Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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13 - 16 June 2023

About usBrandkamp

Young plants
Brandkamp is a family owned, innovative young plants company since 60 years. The success based on the cultivation of chrysanthemums and bedding plants and on the production of young plants. The mother plants grown in Uganda.
The main company is located in the Westphalian Anholt. The young plants are rooted there and half-finished plants are produced on almost 5ha. The own tissue culture laboratory ensures the health of the mother plants.
The breeding and evaluation of new varieties take place in Anholt every year very carefully. So Brandkamp can ensure that they can offer a modern range that reflects the trend of the market.

Highlights videoBrandkamp

Fuchsia Jollies Narbonne
Fuchsia Jollies Narbonne
Fuchsia Jollies has become the epitome of the modern fuchsia. Jollies Narbonne is a top seller in the standard color combination red/white. It has many flowers on a compact, well-branched
Pelargonium Solfaro Funchal
Pelargonium Solfaro Funchal
The Brandkamp breeding family Solfaro is growing and growing. More and more varieties in beautiful colors and perfect growth are coming onto the market and complete the range. The new bright red Solfaro Funchal is a real
Multiflora Branmagic - Family
Multiflora Branmagic - Family
The new Multiflora Branmagic is available in 4 bright colors. All family members have the same perfect growth. They bloom mid-early and are also ideal for mixed pots. The color intensity is retained for a very long time, even when the flower is

Top 10 productsBrandkamp

  1. Fuchsia Jollies Narbonne
  2. Multiflora Branfountain line in 8 colours
  3. Pelargonium Solfaro Funchal
  4. Tropic Lantana Litchi
  5. Thunbergia Lukoma Orange Fire
  1. Fuchsia Jollies Petit Grenelle
  2. Pot Chrysanthemum Flashlight Mum Suva Red
  3. Cut Chrysanthemum Yeti-Familiy
  4. Dahlia Dalitza Big Fire
  5. Hydrangea Blue Power