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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Walter Blom Plants B.V.

11 - 14 June 2024

About usWalter Blom Plants B.V.

Walter Blom Plants has an exclusive range of around 3000 varieties of perennials and supplies growers and mail order companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Their perennials are exported throughout Europe, the United States and the Far East. Attuned to customer and market demand, Walter Blom Plants supplies the highest quality all year round. With expertise in growing, breeding, multiplying and producing our products, Walter Blom Plants is a large and high-quality player in the market.

Highlights videoWalter Blom Plants B.V.

Monarda Elegant
Monarda Elegant
A series of 4 strong colours, the plants bulk well and have a long flowering period from early July through into August. With healthy clean foliage, we have yet to see any signs of mildew in these varieties In our trials. Great for pot sizes up to 19
Rudbeckia Enchanted
Rudbeckia Enchanted
Single to double flowers, the Enchanted series offer a wide colour range on compact plants. Being long day flowering they bulk well from early season potting easily filling pot sizes 19 to 23 cm. For later potting weeks they will need either blackout or a smaller pot size 19cm is ideal for fantastic Autumn colour. Potting week 24 to 28 will be in flower late August into early September and they will flower well into November
Scabiosa Kudo Blue
Scabiosa Kudo Blue
Scabiosa Kudo Blue joins the already well known Pink and White to complete the set of three clear colours. This series bred from Scabiosa incisa is slightly bulkier than the Scabiosa Columbaria but is healthy, long flowering and extremely free flowering. Excellent varieties for pots sizes 17 cm to

Top 10 productsWalter Blom Plants B.V.

  1. Agapanthus
  2. Astilbe
  3. Astrantia Sparkling Stars
  4. Delphinium Paramo
  5. Iris Germanica
  1. Monarda Elegant
  2. Rudbeckia Enchanted
  3. Salvia Magical series
  4. Scabiosa Kudo
  5. West Country Lupins