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Schneider youngplants
Schneider youngplants is specialized in both seed and cutting propagated young plants, offering a wide range of annual, biennial and perennial plants, as well as cyclamen young plants. We produce more than 200 million young plants per year in The Netherlands. Our flowers make customers happy in more than 40 countries.

Our main products are Begonia semperflorens, Primula and Viola, but our full assortment encompasses more than 1800 varieties. Beside our young plants, we also offer seeds from a thoroughly sorted, high quality selection of the popular varieties existing on the market.

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Impatiens walleriana ‘Beacon’
Impatiens walleriana ‘Beacon’
High resistance to Impatiens downy mildew!

Bring Impatiens walleriana back into production without the risk of disease! Beacon Impatiens offers high resistance to the currently known and widely prevalent populations of Plasmopara obducens, which cause Impatiens downy mildew, from sowing all the way through the gardening season.

Beacon is easy to grow: it has the same plant structure, flowering time, flower size and culture as traditional garden impatiens. The series has currently 6 colors: White, Bright Red, Orange, Coral, Salmon and Violet Shades.
Begonia Highlight
Begonia Highlight
Versatile begonia with XL flower size, for packs, combo pots, baskets or landscaping.

They are all-round begonias with a plant habit between Premium Plus and Milet Olympia. In earliness it is closer to the Premium Plus, flowers 5-7 days earlier than the Milet Olympia.

The plants are well-branched, have extremely large flowers, are floriferous, have enough vigor to be grown under cooler conditions early in the spring and work well in both pots and packs.

The series is available in 3 colors: Red, White, Pink.
Begonia Viking & Viking XL
Begonia Viking & Viking XL
Chocolate-leaved and green-leaved large hybrid begonias, unique in their category!

These huge begonias are very sturdy and perform well in any circumstances. Just like the Vikings, they “conquer the garden”.

Besides their resistance, their beauty is also remarkable. The chocolate-coloured leaves are unique in this big hybrid Begonia category.

They flower abundantly all summer long and are ideal for landscaping but also in containers. The nice contrast between the shiny foliage and the brightly colored flowers makes them wonderful decorations of any garden or park.

Top 10 productsSchneider youngplants

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  2. Impatiens walleriana Beacon
  3. Begonia hybrida Viking
  4. Petchoa BeautiCal
  5. Petunia Capella
  1. Viola wittrockiana Inspire Plus
  2. Viola wittrockiana Inspire DeluXXe
  3. Osteospermum Akila
  4. Primula
  5. Cyclamen