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11 - 14 June 2024

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Masters in Plant Breeding
In developing new varieties Agriom cooperates in joint-venture companies, each of which excels in a specific crop. These partners are excellent companies with leading positions in the global market.
Together with its partners, Agriom follows the global developments in floriculture. Responding to changing market demands regarding product characteristics or colours involves a continuous process of development and selection.
In addition to breeding activities implemented within the joint-venture companies, Agriom conducts breeding activities for other propagation and/or production companies and provides them with assistance.
This assistance can range from consulting services to the complete design and implementation of a breeding project.

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Summerstar New Red
Summerstar New Red
Mandevilla Breeders Association (MBA) introduces Mandevilla Summerstar New Red. This new variety has intense red flowers. Summerstar New Red shows very early flower initiation and the color of the flowers doesn't fade. Summerstar New Red is a compact grower in harsh climate and the plants are very suitable for trellis.
Summerstar New Red is an extension of the Summerstar®
Hydrangea Breeders Association (HBA) introduces Panflora, a lemon/white colored paniculata. Later in season the color turns from geen to red. Panflora has broad conical panicles and is an early compact growing variety. No extra growth regulation is necessary. Forcing time 13
Florencia is one of the double-flowered pot hydrangeas of HBA (Hydrangea Breeders Association). Florencia is characterized by beautiful, large, round white mopheads formed by a large number of double flowers. The plant branches well and has strong stems. The growth rate is moderate. Florencia is suitable for cultivation in pot sizes from 10 to 23

Top 10 productsAgriom

  1. Hydrangea paniculata (HBA)
  2. Hydrangea macrophylla (HBA)
  3. Mandevilla Summerstar® (MBA)
  4. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Sunny Cities
  5. Alstroemeria (potted plant)
  1. Rose Favourite series (potted and patio rose)
  2. Delphinium elatum DEWI series
  3. Veronica spicata (potted plant)
  4. Bougainvillea Sandriana series
  5. Hydrangea Royal series (HBA)