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14 - 17 June 2022

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HilverdaFlorist B.V.
HilverdaFlorist focuses on the breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of cut flowers, pot and garden plants. This is done with a strong drive and focus on innovation. HilverdaFlorist is the supplier of high-quality young plant material suitable for every climate and cultivation requirements. The complete assortment in Pot & Garden Plants consists of: Dianthus, Alstroemeria, Dahlia, Echinacea, Salvia, Hellebore, Gerbera. The assortment in Cut Flowers is: Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Hellebore, Gerbera, Gipsophila, Limonium en Scabiosa.

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NEW: Cheerful and Devotion, Echinacea in the MOOODZ Series
NEW: Cheerful and Devotion, Echinacea in the MOOODZ Series
Cheerful and Devotion are the new blooming introductions in the fastest Echinacea Series in the Market.

Devotion is the intens red addition to the assortiment. This variety is fast flowering and creates an impressive floral display.

Cheerful is a true happy yellow with large flowers. Cheerful has an overwhelming first flush and is compact with a rich flourish.

The Echinacea MOOODZ Series is a series of fast flowering Echinacea from tissue culture. This plant is more voluminous and creates more flower buds compared to Echinacea from seeds. These uniform varieties don’t require any cold for vernalisation. The MOOODZ series consist of a wide range of colours that complement each other. Combine these Echinacea in a garden or in a large patio
NEW: Sweet Vibe and Sweet Sparkle in the Garvinea Sweet Series
NEW: Sweet Vibe and Sweet Sparkle in the Garvinea Sweet Series
For the coming season are two new varieties in the Sweet Series: Sweet Vibe and Sweet Sparkle.

Sweet Vibe is a strong yellow that truly stands out because of the dark center. You simply can’t take your eyes of it.
Sweet Sparkle is a hot pink that brings a bright sparkle in every garden. This colour is new in the assortment.

Garvinea is the only true Garden Gerbera. With great weather tolerance, Garvinea provides lots of happy colours from early Spring until the first Frost. This robust garden plant offers countless long-lasting large flowers. Garvinea attracts friendly pollinators such as bees and butterflies. At the same time it’s highly resistant to pests and
NEW: Lady Beetle in the Sunflor assortment
NEW: Lady Beetle in the Sunflor assortment
Lady Beetle is the new variety in the Dianthus Sunflor assortment. This beautiful pink lady has outstanding retail production performance. The large pink flowers are a true retail favorite.

Sunflor is a versatile Dianthus series because this Dianthus can be used both indoor and outdoor. The series is available in an extensive strong colourful assortment. The Sunflor Series flowers from Spring until late Autumn. The Sunflor Series tolerates temperatures from -5 to -10 C, and has compact growing habits with a short crop time.

The Sunflor varieties are versatile and perfect for the garden, patio planters and indoor

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