the complete market chain. Ultimately, all that we do reflects our commitment to Quality, Reliability and Service. Product highlights include the new Snapdragon Candy Tops and Petchoa BeautiCal series, Begonia SenatoriQ, SunPatiens, Astra Platycodon and Lisianthus. Sakata hosts FlowerTrials® at the same location as previous years in Honselersdijk.

Video impression 2017Sakata

Antirrhinum F1 Candy Tops – Strong and Sweet!
Antirrhinum F1 Candy Tops – Strong and Sweet!
Candy Tops is a sweet addition to Sakata’s Snapdragon assortment. Strong stems make for better shipping and retail appeal, whilst an abundance of blooms on dwarf plants means constant colour. Sweet fragrance is a plus! An eye-catcher that works well with others in mixed containers, Candy Tops is available in five bright colours.
Especially bred for autumn cultivation and flowering, growers will love the uniformity and the fast bench run. Retailers will appreciate the good shelf life – but these little Candys are sure to be scooped up fast!​bedding-plants/​antirrhinum/​candy-tops-new-series
Petchoa BeautiCal
Petchoa BeautiCal
The new generation for the pot and patio! Petchoa ‘BeautiCal’ has an upright, more mounded habit than SuperCal® and larger flowers, making it the ideal choice for the pot and patio segment. BeautiCal’s large, weather and disease resistant plants recover from rain much faster than standard Petunias, and the exceptional colours will be an absolute WOW on retail benches. A combination of the best features of Petunia and Calibrachoa, BeautiCal is set to be the New Beauty Standard for patios, terraces and balconies.
Begonia Senator iQ
Begonia Senator iQ
Sakata’s breeding experience and dedication to quality genetics is exemplified in SenatoriQ and Ambassador Begonias. These series have been proved to be excellent weather resistant performers. The next-level genetics in SenatoriQ take bronze-leafed Begonia to a new standard in quality and performance. Fleuroselect crowned SenatoriQ Rose Bicolour with a Gold Medal. Important new colour introductions, SenatoriQ Deep Rose and Scarlet, complete the upgrade from Senator to SenatoriQ, offering you a full colour range in the new generation of this top-quality bronze leafed series. The uniformity of the new genetics now matches even better with the green leafed Ambassador​bedding-plants/​begonia/​senator-iq

Top 10 productsSakata

  1. x Petchoa
  2. Antirrhinum
  3. Begonia
  4. Impatiens SunPatiens®
  5. Platycodon Astra
  1. Lisianthus
  2. Campanula
  3. Gerbera
  4. Osteospermum
  5. Pansy & Viola

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About usSchneider youngplants

Schneider youngplants
Schneider youngplants, specialized in both seed- and cutting-propagated young plants, offers a wide range of annual, biennial and perennial plants, as well as cyclamen and hobby vegetable young plants. The main products are Begonia semperflorens, Primula and Viola, but our full assortment encompasses more than 1800 varieties. Beside our young plants, we also offer unrooted cuttings and seeds from a well sorted, high quality selection of the popular varieties existing on the current market.

The Schneider sales team consists of passionate young plants specialists, and our representatives are present in more than 20 countries. We are always striving to improve the service and quality offered to the growers, cherishing every occasion for personal contact to offer them professional and personal guidance.

Video impression 2017Schneider youngplants

Begonia semperflorens Premium Red
Begonia semperflorens Premium Red
Our number one best seller!
It is part of the fastest and most uniform Begonia semperflorens series on the market ever. It forms a compact, round plant with a really low quantity or no plant growth regulator. It keeps compact on the shelf and packs, performs well in the garden, and stays uniform until the end of the season. The strong red color of the round large flowers makes it excellent eye-catcher in the garden! Besides the red, we offer 6 more colours, which are also available in mix, and dark leaved varieties as​product/​begonia-semperflorens-premium-red/​
Primula Protos mix
Primula Protos mix
Our best seller Primula series!
It is a market leader for mid-early season sales. This series sets the standard for uniform plant habit, flower size and quality. We offer a wide range of colors in the mix but they are also available as 12 separate colors. The intensive colors of the large flowers (5-6 cm across) makes them really showy plants, excellent for pot plant use, but suitable also for bedding or mixed​product/​primula-protos-mix/​
Petchoa BeautiCal
Petchoa BeautiCal
This brand new intergeneric hybrid will be commercially introduced in summer 2018!
It has a compact-medium mounding habit. It is a very good weather tolerant plant, resistant on mildew, therefore it recovers much faster from the rain than the standard Petunias. Lasting long in the garden, it is ideal also for patio, balcony and smaller garden beds. The series comes in 5 exceptional colours (Bordeaux, Caramel Yellow, Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Sunray Pink), which makes them stand out from the other Petunia and Calibrachoa plants on the shelves of the garden​cat/​annual/​

