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Pot size matters
Pot size matters!

- Prudac is breeding various series for various pot sizes. All with their specific characteristics. Growers are used to work with specific pot sizes for their assortment. We have chosen to use this lead for the lay-out in this catalogue.
- Products are presented in their optimal pot-size. So you can see combinations of colours and species, suitable to grow in the same pot-size. Adding Colour is the key word in this catalogue. Each variety we will extend with bright additional colours.
-New series complete our assortment. A focus on uniform growth, low labour input with excellent performance at the point of sale. Unique characteristics are combined with good tasting shining fruits.
-We support our products by marketing our genetics, offering culture sheets and a wide range of special pictures, video’s and plant labels. We are member of Fleuroselect, GSPP and NAKTuinbouw.

Prudac; Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption

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PRUDAC: Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption
Our product focus is on innovative plant breeding and we breed GMO-free. We serve the professional and the hobby market with easy-to-grow attractive, edible products.

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Pillar Peppers F1 Galaxy series
Pillar Peppers F1 Galaxy series
Compact pepper series in 3 colours with the same growth habit. Suitable for 9-17 cm pots.
Each colour has its own scoville level, so for each meal you can choose the right pepper.
Culture from seed to finish (with colour) 14-16 weeks. The fruit will ripen near the window on the kitchen table.
After its first harvest Galaxy continues to produce more fruits. After re-planting on the balcony/outdoor, the fruit-production even enlarge.
The plant does not grow much taller. The new fruits will appear on the internodes of the stem.
Enjoy your meals
Myosotis Eva Rose Pink
Myosotis Eva Rose Pink
New addition to the Eva series. A bright rose-pink. The Eva series does not need a cool period to flower. Eva produces a uniform well branching up-growing crop.
Easy to combine ith Pansy, Bellis and other cool crops in Spring.
Tutti Frutti F1 Deep Red Desire
Tutti Frutti F1 Deep Red Desire
Deep Red Desire Raisin is an up-growing in-determinate tomato for the professional and home grower. The fruits are extreme sweet. Brix-level up to 13-14. Bunches carry 15-19 fruits. Masses of fruits will be produced when the climate is suitable.
The unique addition of this variety is that you do not have to harvest them. They turn into a raisin on the vine.
They can be used for snack and unique refreshments.

Top 10 productsPrudac

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  4. Pot-Patio Tomato F1 Ponchi Series
  5. Pot-Patio Tomato F1 Magnusa Series
  1. Pot-Patio Pillar Peppers F1 Galaxy Series
  2. Pot-Patio Pillar Peppers F1 Mimi Series
  3. Pot-Patio Pillar Peppers F1 Sweet Series
  4. Pot-Patio Rocket Peppers F1 Mamba Red Series
  5. Pot-Patio Peppers from Heaven Series