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HOKO Breeding

10 - 13 June 2025

About usHOKO Breeding

HOKO breeding, Hydrangea Creators
We are the breeding company behind an extensive range of high quality hydrangeas. Exclusive plants that stand out in terms of quality, lifespan and colour. A joint effort between Horteve Breeding and Kolster b.v, with a combined 70 years of breeding experience.

Our promise to growers is a constantly expanding range, always taking account of consumer needs and tastes. Magical Hydrangea, Surfing Safari and new hydrangea selections: all HOKO Breeding products.
Also special: we offer marketing support to growers. This includes product and lifestyle shots, promotional material and campaigns, and ready-made social media posts. An extra service, and one thing less to worry about.

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Magical Hydrangea collection
Magical Hydrangea collection
The Magical Hydrangea series is known worldwide. You will recognise these indoor and garden hydrangeas by their 150 days of flowering, their Magical colour change and their vigour. The marketing campaign around it targets consumers and the shop floor, spreading an attractive brand story thanks to inspiring mood photography and PR agents across Europe. As a result, Magical Hydrangea fans can be found all over Europe, even the world!
Surfing Safari
Surfing Safari
Not looking for an ordinary hydrangea? Then check out the Surfing Safari! In 2023, we introduce these hydrangeas with fantastically wavy petals, beautiful colours, rich flowering and good branching.

Surfing Safari is unique, a pioneer, the first of its kind. The wavy shapes of its leaves push and pull the flower into motion like the tide of the sea.
Unlike any other hydrangea.
With six unique colours, there is something for everyone. On the balcony or in your garden. Surfing Safari invites you on a journey to your own outdoor
HOKO breeding originals
HOKO breeding originals
The HOKO breeding range is widely available with varieties such as Xian® blue and pink. These have an excellent shelf life both during the cooling process and when the plant is flowering. The varieties Ankong blue and pink, Ningbo red make beautiful plants with many shoots. These plants can also be used for garden planting. The "counter" varieties are original and some have a very distinctive flower

Top 7 productsHOKO Breeding

  1. Magical Hydrangea indoor collection
  2. Magical Hydrangea outdoor collection
  3. Surfing Safari collection
  4. Ankong pink & blue
  5. Anda pink & blue
  1. Wudu white
  2. Ningbo red & purple