Top 10 productsSchneider youngplants

  1. Begonia semperflorens & tuberhybrida
  2. Petunia (from seeds and cuttings)
  3. Calibrachoa
  4. Viola
  5. Primula
  1. Cyclamen
  2. Helleborus
  3. Bacopa (Sutera)
  4. Impatiens
  5. Tagetes

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About usSchoneveld Breeding

Innovators in nature
Schoneveld Breeding specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. Our company has grown into a major player. In addition to our more than 190 employees at our location in Twello, the Netherlands, depending on the season, some 150 employees work at our production location in Tanzania. Strong genetics, sharing expertise and constant innovation are the foundations of our company’s success.

We create strong varieties with high ornamental value and long flower life. We supply our products and services to specialised growers and growers of young plants all over the world.

Video impression 2017Schoneveld Breeding

Primula Perola
Primula Perola
Primula Perola is a Primula polyanthus and is new in the range this year.
This long-stemmed Primula is characterised by its exceptionally strong stems which prolong the flower​en/​
Cyclamen Super Serie Donatello
Cyclamen Super Serie Donatello
Super Serie Donatello is the silver-leaved sister of Super Serie Verano with the same genetic characteristics. Donatello is characterized by its uniform growth and flowering and is extremely suitable for the outdoor segment. Like all Cyclamen Super Series, Donatello has a compact plant​en/​
Primula Pricanto
Primula Pricanto
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Long lasting pretty shaped blooms
Primula Pricanto has magnificent vintage coloured flowers with a nostalgic edge. This noteworthy Primula obconica exudes ambiance. In addition, this innovative variety has the same characteristics as Primula Touch Me. So the plant also has a strong and compact structure, the blooms are long lasting, and it does not irritate the skin.

Seeds freely available from​en/​

Top 10 productsSchoneveld Breeding

  1. Cyclamen Super Serie Mammoth
  2. Cyclamen Super Serie Petticoat
  3. Cyclamen Super Serie Merengue
  4. Cyclamen Super Serie Rembrandt
  5. Primula Paradiso Early
  1. Primula Touch Me Galaxy
  2. Primula Touch Me Mini
  3. Ranunculus Sprinkles
  4. Ranunculus Sprinkles Dwarf
  5. Campanula Florentes Avida

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About usSelecta one (NL)

The family company Selecta one is leading in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials and cut flowers. With 11 production sites and distribution companies the group serves all relevant markets.
With our claim “we love to grow®” we affirm a commitment, which unites everyone who works for Selecta one. It expresses far more than simply the intense passion contributed by every team member for the breeding, sales and distribution of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. "We love to grow®" stands for being close to our customers – with determination, understanding and passion.

Video impression 2017Selecta one (NL)

Dianthus Peach Party
Dianthus Peach Party
The new mini carnation Peach Party with its apricot-coloured sea of flowers provides party-mood at home. Peach Party is a compact growing pot carnation variety with a lot of peach coloured flowers blooming above the leaves. In spring, this variety with the unique play of colours features a highly attractive, apricot-coloured bloom, which is the
perfect complement to the trend for pastel hues. In summer, the variety develops a vivid red eye, creating a glorious contrast between the dark centre of the flower and its lighter-coloured edge. The variety has single, numerous flowers, and is hardy and suitable for any pot size.
Calibrachoa PinkTastic®
Calibrachoa PinkTastic®
The Calibrachoa PinkTastic® is an excellent summer performer with cheeky 3D-flowers, which remind of small, gentle florets. With its two-bicoloured pink-white circles of inner petals in each flower it truly catches the eye. PinkTastic® enjoys all the benefits of the MiniFamous® series, such as easy growth, improved root system, the very early flowering and mildew tolerance. It convinced also the jury of Fleuroselect. The international organisation of the ornamental industry awarded PinkTastic® with the Fleurostar 2017/18 and therefore as variety with the greatest 'wow'effect at point of sale.
Pelargonium Smokey Eye® White
Pelargonium Smokey Eye® White
The Pelargonium Smokey Eye® White with its two-coloured flowers in Pink and White is a real eye-catcher with strong contrasts. Its leaves are bright, it blooms early and grows upright. Between many red Geranium varieties, it stands out with its soft appearance. Smokey Eye® White belongs to the Sunrise® series. It is suitable for great combinations in different colours for example with the fiery red Moonligh® Tumbao.

