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Where plants meet people

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AllPlant Young Plants

10 - 13 June 2025

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Tissue Culture | Young Plants
AllPlant specializes in growing, rooting and sale of young plants from tissue culture, intended for professional growers. We strive to offer the best quality outdoor plants for gardens, patios or landscaping. You can choose from our innovative range of almost 500 perennials or outdoor plants.
AllPlant believes in innovation. We constantly force ourselves to improve our methods, sustainable technologies and our range of plants.

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Allium Bubble Bath
Allium Bubble Bath
Allium Bubble Bath is an early bloomer compared to Allium Millenium and Lavender Bubbles. The lavender-colored, ball-shaped flowers are on thick stems and the plant is characterized by its blue
Echinacea SunSeekers Sweet Fuchsia
Echinacea SunSeekers Sweet Fuchsia
Sweet Fuchsia is the new and most compact introduction in the SunSeekers series.
The big flowers have a beautiful dark pink color, and the double layer of flower petals make a great, filled
Heuchera Timeless Night
Heuchera Timeless Night
This Heuchera stands out for its contrasting dark foliage and medium pink flowers. Timeless Night is a compact plant and a good re-blooming

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