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14 - 17 June 2022

About usVitroflora

Vitroflora group is an important young plants supplier of ornamental plant to customers in the most important markets worldwide. Our mission is to constantly make the public aware of the imoprtant role of plants in everybody’s lives. Using own tissue culture laboratory and high tech greenhouse production it’s possible. We strive to make our production sustainable while also maintaining the highest quality of product. Our production takes place in 3 locations: Poland, Portugal and since 2020 in the Netherlands. Every year we supply 1000 varieties of perennials & grasses to 3000 professional growers in 30 countries. We care about life.

Highlights videoVitroflora

Rudbeckia SmileyZ™ Sunbeam
Rudbeckia SmileyZ™ Sunbeam
We haven't had so many sunbeams in our place so far! Rudbeckia SmileyZ™ Sunbeam is a variety with a stunning amount of big bright flowers. Strong plant, self-branching habit, quite long petals with yellow, orange, brown color gradient. An impressive change in SmileyZ group. It is very eye-catching! Just take a look but before better put your sunglasses on!,76423.html
Echinacea Pearl™ Serie
Echinacea Pearl™ Serie
Are you looking for an Echinacea with a solid habit? Varieties in this group grows very uniform, branches well and forms compact, short plants. The best in this series is Dark Pink Pearl. The plant produces numerous shoots finished intensive pink flowers. Rich flowering! Perfect for containers and landscape. The whole group includes 6 varieties. Check this out!
Heuchera World Caffé™ Serie
Heuchera World Caffé™ Serie
Would you like some coffee?
The Heuchera World Caffé™ group includes 12 varieties wtih distinctive colours. They are selected for great production feautures for indoor and outdoor production and floristic use. Be sure to try this coffee now! You will be delighted!

Top 10 productsVitroflora

  1. Heuchera World Caffé™ series
  2. Echinacea Pearl™ series
  3. Echinacea Delicious Candy
  4. Rudbeckia SmileyZ™ series
  5. Rudbeckia Sunbeckia™ series
  1. Geranium Rozanne
  2. Brunnera Silver Heart/Sea Heart
  3. Monarda Bee series
  4. Anemone Little Breeze series
  5. Heucherella Revolution series