Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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10 - 13 June 2025

About usHiBreeding

Hydrangea Innovation
HiBreeding combines the years of experience and expertise of two well-known names in the sector: Sjaak van Schie B.V. and The Mastergrowers. We breed talented new varieties of hydrangeas. We are active in the entire chain from grower to consumer. As a result, we know exactly what our consumers want. We only choose the best quality. New varieties go through a strict selection process and we only choose the most sustainable and strongest varieties for our selections. We believe in unlimited possibilities. We grow with ambition and take the market with us. With varieties that have a future.

Highlights videoHiBreeding

I am Hi River
I am Hi River
See my waterfall of flowers, in pink and blue, and you understand why my name is River. But my strong stems and almost perfectly round flower shape will surprise you.
I am Hi Fire
I am Hi Fire
Just a quick word of caution: don’t mess with me! Before you know it, I’ll have you captivated. Come closer and you’ll spot the vivid purple in my blue flower head. I will overwhelm you with my countless flowers, and I just won’t stop blooming.
I am Hi Crystal
I am Hi Crystal
As you might have imagined, I am white. Crystal white. My flower is praised for its firmness, my stem for its strength. You can enjoy me for a very long time, since my longevity is incomparable.
Nice to know: Hi Crystal Palace won the benchmark shelf life of garden plants 2021.

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