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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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11 - 14 June 2024

About usPrudac

PRUDAC: Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption
We breed innovative edible plants for the professional and hobby market.
Our products distinguish themselves with a high decorative value and a great taste. We create various series for different pot sizes and supply seeds all over the world.

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Tiny Temptations™ F1
Tiny Temptations™ F1
The new cherry tomato Tiny Temptations F1 stands out not only for its bright fruits but also for its wonderful flavour. Bright small fruits looks even more decorative
on the dark green leaves background.
It is the ideal snack tomato for finished containers/pot plants, young plants or packet seeds. In containers, it can be grown without pinching or the use of growth regulators.
This attractive, robust and highly productive plant will appeal to consumers looking for a decorative variety that brings forth an abundance of highly flavoursome cherry tomatoes.
Height ± 40 cm/16"
Pot size: 15-17
Peppers from Heaven™ F1 Series
Peppers from Heaven™ F1 Series
Compact basket type pepper which produces an impressive number of fleshy, sweet fruits.
Continuous harvest, flowers and fruit appear all the time during the plant's growth.
It is great for big baskets, young plants, pot plants, window boxes and seed-packets. This variety producing lots of sweet fruits.
Now available in 3 colours, red, yellow and orange. Combining these colours creates an effect of high contrast that catches the eye brilliantly.
Crop time: 14-16 weeks
Height: 25-30 cm/10-12"
Diameter 50-60 cm
Pot size:15-17
Purplelicious F1
Purplelicious F1
Purplelicious is a purple long-stem type broccoli meaning that its main characteristic is its super tender and sweet stems. It has attractive purple/green stems, foliage and florets packed with antioxidants due to the purple colour.
Multi-stem purple broccoli is decorative as a garden plant and great for cooking. The unique feature of Purplelicious F1 is that the colour stays purplish when its cooked.
It is a compact and fast-growing plant which is ready for harvest in August and September with continious harvest until frost. Colour contrast is high when the nights are cold.
Growth time 10-12 weeks
Height: 40-50 cm/16-20"
Pot size:15-17

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