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14 - 17 June 2022


CLAUSE HOME GARDEN (home gardening activity at HM.CLAUSE)
CLAUSE HOME GARDEN is the garden activity at HM.CLAUSE, specialized in breeding, producing, and distributing vegetable and flower seeds for professionals. HM.CLAUSE is a subsidiary of the French cooperative group LIMAGRAIN.
With an international presence, CLAUSE HOME GARDEN is the leader in France on the home gardening market:
- Sale of proprietary or ancient variety seeds in bulk to packing companies .
- Sale of professional seeds to bedding plant growers for home gardeners.
CLAUSE HOME GARDEN offers varieties that are productive and tasty, easy to grow, and resistant to the main home gardening diseases.

Highlights videoHM.CLAUSE

Our gold medal winner at Fleuroselect 2022!
Our gold medal winner at Fleuroselect 2022!
The Sunflower Gummy Bear is real candy to the eye. Its magnificent lemon-yellow double flowers contrast with the lush green foliage and can spread up to 20 cm wide. The plants are well-shaped, uniform, and can reach a height of approximately 170 cm.
Suitable for both the professional and the home gardening markets, this variety offers several possibilities for medium-sized and large flowerbeds. Ideal for landscaping, it adds color and height to green spaces and offers a dynamic environment. With its eye-catching lemon-yellow color and its abundant double flowers, Gummy Bear easily captures the hearts of consumers and
The cherry on top!
The cherry on top!
Make room for the new generation of cherry tomato! CROKINI saw the light of day in Provence in the south of France, in the small town of Saint-Rémy de Provence. It was born under a sun-soaked sky at the foot of the Alpilles mountains that Van Gogh so enjoyed painting. Full of aroma, its crisp, sweet flavor will delight the taste buds. Extremely productive, CROKINI produces more than 300 delicious, sweet fruits per plant, and they don’t burst at maturity. It has had great success in gardens because of its good-quality bedding plants, very full bouquets, and resistance to mildew!
A heart of gold!
A heart of gold!
The very latest variety in the heart shape line-up has arrived! In the garden, Gourmansun has good resistance (IR) to mildew, a positive asset for vegetable growing. Just like the Gourmandia variety, it offers large fruit of 260 g. And when it reaches maturity, the flesh boasts red flames! With Gourmansun, you’ll be filling plates with sunshine. Tasty and juicy with low acidity, it will delight your taste buds!

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