Top 10 productsSelecta one (NL)

  1. Dianthus Oscar®
  2. Dianthus PinkKisses®
  3. Petunia NightSky®
  4. Pelargonium Moonlight®
  5. Pelargonium Marcada®
  1. Trixi® Calibrachoa
  2. Dahlia Dalaya
  3. Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno
  4. Lobelia Curaçao®
  5. Poinsettia Christmas Feelings®

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About usSion

Sion Young Plants
Creating trends in orchids
Sion is one of the top international Phalaenopsis breeders. Your customers – whether they are florists, garden centres, supermarkets or discounters – want a fitting assortment. We are happy to advise you about the most suitable selection for your customers. Our team of breeders and our worldwide cooperation with other breeding specialists give you direct access to every type of Phalaenopsis orchids.

Video impression 2017Sion

A fantastic new addition to our collection. Its intense purple colour combined with a unique striped pattern make Romanion a truly stunning variety. Another distinctive feature is its rich branching that displays a perfect arrangement of flowers.
With its distinct yellow colour, Pulsation has enormous appeal. This attractive variety is therefore a perfect addition to every assortment. It features unique flower markings, an unusual flower shape and great durability.
A real asset for the Fancy and Specially segments. The compact plant with its beautiful green foliage and bright white flowers make Vivion a real eye-catcher. The distinctive features of this amazing variety are its outstanding keeping quality and productivity.

Top 10 productsSion

  1. Top Model Romanion
  2. Top Model Pulsation
  3. Top Model Vivion
  4. Top Model Extension
  5. Top Model Evolution
  1. Top Model Flirtation
  2. Top Model Jillion
  3. Top Model Association
  4. Top Model Kikion
  5. Top Model Mountion

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About usSyngenta FloriPro Services®

Syngenta FloriPro Services®
FloriPro Services® is Syngenta's distribution organisation serving Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME). We provide high-quality young plants, seeds and un-rooted cuttings for indoor plants, bedding plants and perennials, in a broad range of varieties.
Syngenta FloriPro Services® operates through a dedicated network, providing professional growers with a wide range of products and services to help them improve their profitability.
FloriPro Services ™ is part of Syngenta Lawn and Garden. Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 26,000 employees in more than 90 countries dedicated to one purpose: Bringing plant potential to life.

Video impression 2017Syngenta FloriPro Services®

Calliope® Pelargoniums designed with consumers mind
Calliope® Pelargoniums designed with consumers mind
Bigger, brighter and bolder, Calliope® geraniums offer just what home gardeners have asked for. We asked 600 consumers what they want in a geranium:
80% said long-lasting flowers
73% want worry-free plants
71% said more flowers

Calliope® geraniums have been designed with more flowers and to be easy to care for and perform well in the garden from spring to autumn.

Visit us at FlowerTrials to find out how we are launching at retail in Spring 2018 and our consumer pull activities.

Join the conversation online.
Facebook: CalliopeFlowers

The new Begonia Tophat is pure showbiz
The new Begonia Tophat is pure showbiz
Begonia Tophat is the F1 hybrid showstopper that never stops. It flowers two weeks earlier than the current standard and just goes on and on.

Needing virtually no care, customers returning from holiday will be delighted to see it still putting on a show when they get home.

This robust, new series has huge flowers in three colours (White, Scarlet and Rose), is well-branched and fills pots quickly.

