Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020

Ramm Botanicals - Kalantzis Plants

9 - 12 June 2020

About usRamm Botanicals - Kalantzis Plants

Production of Excellence
Coming from Australia, Ramm Botanicals is a multi-award winning company that breeds and produces high quality plants that are superior in strength, color and durability requiring the minimum care and attention. Located on the Central Coast in NSW, the Ramm Botanicals facility incorporates a large, purpose built tissue culture laboratory, young plants nursery and R&D facility.

Kalantzis Plants is a genuine family business from Greece. The last 30 years the company has grown from a small local nursery into a breeder and supplier of propagation material for all around the world. During the Flower Trials 2019, Ramm Botanicals and Kalantzis Plants present the full range of Anigozanthos Project varieties and all the new hybrids of Anigozanthos, Lomandra, Dianella, Gardenia and Disphyllum.

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Anigozanthos Series
Anigozanthos Series
The Bush Gems is a unique series of improved genetics within the Anigozanthos family, ideally suited for pots and tubs and come in a wide range of colors.
For smaller plants in decorative pots choose a variety from the Bush Gems Minis series or go big with the Landscapers that can reach up to 2m height and are able to grow in pots or in your
Lomandra - Dianella
Lomandra - Dianella
Thinking about grasses, no one denies that Lomandra stands higher than the competition in terms of durability, easiness in growth and minimum need of care. New varieties, carefully chosen for their foliage color and performance will be presented in Flower Trials. Together with them, we will show you a new line of Dianella, the "grasses" with the most beautiful​catalogue/​23-lomandra
Innovation & New Entries
Innovation & New Entries
The latest released varieties together with the soon-to-come hybrids will be presented in Flower Trials 2019. More than 7 new entries in Anigozanthos Bush Gems series will see the European sky for the very first time together with new hybrids and trends for the coming years.
We're also presenting a new Lomandra variety together with the new Gardenia JOY that combines intense fragrance and garden durability.

Top 10 productsRamm Botanicals - Kalantzis Plants

  1. Anigozanthos Pearl
  2. Anigozanthos Crystal
  3. Anigozanthos Tenacity
  4. Anigozanthos Inferno
  5. Anigozanthos Diamond
  1. Dianella Florero
  2. Lomandra Lime Tuff
  3. Lomandra Verday
  4. Gardenia Joy
  5. Disphyllum Sunburn