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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Selecta one

11 - 14 June 2024

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The Selecta Group is a world-leader in breeding, growing, and marketing of innovative plants both ornamental and functional. Our breeding activities comprise bedding and balcony plants, houseplants, perennials and cut flowers, and in 2022, we expanded our range to include young vegetable plants. With production sites and sales offices spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, we serve all relevant markets worldwide.

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Calibrachoa Fancy Francy
Calibrachoa Fancy Francy
The charming, eye-catching variety delights with an interesting play of colours of a special kind: from a yellow flower centre, the multi-coloured flower edges change colours from intense pink to light pink and white as temperatures rise. It is well-branched, resistant to powdery mildew and requires little growth regulator. Fancy Francy conveys a carefree feeling of summer - wild, colourful and fancy!
Planta Morgana
Planta Morgana
Planta Morgana is the answer to an increasing demand for flowering plants performing especially well in hot and dry summers. The attractively designed concept with varieties tested for drought tolerance includes Delosperma, Portulaca and Lantana, but also some Pelargonium, Calibrachoa and Pot Carnations. These are the plants of the future - drought-tolerant and heat-resistant!
Dianthus PinkKisses®
Dianthus PinkKisses®
Boasting an abundance of pink, fragrant flowers and excellent growing traits: Pink Kisses® is the most successful pot carnation in the market. And even more! She is a charming ambassador for all those who want big feelings with a little something. The mini carnation has been firmly anchored in the hearts of the target group for years and with the new campaign "Pink Your Garden" the emotional journey continues...

Top 10 productsSelecta one

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  2. Planta Morgana
  3. Pink Kisses®
  4. SKYfamily Petunias
  5. Dianthus I❤U
  1. Verbena Drums®
  2. Trixi® compact
  3. Pelagonium Zonale
  4. Calibrachoa MiniFamous®
  5. Autumn Friends