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Selecta one (NL)

14 - 17 June 2022

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The family company Selecta one is leading in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials and cut flowers. With 15 production sites and distribution companies the group serves all relevant markets.
With our claim “we love to grow®” we affirm a commitment, which unites everyone who works for Selecta one. It expresses far more than simply the intense passion contributed by every team member for the breeding, sales and distribution of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. "We love to grow®" stands for being close to our customers – with determination, understanding and passion.

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Dianthus I❤U
Dianthus I❤U
I❤U has double flowers with slightly wavy edges. Its flowers celebrate an extraordinary and unique play of colours as they develop. They change their appearance and change their colours from pink to pink to white. The variety has a compact growth and shows a round appearance. It is particularly suitable for pot sizes 10.5-12. I❤U can be cultivated throughout the year. The play of colours is most intense in spring flowering. I❤U can be cultivated without growth regulators and thanks to the cultivation characteristics, it can be cultivated very well with our Oscar® series.
The modern design around I❤U in graffiti style of an exploding flower and cool lettering against an exciting background on the matching marketing material is sure to delight
Verbena series Drums
Verbena series Drums
A promising Verbena series and the first very early flowering and very compact series on the market. It not only covers all the main colours, but also produces additional bicoloured types. Especially Drums Purple Red is a real highlight. All varieties have excelled in a high uniformity with the growers. They show a very compact appearance, can be produced completely without PGR and are very insensitive to powdery mildew.
One of our most important goals in recent years in the selection of new Trixi® combinations has been reducing PGR use avoiding a pinch in order to create compact and beautiful mixtures. The seven Drums Verbenas are ideal for
Petunia Circus Sky
Petunia Circus Sky
Clear the ring for the spectacular Petunia Circus Sky. With its enchanting and appealing appearance and matching POS material, such as printed pots and labels, it takes everyone into the fascinating world of the circus. This sensational novelty combines the starry sky pattern with the commercially most important Petunia colour. A delicate, dreamy appearance and yet expressive and with clear recognition value: the fine white flower edge emphasises the special, slightly wavy flower shape and frames the beautiful pink-purple of the flower. Cheeky white speckles give it that certain something. The fading of the violet into the deep dark centre of the flower makes the flowers real eye-catchers. Circus Sky is already a top seller!

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