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10 - 13 June 2025

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Gourmet Strawberries
ABZ Seeds is a Dutch breeding company dedicated to the development of F1-hybrid strawberries, propagated by seed. In our breeding programs we work on ornamental strawberry varieties and we give high priority to flavour as well. The flowers of the ornamental varieties are known for their special colour, shape and size. Nowadays we offer over twenty strawberry F1 hybrid varieties to the market. From Holland Strawberry House in Andijk we ship strawberry seeds to over 35 countries on 6 continents. It is our ultimate goal to please strawberry lovers all over the world, from strawberry ‘gourmands’ to home gardeners.

Summer Breeze series
Summer Breeze series
‘Feel the Summer Breeze’ with our semi double flowers-series Summer Breeze. The series come in three different colours: Cherry Blossom (hot pink), Snow (white) and Rose (deep red).

The plants produce semi-double flowers in succession, during the whole summer season, up until autumn. The flowers hold on to their flower petals very long, which creates a lot of colour on the plants.
With each flower turning into a delicious strawberry, this series has both the looks as well as the taste!
Cherry Blossom, Snow and Rose combine very nicely with other edibles such as mint or basil, but are also eye catchers on their
Strawberry ‘Toscana’
Strawberry ‘Toscana’
13,5 Years ago, our large flower-strawberry variety ‘Toscana’ was rewarded with the prestigious FleuroStar award. It was said then, by the jury, that it was an ornamental edible with a ‘WOW’ effect. And it still is: the large bright pink flowers make the ‘Toscana’ a spectacular plant in the garden. The tasty, deep red fruits are a delightful bonus for all foodies.

On its own it is a beautiful patio plant, but it also combines beautifully with the two other large flower varieties Montana and Gasana.

After 13,5 years, we can say ‘Toscana’ is still THE jewel for every balcony or
Large flower-strawberry variety ‘Montana’ bestseller
Large flower-strawberry variety ‘Montana’ bestseller
Strawberry F1 ‘Montana’ is our bestseller within the large flower series. With its extra-large, snow-white flowers and sweet flavoured big fruits, this strawberry variety is a winner for each balcony or patio.

‘Montana’ develops a medium compact plant with some runners and flowers abundantly. These characteristics make Montana well suitable for combined culture with our FleuroStar winning strawberry F1

Top 10 productsABZ Seeds

  1. Summer Breeze Cherry Blossom (Semi-double Flowers, hot pink)
  2. Summer Breeze Snow (Semi-double Flowers, snow-white)
  3. Summer Breeze Rose (Semi-double Flowers, deep rose)
  4. Delizz (Total Concept, white)
  5. Toscana (Large Flowers, deep rose)
  1. Montana (Large Flowers, white)
  2. Gasana (Large Flowers, pink)
  3. Elan (Hanging Basket, white)
  4. Beltran (Hanging Basket, white)
  5. Ruby Ann (Hanging Basket, red)