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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Dümmen Orange

13 - 16 June 2023

About usDümmen Orange

Uniting the world through the language of flowers.
Dümmen Orange® is a leading international breeder and propagator focused on potted plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, cut flowers, and bulbs. Representing a legacy of floricultural excellence of more than a century in the making, we provide the largest selection of superior flowers and plants.

At our locations in De Kwakel (NL) and Rheinberg (DE) you can find out more about our product innovations, as well as our trend presentations and new retail concepts.

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Salvia - Navy Blue & Royal Magenta
Salvia - Navy Blue & Royal Magenta
There are two new single varieties of Salvia nemorosa: 'Navy Blue' and 'Royal Magenta', providing a charming complement to the existing colour spectrum from white to dark blue and pink. The two newcomers are easy to cultivate and are a perfect match in terms of their characteristics. They convince with compact, upright growth, and good branching. They flower in their first year, which will appeal to insects and flower lovers alike! Fast to grow, uniform in shape, suitable for overwintering, great on their own or in containers, and the designated 2023 Perennial of the Year – what more could you ask for?
Anthurium - Sugar Bouquet
Anthurium - Sugar Bouquet
When it comes to consumers, large flowered red anthuriums are the most well-known. However, in recent years many more varieties with different colors and flower shapes have come onto the market . From brown to pink and from green to purple, it’s all there! One of our newest Anthurium varieties is Sugar Bouquet with multiple small, pink flowers that fade to green as they mature. For consumers, this Anthurium plant is like a long-lasting bouquet for at home, hence the telling name of this new variety. Sugar Bouquet can be grown as a mini plant in 6 - 7 cm pots, but is also suitable for pots up to 14
Calla - Red Symphony®
Calla - Red Symphony®
Red Symphony® is a floriferous red Calla with a very good shelf life on the shop floor and with the consumer. The flowers are a nice contrast to the dark green speckled leaves. This red calla can be grown all year round as a pot plant and cut flower. The red flowers give a clear signature to a mixed bouquet and also doing excellent in the event industry because of their long vase life. As a pot plant, Red Symphony® is suitable for various pot sizes and can be grown well both indoors and

Top 10 productsDümmen Orange

  1. Salvia - Navy Blue + Royal Magenta
  2. Pelargonium - Santana
  3. Calla - Red Symphony
  4. Leucanthemum - Sweet Daisy Izabel
  5. Petunia - Smartunia
  1. Pot Mum - Chrystal serie
  2. Senecio - Mandala
  3. Kalanchoe - Citrine
  4. Anthurium - Sugar Bouquet
  5. Cut Rose - Snowstorm+