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11 - 14 June 2024

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Floritec - Customized Breeding
Floritec is a young and innovative breeder of distinctive varieties of spray, pot and garden chrysanthemum, pot celosia and pot aster. Floritec develops relevant and leading varieties that suit local growing and climate conditions and have reduced susceptibility to diseases and pests. We do this by working closely with our customers on location. As a result, we know the market and can quickly respond to customer needs: Customized Breeding.
Floritec operates worldwide and works closely with its Japanese parent company, Inochio Seikoen, market leader in large-flowered chrysanthemum, among other products.

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Celosia Intenz
Celosia Intenz
Celosia Intenz is a hit both indoors and outdoors. Very compact and well branched. The proven weather resistance ensures a high ornamental value uptill into the autumn. Intenz also scores high in terms of sustainability: the certified cultivation is very sustainable. For the consumer it is carefree enjoyment!
The Intenz series is bred from cuttings and therefore an amazing high-quality and uniform
Dynamic serie
Dynamic serie
The Dynamic pot chrysanthemum shines like a diamond. A beautiful solid plant with a special color gradient in the flower. With the Dynamic Pink, for example, the color transitions beautifully from soft pink to raspberry red in the heart. The consumer receives a richly flowering plant with decorative flowers. This pot plant retains its color beautifully and fits well in a modern interior. The pink Dynamic was the first variety in the series. In the meantime a true family has emerged with several nice colors.

- Heavy solid plant
- Part of a beautiful plant family, so also very well suited to use in a pot mix!
Celosia Twisted
Celosia Twisted
The successful Celosia Twisted series consists of a balanced colour mix. The strong colours and distinct flower shape are a true feast for the eye. Thanks to special breeding, the Twisted series has very strong plant properties. Twisted is robust and therefore requires very little care.
The Twisted series is bred from cuttings and therefore an amazing high-quality and uniform

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