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3 events for 2021!
To remain at your side despite all current circumstances, we propose you 3 events this year

- A meeting with two of our technicians on site at Royal Van Zanten from 15. until 18.06.21 - by appointment and in compliance with hygiene regulations
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- A virtual 3D visit at our partner Royal Van Zanten’s place to discover the new varieties on display

- Several webinar sessions on technical topics in June and September
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About usMorel Diffusion

Morel is a family company specialised in cyclamen breeding for 4 generations.
Morel creates and produces varieties to sell F1 hybrids seeds all over the world.
The distinctive characteristics of the Morel genetics: particularly resistant under difficult growing conditions, long lasting plants with high blooming power, intense colors, innovations in flower shapes and contrasts.
During the Flower Trials, Morel presents in preview its new varieties in the 6 ranges Halios®, Latinia®, Midi+®, Tianis®, Metis® and Smartiz®, as well as varieties to diversify your offer, « Very Special ». Choose our OUTstanding Cyclamen® label for the best outdoor performance.

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Innovation and diversity
Innovation and diversity
A wide selection of standard and fancy varieties for all sizes and all seasons: Smartiz ®, Metis®, Tianis ®, Midi+®, Latinia ®, Halios ®, as well as SUCCESS ® and HD. Our breeding criteria since 1919: to serve the horticultural trade with reliable and performing varieties.

HALIOS® Scarlet red
13 novelties 2021-22 in preview
13 novelties 2021-22 in preview
From the living room to the balcony, discover both indoor and outdoor uses of each series. Among our novelties, choose the ones matching with your customers!
At your disposal, marketing and communication tools as well as inspiring ideas to boost your sales.

Not to miss: 8 Highlights pro/retail!
Not to miss: 8 Highlights pro/retail!
From standard to fancy, plain or original, find our wide choice of varieties in all sizes of flowers and pots, colourful presentations, for a quality of plant with remarkable longevity during Fall/Winter that will build customer loyalty.


Top 10 productsMorel Diffusion

  1. INDIAKA® mix
  2. METIS® Edge mix
  3. METIS® Bright purple
  4. MIDI+® Rose with eye
  5. MIDI+® Bright purple
  1. TIANIS® SUCCESS® OUTstanding
  2. HALIOS® Scarlet red evolution
  3. HALIOS® LITCHI® Fuchsia
  5. HALIOS® Red silverleaf evolution