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Queen® Genetics

10 - 13 June 2025

About usQueen® Genetics

Innovation | Breeding | Cultivation
At Queen® Genetics, we have more than 50 years of experience in breeding and developing unique plants that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Our innovative, carefully selected plants stand out for their:
- Excellent shelf-life
- Perfectly formed and large flowers
- Strong and vibrant colours
- The highest ethylene tolerance on the market.

Today growers from more than 75 countries around the world trust us to supply healthy cuttings and reliable growing instructions. Queen® Genetics offers weekly door-to-door deliveries via our agents as well as growth and after-sales support tailored to the needs and requirements of your facilities.

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Queen® Kalanchoe
Queen® Kalanchoe
Queen® Genetics is proud to offer the broadest Kalanchoe assortment on the market, continuously expanding our product range with new, innovative varieties. Our Kalanchoes are known for perfectly formed, large flowers in bright vibrant colours. We always focus on breeding high-quality varieties with excellent longevity and ethylene resistance.

Through several years of development and breeding work, we have brought new life to the traditional Kalanchoe. With our MoreFlowers and ElseFlowers, we provide special varieties with large, extravagant petals or beautiful two-coloured flowers. Our Originals and RoseFlowers are stunning, more traditional varieties. Exclusively, we offer a wide range of long-lasting
Queen® Succulents
Queen® Succulents
The Queen® Succulent assortment comes in many shapes and colours - ready to be mixed and matched in the modern consumer’s urban jungle.

We focus on selecting and breeding unique, high-quality succulents with excellent longevity to ensure a superior customer experience from the grower to the end customer.

To make sure that growers get a perfect start with high-quality cuttings, a special packaging system has been designed to ensure that young plants will not be squeezed together during transport, limiting the risk of damages, broken leaves or disease
Queen® Kiwi Hebe™
Queen® Kiwi Hebe™
A very well-branched and compact plant habit, dark green foliage and beautiful flowers! Our insect-friendly Kiwi Hebe™ assortment is perfect for the summer and autumn season.

At Queen®, we are actively breeding new Kiwi Hebe™ varieties to growers worldwide. When we started breeding Hebe years ago, it was a response to seeing many growers suffering from diseases in their Hebe production. Through years of breeding and strict selection work, we have managed to develop new healthy varieties with high resistance to the most common Hebe diseases. Our stunning Hebe come in blue, soft rose, light pink and dark

Top 9 productsQueen® Genetics

  1. Cut Kalanchoe: Queen® CutFlowers™ (Kalanchoe cut flowers)
  2. Kalanchoe Specialties: Queen® MoreFlowers® (Large Flowers) & Queen® ElseFlowers™ (Bi-Color)
  3. Kalanchoe: Queen® RoseFlowers® (Double Flowers)
  4. Kalanchoe: Queen® Originals™ (Single Flowers)
  5. Roses: Queen® Romantic Roses™
  1. Succulents: Queen® Succulents - Rosettes | Aloe | Gasteria | Haworthia | Tomentosa | Crassula | Adromischus | Graptopetalum | Green Kalanchoe | Stapelia
  2. Euphorbia: Queen® Tiara Euphorbia™
  3. Hebe: Queen® Kiwi Hebe™
  4. Asters: Queen® Regent Asters™