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Selecta one (NL)

13 - 16 June 2023

About usSelecta one (NL)

The Selecta Group is a world-leader in breeding, growing, and marketing of innovative plants both ornamental and functional. Our breeding activities comprise bedding and balcony plants, houseplants, perennials and cut flowers, and in 2022, we expanded our range to include young vegetable plants. With production sites and sales offices spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, we serve all relevant markets worldwide.

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SKYfamily Petunias
SKYfamily Petunias
The SKYfamily by Selecta has some eagerly awaited new additions: Pink Sky, Cherry Sky and Carmine Sky. Selecta provides all the colour variants in this pattern in superior quality and from a single source. These varieties are easy to produce – using similar production methods to the Famous series. The tried and tested SKYfamily marketing concept is compatible with and applicable to all SKY
Verbena series Drums®
Verbena series Drums®
A promising Verbena series and the first very early flowering and very compact series on the market. It not only covers all the main colours, but also produces additional bicoloured types. Especially Drums® Purple Red is a real highlight. All varieties have excelled in a high uniformity with the growers. They show a very compact appearance, can be produced completely without PGR and are very insensitive to powdery mildew.
One of our most important goals in recent years in the selection of new Trixi® combinations has been reducing PGR use avoiding a pinch in order to create compact and beautiful mixtures. The Drums® Verbenas are ideal for
Pelargonium Moonlight® Tumbao®
Pelargonium Moonlight® Tumbao®
Our established standalone variety, Moonlight® Tumbao® is being turned into a new range with additional colours. The well-known dark red version will be joined by two new varieties: The beautiful, vibrant red of Tumbao® On Fire contrasts wonderfully with the dark foliage and the distinctive zone and the dark stems. This colour has the potential to be a real hit with consumers. Tumbao® Extra Pink complements the red with its beautiful dark pink. The key requirements for all Tumbao® varieties are good summer performance – this means good heat tolerance and plenty of flowers all summer long. These varieties also have upright and strong habit, dark-coloured zonal foliage and dark

Top 10 productsSelecta one (NL)

  1. SKYfamily Petunias
  2. Pink Kisses®
  3. Dianthus I❤U
  4. Verbena Drums®
  5. Nemesia
  1. Trixi® compact
  2. Pelagonium Zonale Interspecific
  3. Calibrachoa MiniFamous®
  4. Dahlia Dalaya®
  5. Autumn Friends