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Royal Van Zanten

11 - 14 June 2024

About usRoyal Van Zanten

Van Zanten Breeding, which is part of Royal Van Zanten, has played an active role in the international ornamental horticulture sector for 160 years. The company breeds cut flowers and pot plants and holds a strong position in cut flowers (Alstroemeria, Statice, Chrysanthemum and Bouvardia) and pot plants (Aster, Celosia, Chrysanthemum, Lavandula, Limonium and Multiflora). This position will be further expanded in the future. This is the result of continuously improving its genetics; generating synergies in breeding and propagation technologies; pursuing innovative marketing strategies and working closely with partners in the supply chain.

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Whats b(l)ooming today: platform
Whats b(l)ooming today: platform
What’s b(l)ooming today is an inspiration platform about flowers and plants. On the platform, as a the breeder of Aster, Bouvardia, Celosia, Chrysanthemum, Alstroemeria and Limonium, among others, we present beautiful images and surprising and creative applications of the exclusive and high-quality varieties in our portfolio.

We are capitalising on the increasing demand for information and inspiration among florists, floral designers and buyers. Sign up to our newsletter and ask for our special feature during the
PaX Series: fast, compact and colourful
PaX Series: fast, compact and colourful
PaX is easy: The Pax series is the perfect series for 6-packs, 10.5 cm or 12 cm pots. Available in 7 colours and genetically identical in habit and flowering!

The fast response time makes this series ideal for cultivation in blackout systems. Flowering starts naturally in week 39/40. With the PaX you’ll be giving consumers up to six whole weeks of beautiful blooms!
Jellyfish®: where a sea of joy blossoms
Jellyfish®: where a sea of joy blossoms
The Jellyfish® series is the new and refreshing addition to the pot chrysanthemum range at Royal Van Zanten.

A complete series with a beautiful contemporary colour palette. The plants are colour mutants and therefore have the same growth habit. The plants can be mixed excellently both in pots and in trays. Besides the advantages for a grower, it also creates a uniform look on the shelf in shops.

You can place the plant indoors as well as outdoors (5-25°C)

Top 10 productsRoyal Van Zanten

  1. Multiflora PaX series
  2. Multiflora Milkshake™
  3. Multiflora Skyfall®
  4. Pot Chrysanthemum Sollinea®
  5. Pot Chrysanthemum Jellyfish®
  1. Aster Showmakers® Series
  2. Celosia Wild®
  3. Celosia Hot Topic® Reef
  4. Alstroemeria Colorita®
  5. Pot Limonium Salt Lake