Being homogen it is easy to deliver all three colours in flower at the same time.
Anthirrhinum Snaptini: the early riser
Anthirrhinum Snaptini: the early riser
New in 2018 is our improved dwarf Snapdragon Series Anthirrhinum majus Snaptini.

This compact, well-branched and early flowering gem, which replaces Montego, comes in nine colours.

Ranging from vibrant yellow all the way to a sumptuous burgundy bicolour, Snaptini is also very uniform within each colour and across the series.

Just one reason why it is the ideal compact snapdragon, looking stunning grown in high density, whether in packs on shelves or in small pots.

Top 10 productsSyngenta FloriPro Services®

  1. Pelargonium Interspecific Calliope®
  2. Begonia Tophat
  3. Antirrhinum majus Snaptini
  4. Mandevilla RIO
  5. Impatiens walleriana
  1. Delphinium Delfinia
  2. Cyclamen SeeWhy
  3. Lavendula
  4. Petunia Sanguna
  5. Echinacea Prairie Splendor Compact

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About usVan den Bos Flowerbulbs

Van den Bos Flowerbulbs specialises in the preservation, preparation and marketing of lilies, freesia and calla for professional flower cultivation and importers. We have been a leading light throughout the world in flower bulb storage, flower bulb preparation and flower bulb exporting since 1946. We supply the best quality bulbs every day of the year from the Netherlands and from our own locations in the United States, Canada, China and Australia.

Video impression 2017Van den Bos Flowerbulbs

Fragrant Sunburst®
Fragrant Sunburst®
Fragrant Sunburst® is the name given to the first pot freesia in the Lovely series. This genetically compact variety produces beautiful, delightfully scented golden-yellow flowers. In coming years, the Lovely series will include more of these similarly compact pot varieties in a range of colours. Fragrant Sunburst® is characterised by its long, elegantly shaped spike like racemes bearing large flowers with the familiar subtle freesia fragrance. The cultivation period from planting to flowering is 12 weeks.

Fragrant Sunburst® is a very apt name. The flowers of this yellow pot freesia have a delicate floral spring-like fragrance. Your customer will derive more enjoyment from this beautiful flowering pot plant every day as the flowers on its enchanting racemes gradually​Freesia-varieties
Royal series
Royal series
The Royal series is perfectly suited for pots and cut production. The series producess many flowers and keeps its stable color during the entire season. Another great quality is that is requires very low BONZI ans is quite resistent to disease. This season, we introduce the “new” Royal Pumpkin which is calla lily that is prolific with a good uniform grow rate, compact habit and an excellent shelf​Calla-varieties
Roselily Collection®
Roselily Collection®
‘Roselily’ is a collective term for a unique series of double-flowering Oriental lilies with exceptionally positive characteristics. Roselily, the new pollen free Oriental lily with a light pleasant fragrance. That’s right, no more pollen on clothing after handling them! Additionally, the individual flowers last approximately four days longer than most Oriental lilies, which means more longevity at retail or a longer vase​Roselily-varieties

Top 10 productsVan den Bos Flowerbulbs

  1. 1. Roselily Natalia
  2. 2. Calla Novisun
  3. 3. Calla Mellow Yellow
  4. 4. Freesia Fragrant Sunburst
  5. 5. Lily Souvenir
  1. 6. Lily Magny Cours
  2. 7. Calla Royal Valentine
  3. 8. Calla Ivory Art
  4. 9. Freesia Lovely River
  5. 10. Freesia Lovely Romance

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About usVarinova

Easy Growing Cyclamen
Varinova concentrates on plant breeding and seed production of F1 Cyclamen. With over 35 years of experience and research in growing techniques Varinova succeeded in developing plant varieties which are characterised by compactness, uniform growth and Botrytis tolerance. This is why Varinova’s products are easy to cultivate ánd to sell. At this moment Varinova has 10 F1 Cyclamen-series with a large number of bright colours available, from the very small micro Cyclamen Picola until the standard with extra large flowers Magnia, for indoor as well as for outdoor use.

