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Schneider youngplants

13 - 16 June 2023

About usSchneider youngplants

Schneider youngplants
Schneider youngplants is specialized in both seed and cutting propagated young plants, offering a wide range of annual, biennial and perennial plants, as well as cyclamen young plants. We produce more than 200 million young plants per year in The Netherlands. Our flowers make customers happy in more than 40 countries.

Our main products are Begonia semperflorens, Primula and Viola, but our full assortment encompasses more than 1800 varieties. Beside our young plants, we also offer seeds from a thoroughly sorted, high quality selection of the popular varieties existing on the market.

Highlights videoSchneider youngplants

Begonia Wendy Yellow
Begonia Wendy Yellow
Key features:
- Complete and new Series on the market bred by Tesselaar
- Compact and well branching
- Early flowering with strong flower colours
- Suited for pot and basket culture
- More to come out of this pipeline
- Unique color yellow

Key message
- Unique color addition of the Wendy series
Calibrachoa Nio Next Soft Pink
Calibrachoa Nio Next Soft Pink
Main features
- Well branching plant
- Early flowering
- Compact construction
- Bright flower color
- Perfect in pots and containers, also in hanging baskets
- Can be grown in sun or light shade

Key message
- New generation Nio for even more uniformity and early flowering
Salvia Royal Magenta
Salvia Royal Magenta
Key features
- Compact and upright habit
- Good branching
- Flowering in first year
- Easy to grow

Key message
- Beautiful color to existing colors.

Top 10 productsSchneider youngplants

  1. Begonia semperflorens & tuberhybrida
  2. Petunia (from seeds and cuttings)
  3. Calibrachoa
  4. Viola
  5. Primula
  1. Cyclamen
  2. Helleborus
  3. Bacopa (Sutera)
  4. Impatiens
  5. Tagetes