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Begonia Inspiration Days 15-24 June
Koppe welcomes you in Aalsmeer for a wide and deep presentation of all our Begonia.

You are most welcome to visit us by appointment only from 15-24 June in real-life or virtual by Zoom.

About usKoppe Begonia

Koppe, The Begonia Specialist.
Koppe Begonia is leading breeder and supplier of propagation material of Begonia. The Koppe range consists of indoor, outdoor & foliage begonias. Koppe’s propagation is distinguished by its large range of varieties. Our market share is growing steadily and demand from international growers for our cuttings is constantly rising.

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House of Begonia Brands
House of Begonia Brands
Koppe is proud to invite you at our Aalsmeer location and see all our Begonia Brands.
We would be glad to discuss what Begonia Brands works best for you and how to grow them. 2 full new brands will be released at Flower Trials 2019 : Begonia Sweeties for 10,5cm & Begonia Florencio for outdoor.
Begonia Sweeties (r)
Begonia Sweeties (r)
Begona Sweeties are developed as house plants grown in small potsizes (9-12cm).

They distinguish themselves by a natural compact growth habit. The small leaves from a beautiful ball-shape with a sea of small double flowers on top.
Florencio = The Outdoor Begonia

Suitable for 9cm up to large containers or hanging baskets. Now available in 7 colors.

The upright facing large single flowers in combination with excellent natural branching ensures customer an outstanding outdoor performance.

Top 10 productsKoppe Begonia

  1. Begonia Betulia Collection
  2. Begonia Barkos Collection
  3. Begonia Beleaf Collection
  4. Begonia BeLove Collection
  5. Begonia Ilona Collection
  1. Begonia Valentino Pink
  2. Begonia Adonia Pink
  3. Begonia Sunny's Collection
  4. Begonia Elektra Collection
  5. Begonia Florencio