Video impression 2017Varinova

Merita Shine Red
Merita Shine Red
Merita is the new intermediate F1 Cyclamen.
The serie has a compact shape with firm flower stems, a fine marbled leaf type and abundant flowering. Because of its uniform and compact growth Merita is easy to cultivate and to​wp-content/​uploads/​2013/​06/​Merita-ENG-renewed.pdf
Contiga Easy Mix
Contiga Easy Mix
Contiga is the F1 Cyclamen-series’ standard among the large flowering series. The whole series has a compact shape with firm flower stems and a uniform green coloured leaf type. Contiga is remarkable for it’s good flower quality and large​wp-content/​uploads/​2013/​06/​Contiga-ENG-renewed-1.pdf
Magnia Easy Mix
Magnia Easy Mix
Magnia is the firm large flowering F1 Cyclamen series. The whole series has a robust shape with solid flower stems and a uniform green coloured leave type. Because of its robust uniform growth and abundant flowering Magnia has high decorative value with possibility for use as a tub plant or in flower boxes on the​wp-content/​uploads/​2013/​06/​Magnia-ENG-2.pdf

Top 10 productsVarinova

  1. Picola
  2. Facila Summer and Facila Winter
  3. Melody Outdoor
  4. Goblet
  5. Outsider
  1. Merita
  2. Rocolina
  3. Maxora Fringed
  4. Contiga
  5. Magnia

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About usVWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs

[Flowerbulb Trader from Holland] - VWS Export - Import of Flower bulbs and more!
VWS Export – Import of Flowerbulbs BV is a “business to business” company, specialized in world wide export of programmed flowerbulbs. By means of contract breeding we introduce our own (semi) exclusive varieties on the world market.

Video impression 2017VWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs

Asiatic Pot Lilies
Asiatic Pot Lilies
With an assortment of over 100 Pot Lily varieties, VWS now is one of the bigger suppliers which exports these bulbs year-round and worldwide. We only cooperate with the best breeders and strive for the highest quality possible. During the Flower Trials, our complete assortment of Pot Lily varieties will be flowering in 3 different stages. This enables you to have a comparative look at these different flowering-stages of our actual and newest assortment. Please take a look at our website for further​pot-lilium
Exclusive Pot Calla/Zantedeschia
Exclusive Pot Calla/Zantedeschia
VWS is proud to present you a (semi) exclusive range of new Pot Calla varieties, in addition to our great amount of existing varieties. New colours, characteristics and possibilities are available for this growing market. In comparison with other flowering pot varieties, you are able to enjoy a flowering plant up to 6 weeks. Take your time and have a look at the​calla-vws
New range of Pot Lilies
New range of Pot Lilies
During the last years VWS has been testing new oriental, asiatic and double pot Lilies. These new varieties are also being tested on the geographical location of our customers worldwide, not only in the Netherlands. This because to ensure that these varieties are suitable for different geographical locations and seasons. As a result we can offer the best range of pot Lilies, exclusively breeded under contract for VWS and ready to conquer the world​pot-lilium

Top 10 productsVWS Export - Import of Flowerbulbs

  1. Pot lilium Magny Cours
  2. Pot lilium Starlight Express
  3. Pot lilium Trendy Dakota
  4. Pot lilium White Starlight
  5. Pot lilium Trendy Savannah
  1. Pot lilium Rozalynn
  2. Pot lilium Ashley
  3. Pot lilium Ilse
  4. Pot lilium Leola
  5. Pot lilium Salinero

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Rheinland Westfalen Region Participants 2018

About usDümmen Orange

Orange is the new green!
Dümmen Orange® is a leading international breeding company focused on potted plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, cut flowers, and bulbs. Representing a legacy of floricultural excellence of more than a century in the making, we provide the largest selection of superior flowers and plants.

‘Orange is the new green!’ at the 2018 Dümmen Orange® FlowerTrials. At our locations in Rheinberg (DE) and Naaldwijk (NL), we go in depth with our GreenGuard and GreenCare policies. Please note that our location in The Netherlands has changed. Like last year, you can find us at Bosweg 6 in Naaldwijk.

