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14 - 17 June 2022

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Van den Bos Flowerbulbs specialises in the preservation, preparation and marketing of lilies, freesia and calla for professional flower cultivation and importers. We have been a leading light throughout the world in flower bulb storage, flower bulb preparation and flower bulb exporting since 1946. We supply the best quality bulbs every day of the year from the Netherlands and from our own locations in the United States, Canada, China and Australia.

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Fragrant Sunburst®
Fragrant Sunburst®
Fragrant Sunburst® is the name given to the first pot freesia in the Lovely series. This genetically compact variety produces beautiful, delightfully scented golden-yellow flowers. In coming years, the Lovely series will include more of these similarly compact pot varieties in a range of colours. Fragrant Sunburst® is characterised by its long, elegantly shaped spike like racemes bearing large flowers with the familiar subtle freesia fragrance. The cultivation period from planting to flowering is 12 weeks.

Fragrant Sunburst® is a very apt name. The flowers of this yellow pot freesia have a delicate floral spring-like fragrance. Your customer will derive more enjoyment from this beautiful flowering pot plant every day as the flowers on its enchanting racemes gradually
Royal series
Royal series
The Royal series is perfectly suited for pots and cut production. The series producess many flowers and keeps its stable color during the entire season. Another great quality is that is requires very low BONZI ans is quite resistent to disease. This season, we introduce the “new” Royal Pumpkin which is calla lily that is prolific with a good uniform grow rate, compact habit and an excellent shelf
Roselily Collection®
Roselily Collection®
‘Roselily’ is a collective term for a unique series of double-flowering Oriental lilies with exceptionally positive characteristics. Roselily, the new pollen free Oriental lily with a light pleasant fragrance. That’s right, no more pollen on clothing after handling them! Additionally, the individual flowers last approximately four days longer than most Oriental lilies, which means more longevity at retail or a longer vase

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