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Green Works

14 - 17 June 2022

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Green Works - specialist in Young Plants, Paeonia & Ranunculus
Green Works is the grower specialized in young planting material for Peonies, Ranunculus, special pot plants and summer cut flowers.

We grow and supply planting material within the Netherlands and globally to professional growers and (export)traders. Our planting material meets the national and international inspection requirements. All products are tested for viruses and they are true to variety. With support in growing, promotion and sales, we offer a total package to put an unique and healthy product on the market. We have years of experience in horticulture. As a result, we are seen as a true specialist!

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Paeonia Pillow Talk
Paeonia Pillow Talk
Green Works a specialist in Paeonia, better known as peonies. In the Netherlands, we are a grower of peonies and we have - with more than 150 varieties - an extraordinary large assortment. We have unique peonies in (almost) all shapes, colours and fragrances. Through many years of experience in growing, we can deliver top quality planting material. And we keep offering our professional support even after the sale, because it is important to us that you get the most beautiful peonies!
CannaSol™ Happy Emily®
CannaSol™ Happy Emily®
CannaSol™ plants are excellent for every garden or patio. This compact series has a long blooming time and produces large, self-cleaning flowers. CannaSol™ is available in many beautiful colours. There are varieties with green leaves and with dark leaves. This collection is propagated by tissue culture and free of viruses. The flowering period starts at the end of May and the flowering continues till frost. We have CannaSol™ tubers too, available in size nr. 1 and nr.
Ranunculus Butterfly™ Hera®
Ranunculus Butterfly™ Hera®
Ranunculus Butterfly™ is a cut flower that comes, through Green Works, from the Japanese breeder AYA ENGEI Co., Ltd. It is an unique variety because of its single formed flowers and because the stems can carry twelve to fifteen flowers each. The flower petals have a tiny layer of wax that gives them a sparkling appearance and a long vase life too.

Breeder: Aya Engei.

With this variety Green Works came in second at the Glass Tulip award ceremony! In the 'Cut flowers' category. Known as the award for the best market introduction of the

Top 10 productsGreen Works

  1. Agapanthus Summer Love™ White®
  2. Paeonia Pastelegance
  3. CannaSol™ Happy Julia®
  4. Paeonia itoh Julia Rose
  5. Ranunculus Romance™ Maritime®
  1. Patio Peony™ London
  2. Paeonia Puffed Cotton
  3. Ranunculus Butterfly™ series
  4. CannaSol™ Happy Isabel®
  5. Ranunculus Romance™ series