Video impression 2017Dümmen Orange

Pot Carnation Sprint Macy - Macy is colouring the world from spring to summer
Pot Carnation Sprint Macy - Macy is colouring the world from spring to summer
Macy is the new attractive pot carnation with big, bright, and clean pink double flowers in the Dümmen Orange assortment. The bicolour effect in the flower creates a special butterfly look and gives her a feminine touch. Macy is part of the compact and early Sprint Series and shows up with a perfectly round habit. Like all Sprint varieties, Macy can be used for early spring sales to open the bedding season, as well as a summer eye-catcher after the
Confetti Garden™ - Early Love
Confetti Garden™ - Early Love
The successful bed and balcony concept has been successfully adapted for perennials. This new Confetti Garden™ mix features three Phlox Early varieties perfectly matched in growth, colour, and earliness. The mix is available as a normally rooted young plant or overwintered in PowerQuix plugs. Confetti Garden™ Early Love demonstrates a uniform growth and an exceptional abundance of
I´CONIA Portofino Yellow - Everlasting Garden Beauty in luminous yellow
I´CONIA Portofino Yellow - Everlasting Garden Beauty in luminous yellow
I´CONIA garden begonias proved to be the favourite Garden Beauty´s last summer. Fully flowering from May to October, I’CONIA’s big shiny flowers and strong dark leaves make this plant suitable for both sun and shade.
The next generation of I´CONIA is coming up with the new Portofino series. They are compelling with a great round habit, stronger leaves, and bright double flowers on top. I´CONIA Portofino Yellow adds a bold yellow to the colour range of I´

Top 10 productsDümmen Orange

  1. Pelargonium
  2. Petunia
  3. Calibrachoa
  4. Confetti Garden™
  5. Impatiens
  1. Phlox
  2. Gaillardia
  3. Leucanthemum
  4. Pot Carnations
  5. Pot Chrysanthemum

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About usEbbing-Lohaus

ebbing-lohaus Gartenbau
At Ebbing-Lohaus, we specialise in the production of seed and young plants. Our top-quality Primula acaulis seed is marketed to seed wholesalers and nurseries all over the world. Within the German market, we supply mainly young plants. Young plants are marketed primarily as plugs in trays of 336 cells, each cell measuring 1.7 cm in diameter. These plants are ready for potting and should be grown under glass.

Video impression 2017Ebbing-Lohaus

Nostalgic charm or modern spontaneity: the Victoriana gold-edged primula is at home anywhere. As a pot plant it will adorn your windowsill in the spring, and in the garden this late-flowering series provides long-lasting blooms well into April. The decorative flowers are borne on long, graceful stems in attractive loose umbels, about 20 centimetres above the leaves. The Victoriana series currently offers three varieties in expressive colour combinations. The luminous yellow centre is surrounded by a decorative band of red, violet or mocha encircled by a narrow white border. These robust Victoriana primulas are perfect as a group in bowls, pots and flowerbeds. They are hardy, thrive in the garden in moist, humus-rich soil, and their extraordinary flowers will bring more pleasure next year.
sibel® salmon shades Primula polyantha – F1 hybrids

The salmon shades tones in the sibel® polyantha series usher in a completely new colour spectrum. These new varieties range in appearance from salmon through peach to pink. The shades all belong to the same colour group but vary in intensity; as a result, sibel® salmon shades in mixed plantings forms an attractive whole with an extremely harmonious presentation. They all share the striking yellow centre which forms a cheerful contrast and makes the salmon-coloured flowers shine even brighter. Like their sister varieties, the new salmon-coloured primulas have crown-shaped flower heads supported by strong, medium-length stems, allowing each to make a very strong statement in its own right.
elodie® golden yellow Primula acaulis – F1 hybrids

This decorative new addition to the elodie® range will delight all primula lovers with a taste for something extraordinary. The fairytale beauties from the entrancing elodie® series with their ruched petals and romantic appearance have acquired a feisty new sister. With its strong and warm yellow, elodie® golden yellow seems like a Brazilian samba queen among princesses. The rippled petals make the flowers look double, producing a rich, vibrant and powerful effect. A statement in mixed plantings and an exclusive look as a stand-alone feature on the windowsill or an inviting decoration on the garden table. elodie® golden yellow fills your house and garden with spring sunshine in a particularly attractive way.

