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FlowerTalk by PanAmerican Seed: 15th till 18th of June
PanAmerican Seed is happy to announce a full week of PanAmerican Seed intro's, discussion and the possibility to visit our facility. Make sure to join in on the 15th and 16th of June between 13.00 to 14.00hr (UTC+2). We will discuss our new varieties, explain more about our products and discuss interesting items. We will focus on issues like plug problems and PGR-alternatives on the 15th and sustainable growing and diseases in plants on the 16th.
No time to watch the livestream? Stream it afterwards! Follow this link to join us on Tuesday or Wednesday:

Make sure to book your spot in our agenda so we can (virtually) guide you around our greenhouse. Contact our area managers for more information. Visits on appointment only!

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Visit PanAmerican Seed®: innovation in F1-hybrid flower breeding.
PanAmerican Seed® has been a world leading breeder and producer of F1 and open-pollinated flower seeds for over 60 years! The company specialized in annuals, perennials, potted plants, herbs & vegetables and cut flowers continuously strives to support growers and sales all the way to customer’s level. Reliability, consistency, and creativity are what PanAmerican Seed® stands for. We aim for great customer care to build on great, long-term relationships and cooperation’s with customers and partners. Find out more on PanAmerican Seed® via or follow our social media account!

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E3 Easy Wave – Easy, Efficient and Evolutionary!
E3 Easy Wave – Easy, Efficient and Evolutionary!
The newest Evolution in our Wave® assortment is our E3 Easy Wave and will boost your sales season even earlier than the Easy Wave. Growing at 10 hours day length, this easy plant offers a manageable, uniform plant structure and efficient production. As it grows on lower PGR’s it is extra ‘easy’ to grow a full and colourful plant.
Beautiful as you can expect from our Wave® products!
Leucanthemum White Lion – perfect under short days!
Leucanthemum White Lion – perfect under short days!
A one-of-a-kind evolution – Leucanthemum White Lion offers you the perfect solution in growing Leucanthemum. The only leucanthumum from seed by our Kieft® brand which is ideal for production with natural short days! A great addition to our pretty Leucanthemum Madonna. Growing Shasta from seeds gives all the advantages of growing from vegetative but with more flexibility and less risk!
Impatiens Beacon® Rose – Colour your garden
Impatiens Beacon® Rose – Colour your garden
Our evolutionary Impatiens Beacon® variety is going the extra mile! Bring back Impatiens in your production with our highly resistant to downy Mildew Impatiens Beacon®. Another colour has been added to the Beacon®-family: rose! This eye-catching colour blooms on a vigourous, well-branched plant. Find out more on how we use Beacon® to give back to society and how we help charities via:

Top 10 productsPanAmerican Seed

  1. Viola Sorbet® XP
  2. French Marigold Bonanza™
  3. Vinca Pacifica
  4. Petunia Easy Wave®
  5. Pansy Matrix®
  1. African Marigold Taishan®
  2. Impatiens Beacon®
  3. Gazania New Day®
  4. Begonia Dragon Wing®
  5. Osteospermum Akila®