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Anthura - Unlimited in Varieties, offering unlimited possibilities
Anthura is expert in breeding and production of Orchids and Anthurium. Many years of focus on innovative and sustainable product development resulted in an unlimited variation of colourful varieties. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new Anthura varieties, offering unlimited possibilities.

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Phalaenopsis Anthura Monaco
Phalaenopsis Anthura Monaco
The variety Anthura Monaco is a special new appearance in the compact segment. Not only because of its copper-brown colour, but also by the rich umbel, due to the many branches of this plant. This creates a very ‘natural’ looking plant model, which fits in the current trend of ‘botanical’.

  • Special copper/brown colour
  • Richly flowering because of the high number of flowers and branches
  • Compact height of 45 cm and a flower diameter of 7,5 cm
  • High percentage of multiple spikes
Anthurium pot plant 'Joli Blush'
Anthurium pot plant 'Joli Blush'
This new Joli mutant has a more soft pink colour than the original Joli. With that it has a fresh presentation and a real distinction in the range with the other Joli varieties. The shape of the plant is compact and has a lot of flowers in the middle.

  • Excellent shelf life
  • Trendy flower shape
  • The plant has a compact shape with a bouquet of flowers rising above the leaves
  • This all-rounder can be grown in almost all pot sizes, also in the range ‘Small is the next BIG thing’
  • A modern variety that especially appeals to younger buyers.
Phalaenopsis Anthura Altea
Phalaenopsis Anthura Altea
Anthura Altea is a new beauty named after a picturesque white city in Spain: Altea. The white flowers with a subtle pink blush around the white lip contrast beautifully against the dark colour of the spikes.

  • Pure white flowers with a subtle pink blush
  • Nice contrast between the flower colour and colour of the spikes
  • Flower size of 9.5 cm
  • Productive variety with a high percentage of 2 spikes ánd amount of flowers

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