Top 9 productsEbbing-Lohaus

  1. Primula acaulis bonneli
  2. Primula acaulis fruelo
  3. Primula acaulis el unistar
  4. Primula polyantha sibel
  5. Primula acaulis delia
  1. Primula acaulis aurela
  2. Primula acaulis eblo
  3. Primula polyantha stella
  4. Primula juliae el mini

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About usElsner pac Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Breeding with heart and soul
Brilliant colours and good production characteristics ideally suited to the needs of retailers and consumers, are always the most important incentives behind our breeding efforts. Geraniums remain our traditional focus, but now our range is more colourful than ever with our own NG Impatiens series, trailing and upright Angelonia, Petunia and many more.

We have a 6 ha production site in Germany and 20 ha production sites in Israel and Africa where we propagate cuttings and young plants from healthy starting material sourced from our own laboratory. We have licensed partners all over the world.

Video impression 2017Elsner pac Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

pac® Flower Fairy® Red Splash
pac® Flower Fairy® Red Splash
- medium-strong, rounded habit
- free flowering with large flowers
- very early flowering
pac® TWOinONE White
pac® TWOinONE White
- new white addition to the interspecific Pelargonium line pac® TWOinONE
- medium-strong, rounded habit
- good transport characteristics from cutting to finished product
- robust in the garden
pac® Aristo Black Velvet
pac® Aristo Black Velvet
- attractive deep red flowers
- flowers very early and freely
- good cultivation characteristics thanks to uniform habit

Top 10 productsElsner pac Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

  1. Angelonia pac® Angelos Blue&White
  2. Pelargonium zonale pac® Anthony
  3. Pelargonium zonale pac® Dark line
  4. Pelargonium zonale pac® Chocolate
  5. Pelargonium interspecific pac® Cassiopeia®
  1. Pelargonium interspecific pac® TWOinONE
  2. Pelargonium grandiflorum pac® Candy Flowers®
  3. Pelargonium grandiflorum pac® Pinkerbell®
  4. Neu-Guinea-Impatiens pac® Impacio®
  5. Verbena pac® Vera

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About usKientzler Jungpflanzen

Kientzler Young Plants
Kientzler Young Plants offers innovative and successful plant varieties for the modern horticultural business. Marketing concepts add value to plants and promote sales to the end consumer.

Video impression 2017Kientzler Jungpflanzen

Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE - Smiling flowers all summer long!
Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE - Smiling flowers all summer long!
Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE excel through an improved flower performance over summer. Having a new breeding background, the well branching plants show great color from April till autumn. Easy to grow, SUMMERSMILE make an excellent appearance as pot​en/​Osteospermum-Summersmile-young-plants.php
GARDEN DIAMONDS - The new step for premium production!
GARDEN DIAMONDS - The new step for premium production!
GARDEN DIAMONDS are sets of young plants with Diamond Frost and two partner varieties. Carefully selected the combinations result in high value products for the end consumer. We recommend to market GARDEN DIAMONDS in a 15cm or larger container. GARDEN DIAMONDS can also be used as base recipe for hanging baskets or other​en/​Garden-Diamonds.php
GOURMET MAGIC & TrioMio herbs - Delicious and healthy plants from Kientzler!
GOURMET MAGIC & TrioMio herbs - Delicious and healthy plants from Kientzler!
GOURMET MAGIC brings together a great selection of vegetables for the end consumer with a special selection for container varieties which are suitable for balcony or smaller gardens. Within the line of herbs the new TrioMio combinations bring together great taste with aesthetic look and easy growing. Together the two concepts offer solutions for people’s longing for nature and own harvest at​en/​gourmet-magic.php

Top 10 productsKientzler Jungpflanzen

  1. Begonia SUMMERWINGS
  2. Bidens CAMPFIRE
  3. Calibrachoa UNIQUE
  4. Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'
  5. Nemesia SUNSATIA
  1. New Guinea Impatiens PARADISE
  2. Petunia 'Raspberry Star '
  3. Rosa LillyRose 'Wonder5'
  4. Verbena VEPITA
  5. TrioMio

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About usSelecta one

The family company Selecta one is leading in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials and cut flowers. With 11 production sites and distribution companies the group serves all relevant markets.
With our claim “we love to grow®” we affirm a commitment, which unites everyone who works for Selecta one. It expresses far more than simply the intense passion contributed by every team member for the breeding, sales and distribution of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. "We love to grow®" stands for being close to our customers – with determination, understanding and passion.

