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11 - 14 June 2024

About usSakata

Passion in Seed
As an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers, Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners. This expertise has led to the development of unique hybrid genetics that offer real breakthroughs in characteristics like multi-season garden performance, abundant flowering, weather tolerance and disease resistance.

Highlights videoSakata

Gomphrena Ping Pong Purple
Gomphrena Ping Pong Purple
THOUSANDS OF PURPLE FLOWERS THROUGHOUT THE SEASON! Gomphrena Ping Pong delivers an explosion of colour in containers and mass plantings. It adds height and dimension in the garden, offering good options for landscapers. Some other benefits of Ping Pong include easy production, drought and heat tolerance and minimal maintenance. The flower colour is long lasting. Ping Pong is also an excellent feature item in mixed
Calibrachoa Calipetite® Blue Splash
Calibrachoa Calipetite® Blue Splash
AN IRRESISTIBLE RETAIL SALES APPEAL! Calipetite® is a breakthrough in Calibrachoa breeding. It is a naturally compact mound of colour that grows into a dense ball without any need for growth regulators or supplemental lighting. This eye-catching series is ideal for colour bowls, and has irresistible retail sales appeal. The dense mounding habit is ideal for shopping and has a strong retail presentation.
Blue Splash is a new attractive colour and a good addition to the Calipetite series. It’s also a good colour for combination
SunPatiens Compact Purple Candy Imp.
SunPatiens Compact Purple Candy Imp.
CONSUMERS WILL COME BACK FOR MORE! With shorter internodes and excellent branching, the SunPatiens® Compact Series is bred for smaller container production and excellent retail appeal. These dense, mounded plants are the ideal series for general retail assortment, and provide excellent garden performance and worry-free, low maintenance across 3 seasons, making consumers come back for more.
Purple Candy is a new improved variety with dark and intense colour of the leaves and flowers. The plant size and shape fit the rest of the series

Top 10 productsSakata

  1. Zinnia Profusion
  2. Petchoa BeautiCal®
  3. Begonia Viking®
  4. Begonia Viking® Explorer
  5. Lisianthus
  1. Calibrachoa Calipetite®
  2. Campanula Champion
  3. Petunia Eagle & Merlin
  4. Primula Dania & Danique
  5. Impatiens SunPatiens®