Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Kientzler Jungpflanzen

13 - 16 June 2023

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Kientzler Young Plants
Kientzler Young Plants offers innovative and successful plant varieties for the modern horticultural business. Marketing concepts add value to plants and promote sales to the end consumer.

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The new standard in trailing Petunia: KUYAMBA is a new series of vigorous Petunia, with a perfectly round growth habit as pot crop. Selected in South Africa, KUYAMBA means “First” in the Chichewa language. Petunia KUYAMBA stands for early blooming and together with its great branching characteristics allows a fast crop in 12-13cm pots. They are a great addition for window boxes and hanging baskets over
Salvia ROCKIN'
Salvia ROCKIN'
Well branched and covered all summer long with attractive flower stems, the new Salvia ROCKIN’ varieties are great plants for 2-3-liter summer containers. Numerous bright coloured flowers on dark stems appear by mid of May and continue to develop all over summer. Bees and other little pollinators love to visit ROCKIN’
Gaillardia SUN BUDDIES
Gaillardia SUN BUDDIES
This heat-tolerant Gaillardia have a strong vigour and are continuous blooming over summer: Spent flowers are overgrown by new shoots. SUN BUDDIES are best suitable for hanging baskets or to plant in the ground. They have some winter hardiness and are highly attractive for bees and

Top 10 productsKientzler Jungpflanzen

  1. Bidens 'Tiger Bee'
  2. Calibrachoa POCKET
  3. Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'
  4. Nemesia SUNSATIA
  5. New Guinea Impatiens PARADISE
  1. Rosa LillyRose 'Wonder5'
  2. Verbena VEPITA
  3. TrioMio