Video impression 2017Selecta one

Pelargonium Sunrise® Benita
Pelargonium Sunrise® Benita
With its trendy, bright colour in combination with its good weather resistance, the rich flowering red Pelargonium Sunrise® Benita is a clear favourite. Its dark red, double flowers shine on bright leaves. Benita belongs to the Sunrise® series which consist of modern, commercial zonal varieties with big brilliant flowers and green leaf. Sunrise® Geraniums stand out with a broad field of​en/​assortment/​pelargonium/​Zonale/​Sunrise/​
Petunia LightningSky
Petunia LightningSky
In addition to the successful Petunias NightSky® and BabyDoll® there is another spectacular novelty now: LightningSky is the name of the new combination of yellow star and dot pattern on dark red ground. Its velvety appearing flowers and their patterns remind of impressive fireworks in the night sky. LightningSky has an early developing simple flower and a semi-trailing growth. Looking at the growth habit, earliness and growth potential, LightningSky is comparable to the petnuia series Famous.
Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Neo Orange + Red Eye
Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Neo Orange + Red Eye
The Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Neo Orange + Red Eye sets the mood for summer! With its single flowers in orange and red eye it is a colourful highlight. Flowering is early. Like the other varieties of the Calibrachoa series MiniFamous® Neo, vigorous growing and good branching are characteristic for Orange + Red Eye. The MiniFamous® series has a wide colour range and is ideal for baskets and big​en/​assortment/​calibrachoa_cultivars/​familie/​MiniFamous/​

Top 10 productsSelecta one

  1. Petunia NightSky®
  2. Dianthus PinkKisses®
  3. Dianthus Capitán®
  4. Calibrachoa Rave®
  5. Petunia AlpeTunia®
  1. Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno
  2. Trixi interspecific
  3. Pelargonium Moonlight®
  4. Dahlia Dalaya
  5. Autumn Friends

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About usWesthoff

The Westflowers Advantage
Welcome to a new year of Westflowers by Westhoff. Since our early beginnings as a finished grower
in Europe, we have been a leading innovator in breeding genetics that work for the grower, have
unlimited sell through for the retailer and provide excitement and enjoyment for the gardener.
We’re not only bringing the most exciting plant varieties to the market, but also the marketing
support to retailers worldwide to help you sell them.
And while the plant enthusiasts inside us have us continually obsessed with developing the next great
new plant to present to you.

Video impression 2017Westhoff

Candy Shop™ Pixie Stix Mix calibrachoa
Candy Shop™ Pixie Stix Mix calibrachoa
More breeding from our popular Candy Bouquet® calibrachoa, brings us a new striking spring mix with vividly striking bloom patterns on very prolific, vigorous upright mounded plants. These plants will be very popular with consumers and make great additions to hanging baskets and mixed combinations.
Chameleon™ Fashionista calibrachoa
Chameleon™ Fashionista calibrachoa
Chameleon marks an industry-first for Calibrachoa breeding.The plants continually change color throughout the season, reacting to light levels, daylength and other seasonal factors. Blooms are not fading, but rather opening with different expressions based on environmental factors, so consumers always have a multicolored plant that changes dominant hues from season to season. Chameleon provides gardeners a unique blend of colors on a single plant which is not found in other traditional bedding plants.These vigorous varieties have outstanding garden performance and season-long durability.
Crazytunia® Cosmic Purple petunia
Crazytunia® Cosmic Purple petunia
Crazytunia Cosmic Purple is the newest and flashiest to the Crazytunia lineup. Massive flowers with vivid magenta and dark raspberry blooms cover the plants from side to side. This plant is also one of the strongest of all the Crazytunias in garden and landscape performance trials. These plants will be sure winners with their vibrant flowers, clean foliage, strong branching, excellent flower power, sun tolerance, and unbeatable consumer success.

Top 10 productsWesthoff

  1. Begonia RiseUp Series
  2. Begonia Shine Bright Series
  3. Bracteantha Cottage Series
  4. Calibrachoa Candy Shop Series
  5. Calibrachoa Chameleon Series
  1. Lobelia Hot Series
  2. Petunia Bingo Series
  3. Petunia Crazytunia Series
  4. Petunia Constellation Series
  5. Verbena Estrella Series

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