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About usLazzeri

Breeder and young plant supplier
Lazzeri, the leading breeder and young plant supplier in Italy
Our objective is to provide quality products by breeding, producing and delivering young plants appreciated by producers and end consumers.
Our focus is breeding and production of vegetative reproducible ornamental plants.
We are particularly appreciated worldwide known, such as Poinsettia, Pelargonium, Petunia, Calibrachoa, Portulaca and more.
Our offices and research and development department are based in Merano, North Italy. Two production sites are in Sabaudia, 100 km south of Rome, where we found ideal light and climate conditions during the whole year.

"Duna" a unique Serie of Portulaca
"Duna" a unique Serie of Portulaca
DUNA with 4 different types of flowers and all with:
>> Top branching!
>> Top earliness!
>> Excellent and ideal for small & big pots and basket

1. Classic: simple and big flowers of very intense colour!
2. Bicolor: simple and big flowers, bicolour exclusive!
3. Double: unique types of double flower!
4. Peggy: big flower with needle shaped leaves!
3 new colours for the series “La Signora”
3 new colours for the series “La Signora”
Characteristics of series “La Signora”:
>> Approximately 7 days earlier than other series, good sales argument!
>> Regular series with a strong growth
>> The colours of “La Signora” are stronger from spring to the first frost
>> Better longevity, so the end consumer has a petunia that lasts from the summer to the first frost and makes so many customers happy
"Amazonia" New genetic pelargonium interspecific
"Amazonia" New genetic pelargonium interspecific
The characteristics of this series are:
>> Uniformity/homogeneity in the group
>> Uniform size of flowers
>> Lasting flowering, self-cleaning and resistant to heat
>> Easy maintenance and excellent performance in outside conditions

Amazonia is divided in 4 groups:
Group 1 = dark leave/semi-standing/compact growth
Group 2 = green leave/semi-hanging/middle-strong growth
Group 3 = green leave/semi-hanging/ strong growth
Group 4 = green zoned leave/standing/ strong growth

Top 10 productsLazzeri

  1. Poinsettia Alaska, Futura family and Superba family
  2. Portulaca Duna
  3. Calibrachoa Gran Mille Baci
  4. Petunia La Signora
  5. Osteospermum Leonardo
  1. Argyranthemum Bella Vita
  2. Heliotropium Laguna
  3. Pelargonium zonale Gran Gala
  4. Pelargonium interspecifico Amazonia
  5. Dipladenia Brasileira