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Kientzler Young Plants offers innovative and successful plant varieties for the modern horticultural business. Marketing concepts add value to plants and promote sales to the end consumer.

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Dianthus MERCI 'Fleuri' - the simple way to say "Thank you"
Dianthus MERCI 'Fleuri' - the simple way to say "Thank you"
Covered with neat red flowers MERCI Fleuri is a perfect gift-item and great for impulse purchase. Having good re-blooming characteristics, MERCI Fleuri flowers over an extensive long period up from April right until autumn. The winter hardy Dianthus grows compact and is best suitable for production in 10-12cm pots. A great plant for small arrangements or as table
Hypoestes HIPPO - the new trend in foliage plants
Hypoestes HIPPO - the new trend in foliage plants
This new breeding within the PROVEN WINNERS-range will redefine Hypoestes in horticulture: The vigorous and tough HIPPO plants thrive in sunny as well as shady outdoor locations and offer new possibilities for combinations with other annuals plants. HIPPO are available in four leaf-colours. The versatile plants can be grown in a 12cm pot or larger
Gomphrena 'Truffula Pink' - Heat-restincant flower power
Gomphrena 'Truffula Pink' - Heat-restincant flower power
‚Truffula Pink‘ has a perfectly round, upright plant habit and is covered over summer with numerous flowers in an intense pink colour. This PROVEN WINNES-variety has a great heat- and drought-tolerance in the garden. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators love to refuel at its striking flowers. ‘Truffula Pink’ is best suitable as summer crop in larger containers, providing a great display on the terrace or in the garden.

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