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Where plants meet people

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PanAmerican Seed

11 - 14 June 2024

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Visit PanAmerican Seed®: innovation in F1-hybrid flower breeding.
PanAmerican Seed® has been a world leading breeder and producer of F1 and open-pollinated flower seeds for over 75 years! The company specialized in annuals, perennials, potted plants, herbs & vegetables and cut flowers continuously strives to support growers and sales all the way to customer’s level. Reliability, consistency, and creativity are what PanAmerican Seed® stands for. We aim for great customer care to build on great, long-term relationships and cooperation’s with customers and partners. Find out more on PanAmerican Seed® via or follow our social media account!

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Impatiens Beacon® – Colour your garden
Impatiens Beacon® – Colour your garden
We’re introducing a NEW colour Beacon and one new mix to the Beacon-series this year! A very wanted colour: Lipstick! The mixes are named after well-known lighthouses in locations where Impatiens downy mildew has been a significant problem. This time we choose Pearl Island. These have been trialed and approved to grow well together and look vibrant in the shade, and they offer high resistance to the widely prevalent populations of Plasmopara destructor, the cause of Impatiens downy mildew. All four mixes are suitable for packs, pots, hanging baskets and in-ground beds.
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Cuphea Sweet Talk – Hello, how are you?
Cuphea Sweet Talk – Hello, how are you?
This brand NEW cuphea-series is a perfect example of breeding for the needs of the market. Your consumers need heat and drought tolerant products but with loads of colour. Cuphea can offer you this. With a perfect performance throughout the summer, there is a new product to sell! As a real pollinator attractor you have a show stopper in any garden!
It’s Early, it’s Efficient, it’s the Evolution of Easy Wave®…it’s E3!
It’s Early, it’s Efficient, it’s the Evolution of Easy Wave®…it’s E3!
This new Wave® series flowers at 10 hours daylength, and it will be ready at retail to kick off easy Wave sales even earlier! A new variety (which you might know from Easy Wave!) has been added and with Yellow you can blow your customers away with the NEW Sweet Taffy mix. With a manageable, uniform plant structure and vigour, this new series offers simple production to save on labour costs. The plants can be grown at lower PGR rates than Easy Wave, so we say it’s ‘Extra Easy’ Wave! The plants stay full and lush longer at retail for increased sell-through and the eye-catching appeal consumers expect from the Wave

Top 10 productsPanAmerican Seed

  1. Viola Sorbet® XP
  2. African Marigold Taishan®
  3. French Marigold Bonanza™
  4. Petunia Easy Wave®
  5. Begonia Dragon Wing®
  1. Gazania New Day®
  2. Osteospermum Akila®
  3. Pansy Cool Wave®
  4. Impatiens Beacon®
  5. Pentas Lucky Star®