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Marathon Plants

11 - 14 June 2024

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Plants That Last
Started as a genuine family business in Greece, Marathon Plants has grown into a team of growers focused on salvia breeding and production of young plants from tissue culture, intended for professional growers around the world. Our main focus, when selecting new cultivars is pot or landscape performance, long flowering periods and toughness, in the everchanging climate of past years. Taking advantage of Mediterranean conditions, our range includes unique genetics from the Mediterranean, Australia and South Africa, creating a diverse assortment of Plants that Last! At Flower Trials we present the latest trends and new varieties and all the best sellers of the last 12 months!

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Atriplex “Silver Holly” is a new, compact and well-branched variety with too many uses! Its leaves are shaped similar to holly but they are soft and in silvery-grayish color! Thanks to its silver tones and massive foliage, it creates the perfect contrast for any flower bed!
Silver Holly is drought, flood, heat and frost tolerant and totally not picky in soil types! It can grow even when temperature reaches +45oC and in dry soils it survives -10oC as well! You will probably find it in sunny positions but it can grow in shady locations too.
Combinations with bedding plants are unlimited but when it comes to Christmas decorations it is certainly one of the MUST HAVE items next to
The first and only blue variant in existence world-wide, created after a decade of extensive breeding: Anigozanthos Masquerade!
Ground-breaking plant hybridisation research by BGPA plant breeders led to the creation of new and unique varieties! Tougher than any other bicolor anigozanthos variety, meant to thrive in containers or in the ground, this series is a celebration of colors and emotions!
Carnivale: Vivid purple colored flowers pop out of a blueish foliage
Aussie Spirit: Disease tolerant variety producing dense stems of gold and green flowers
Fireworks: Compact blue foliage with electric pink and blue flowers and tones of purple!
Big, fluffy flowers borne on supersized flower stems in many different colors and bractea tones! This is the result of our tropical salvia breeding! Besides “Olympic Flame”, our bicolor variety, there are many more in pink/red/purple tones waiting for you to explore!
Our series consist of fast flowering, vigorous varieties with good branching habit and glossy, deep green foliage! Contrast between the flowers size and the foliage promise an eye-catching effect in the garden! Our Salvias attract bees and butterflies, contributing to a “live” flowerbed and all varieties flower non-stop for many months, extending consumers

Top 10 productsMarathon Plants

  1. Atriplex Silver Holly
  2. Anigozanthos Masquerade
  3. Sunbird Aloe Cupid
  4. Anigozanthos Fireworks
  5. Salvia Olympic Flame
  1. Anigozanthos Carnivale
  2. Anigozanthos Inferno
  3. Sunbird Aloe Ember
  4. Anigozanthos Crystal
  5. Dianella Kentlyn