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Schoneveld breeding specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. We create strong varieties with high ornamental value and long flower life. We supply our products and services to specialised growers and growers of young plants all over the world.

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Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo
Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo
Super Serie Leopardo is our new large-flowered heat tolerant Cyclamen.

The plant flowers uniformly and is relatively easy to grow. Leopardo is also known for its large flowers and powerful flower colours.

Leopardo has recently been tested at various growers and the results were excellent!

Available in 6 colours and suitable for pot sizes 12 cm - 14 cm (5 "- 5.5."), With a production time of 27 to 30 weeks.

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Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon
Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon
Crayon is a new mini Cyclamen with a unique and distinctive flower colour.

Crayon has a compact and round plant structure, produces many flowers and is comparable in cultivation with Verano.

The first two colours that are introduced are Wine Red and Salmon.

Crayon performs well in warm conditions and has a good shelf life.

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Cyclamen: 2 and 3 colours in one pot
Cyclamen: 2 and 3 colours in one pot
During the Flower Trials we show cyclamen with 2 and 3 colours in one pot.

With these arrangements, where the desired colours are already put together in the potting phase, we want to inspire growers to use other growing and marketing/sales options.

Cyclamen with 2 or 3 contrasting colours are distinctive and stand out in the large mass of the regular single-colour cyclamen.

It is important that the applied colours bloom simultaneously. We can advise you on cultivation, making the right selection of series and colours within the

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