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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Walter Blom Plants B.V.

11 - 14 June 2024

About usWalter Blom Plants B.V.

An extensive range, diversity of product formats and a broad expertise
We ‘Walter Blom Plants’ are based in the Netherlands and export our plants to the horticulture trade throughout Europe, the United States and the Far East. All our varieties are selected for quality, carefully chosen and tested in our trial garden. Our strengths:
  • Extensive range - of herbaceous perennials, from tried-and-trusted stalwarts to exciting new introductions. This is already visible in our top 10 below.
  • Diversity of product formats - from Unrooted Cutting, Tissue Culture [stage III], Plugs, Jumbo Plugs to Bare Roots.
  • Broad expertise - in growing, breeding, multiplying and producing our products.

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Scabiosa incisa Kudo Blue®
Scabiosa incisa Kudo Blue®
Scabiosa incisa Kudo Blue® joins the already well known Pink and White to complete the set of three clear colours. This series bred from Scabiosa incisa is slightly bulkier than the Scabiosa Colombaria but is healthy, long flowering and extremely free flowering. Excellent varieties for pots sizes 17 cm to 21
Salvia Magical® Rivers
Salvia Magical® Rivers
We are proud to present the Salvia Magical® Rivers. These Salvia’s are freely flowering over a long period. That make colourful rivers and will give gardens more Magic. Our selection process includes overwintered trials selecting only the toughest survivors.
Excellent varieties for pots sizes 15 cm to 21
Cotinus is a beautiful shrub with dark foliage that turn orange in the fall. The flowers are responsible for the more common name Smoke Tree. All in all, this hardy, strong plant requires little maintenance, and is an asset for the garden.
Varieties for pots sizes 19 cm to 24 cm (requires a 9 cm liner stage)

Top 10 productsWalter Blom Plants B.V.

  1. Agapanthus
  2. Ajuga Midnight Mystery
  3. NEW Cotinus
  4. NEW Delphinium [sneak preview]
  5. NEW Hemerocallis Stella
  1. NEW Paeonia Itoh Garden Candy® Oompa Loompa
  2. Polemonium
  3. NEW Salvia Magical® Rivers
  4. NEW Scabiosa incisa Kudo Blue®
  5. West Country Lupins®