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11 - 14 June 2024

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Anthura - Unlimited in Varieties, offering unlimited possibilities
Anthura is expert in breeding and production of Orchids and Anthurium. Many years of focus on innovative and sustainable product development resulted in an unlimited variation of colourful varieties. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new Anthura varieties, offering unlimited possibilities. With production sites in Germany, China and North Macedonia, we have focused on an international production infrastructure that guarantees product quality and delivery reliability. We contribute to the biodiversity in our environment and make the world, with respect for natural resources, a better place for current and future generations.

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Anthurium Rambla
Anthurium Rambla
This versatile, cold-tolerant flower with its chic look is a great way to make a statement. This radiant, warm red Anthurium cut flower feels at home anywhere, from a classic arrangement to a contemporary pick-your-own bouquet.

Rambla® stands out for its good production figures and excellent crop features. This flower can be packed easily in a box and the production figures, according to the tests at Anthura, are good; the tested vase life of more than 30 days guarantees long-term enjoyment!
Matata: a small gesture brings great pleasure
Matata: a small gesture brings great pleasure
The most recent addition to the segment 'Small the next BIG thing' is Matata®, with a look that brings happiness to a host of consumers. The colour, shape and wealth of flowers are all assets of this little all-rounder.

Matata is one of the fastest-flowering varieties in the range of Anthurium pot plants. The young plant quickly develops a good volume and the flowers are fast to emerge.

This cheerful newcomer brings even more colour and shape to the "Small the Next BIG Thing"
Phalaenopsis Anthura Bologna
Phalaenopsis Anthura Bologna
The Anthura Bologna variety boasts a deep orange colour that is unprecedented by Phalaenopsis standards! This shines a spotlight on the Bologna breed and attracts plenty of attention. Walking past the variety without noticing it is impossible: Bologna is simply irresistible!

When purchasing Bologna, consumers can enjoy over 10 weeks of unprecedented deep orange flowers with a diameter of 8 cm arranged on branches of about 60

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