Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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10 - 13 June 2025

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The Westflowers Advantage
Welcome to a new year of Westflowers by Westhoff. Since our early beginnings as a finished grower
in Europe, we have been a leading innovator in breeding genetics that work for the grower, have
unlimited sell through for the retailer and provide excitement and enjoyment for the gardener.
We’re not only bringing the most exciting plant varieties to the market, but also the marketing
support to retailers worldwide to help you sell them.
And while the plant enthusiasts inside us have us continually obsessed with developing the next great
new plant to present to you.

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Calibrachoa Caliloco Graffiti
Calibrachoa Caliloco Graffiti
Westhoff has built a reputation for bringing the most unique flower colors and patterns to growers and gardens around the world. This legacy continues with the addition of the Caliloco series of Calibrachoa. By incorporating some current, unique varieties and adding several new ones, Caliloco is poised to bring the same kind of diversity and selection of Crazytunias to Calibrachoas!
Calibrachoa Caliloco Graffiti is just one example of this bold, new program.
Portulaca SeaGlass Orange Shandy
Portulaca SeaGlass Orange Shandy
The Seaglass series of Portulaca brings bright, jewel-toned colors to the summer landscape like no other. Bold solid colors and shimmering bicolor varieties radiate color all summer long.
Perfect in hanging baskets, window boxes, or as a groundcover, the Seaglass series has a wide range of colors and is impressively heat and drought tolerant, making it perfect for tose hot spots in the landscape.
Orange Shandy is the newest bicolor Seaglass variety and is perfect for bright, sunny container and combination planters.
Salvia Tanami Blue
Salvia Tanami Blue
A new Genera for Westhoff and a new threshold for heat and drought tolerance. The Salvia Tanami series takes advantage of the natural heat and drought tolerance of this Western USA native, but adds a full branching, free flowering habit for maximum garden performance.
With six colors to choose from, the Tanami series brings bright, intense colors to the summer landscape.

Top 10 productsWesthoff

  1. Bidens Stellar Gold
  2. Calibrachoa Caliloco Grafitti
  3. Calibrachoa Caliloco Starfire Rose
  4. Calibrachoa Caliloco Mirage
  5. Calibrachoa Eyecatcher White
  1. Scaevola Scalora Dark Violet
  2. Begonia Beaugonia Rouge Noir
  3. Begonia Beaugonia Poppy Orange
  4. Salvia Tanami Blue
  5. Salvia Taami Red