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Florensis is a breeder of plant varieties and producer of starting material. We specialise in the production of young plants in annuals, perennials, primroses, Viola, pot plants and cut flowers. In addition to our head office in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, we have production locations in Portugal, Kenya and Ethiopia, the Netherlands and Germany.

As Florensis, we greatly value responsible business operations with consideration for people and the environment. We aim to excel in everything we do, and we invest in innovations across our entire production and supply chain and in our people. Every day, our more than 2,000 employees work with passion on achieving our vision of being the most reliable, innovative and sustainable breeder and propagator.

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Calibrachoa Cabaret®
Calibrachoa Cabaret®
Where talents meet each other

The young talents of Calibrachoa Cabaret are back and better than ever! Behind the scenes they have been trained and prepared to master the art of earliness, strong colours and good genetics in a sustainable way. They are ready to perform for you. Lights, camera, action!
Echinacea Sombrero®
Celebrate summer with Sombrero!

Are you ready for the summer? Because this beauty is totally ready and cannot wait to celebrate it! As a popular insect food plant, with bright colours and many flowers, it cannot be missed in any summer
Dianthus Flutterburst®
The bee-friendly Dianthus

Looking for a bee-friendly Dianthus who is also perfect for overwinter production? Then Dianthus Flutterburst is your perfect match! It’s a Dianthus that makes the

Top 10 productsFlorensis

  1. Calibrachoa parviflora Cabaret®
  2. Echinacea purpurea Sombrero®
  3. Dianthus Flutterburst®
  4. Lobularia maritima Easy breezy™
  5. Sutera diffusus MegaCopa™
  1. Geranium wallichianum Bloom me Away®
  2. Echinacea purpurea Lakota™
  3. Veronica spicata Anniversary
  4. Rhodanthemum hosmariense Zagora
  5. Pelargonium peltatum Moonflair®