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Schoneveld breeding

11 - 14 June 2024

About usSchoneveld breeding

Schoneveld Breeding is specialist in breeding of cold loving pot plants like Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. We make strong varieties with a high ornamental value and a long shelf life. We offer our products and services to specialized production companies and young plant growers all over the world.

Highlights videoSchoneveld breeding

Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo
Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo
Super Serie Leopardo is our strong, large-flowered and heat tolerant Cyclamen.

The plant flowers uniform and is easy to grow. Leopardo is known for its extreme good heat tolerance and powerful colours.

From introduction on, growers worldwide love the excellent performance of this heat tolerant powerhouse.

Leopardo is available in 7 colours and is suitable for pot sizes 12 cm – 14 cm (5” – 5.5.”). Latest colours we added to the assortment are Leopardo Neon Pink, Leopardo Light with Eye and Leopardo Wine Red.

Since the addition of Leopardo we have a complete assortment Cyclamen with a suitable variety for every climate, every season and every flower
Cyclamen Super Serie Mammoth NextGen
Cyclamen Super Serie Mammoth NextGen
Our Super Serie Mammoth has a second generation. This Super Serie Mammoth NextGen flowers earlier, is more compact and has a more intense colour compared with the first generation. The uniformity is great within and between these colours. The plant is strong as all Super Serie Cyclamen are.

The new generation contains of 4 colours: Super Serie Mammoth NextGen Red, White, Pink and Dark Violet.

Mammoth NextGen forms a super trio during the flowering season. It starts with the early Leopardo, followed by the mid Mammoth NextGen and at last there is the late
Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion
Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion
The latest addition to the Super Serie range is the large-flowered Fusion. The breeders of Schoneveld Breeding developed this large-flowered Cyclamen with extraordinary colour type out of the excellent Super Serie genetics.

Super Serie Fusion is a high-quality Cyclamen with two-toned flowers. This pattern is unique in the market of large-flowered Cyclamen. The first colour of this newcomer is Super Serie Fusion Large Neon

Top 10 productsSchoneveld breeding

  1. Super Serie Fusion (intro '23 - '24)
  2. Super Serie Leopardo
  3. Super Serie Mammoth NextGen
  4. Super Serie Djix
  5. Super Serie Verano
  1. Primula Paradiso & Perola
  2. Primula Obconica Touch Me
  3. Ranunculus Sprinkles
  4. Gerbera Joybera (coming soon)
  5. Best for outdoor