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Hendriks Young Plants

14 - 17 June 2022

About usHendriks Young Plants

Hendriks Young Plants
Hendriks Young Plants is a third generation family business founded in 1947. Our greenhouses are based in Westland, the Netherlands. For many years we are specialized in growing young plants and breeding for Fuchsia, Pelargonium, Osteospermum and Argyranthemum. We grow top quality young plants and continuously improve our range of varieties. Our goal is to give our growers the best possible start for a successful cultivation.

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Bella Fuchsia®
Bella Fuchsia®
Bella Fuchsia® varieties have a
compact and uniform growth and flower very early in the season. Bella Fuchsias have outward and upward facing flowers, meaning no more hidden blooms.
Señoritas® Osteospermum
Señoritas® Osteospermum
Señoritas® is a new serie of Osteospermum with excellent growth and blooming characteristics. Osteospermum (Cape marguerites or cape daisy) are colourful summer bloomers with brightly coloured blossom
Pelargonium Grandiflorum
Pelargonium Grandiflorum
The Regal Pelargonium is a home and garden plant which is also known as Pelargonium Grandiflorum. You only have to look at the size of the flowers and the colours, to understand how this prestigious plant has earned its second

Top 7 productsHendriks Young Plants

  1. Bella Fuchsia®
  2. Señoritas® Osteospermum
  3. Pelargonium Grandiflorum - Elegance series
  4. Argyranthemum Simba® White
  5. Angel Pelargonium - Mosquitaway
  1. Pelargonium Grandiflorum - Regalia series
  2. Angel Pelargonium - Angels