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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Marathon Plants

13 - 16 June 2023

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Plants That Last
Started as a genuine family business in Greece, Marathon Plants has grown into a team of growers focused on salvia breeding and production of young plants from tissue culture, intended for professional growers around the world. Our main focus, when selecting new cultivars is pot or landscape performance, long flowering periods and toughness, in the everchanging climate of past years. Taking advantage of Mediterranean conditions, our range includes unique genetics from Australia and South Africa, creating a diverse assortment of Plants that Last!

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A great series becomes greater!
Consisted of 15 different varieties, in many different tones, Bush Gems are top container-grown hybrids, perfect for any size between 13 to 30 centimeters.
They are available in 6 main colors: Silver, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange and bicolor!
The varieties are selected for their container performance and capability to flourish in greenhouse environment. Nevertheless, once the frost danger is eliminated, they will not stop flowering under full sunlight.
Try to plant them together to create big, multicolored combos!
Ground-breaking plant hybridisation research by BGPA plant breeders led to the creation of new and unique varieties, brought to you under the series name CELEBRATIONS!
Tougher than any other bicolor anigozanthos variety, meant to thrive in containers or in the ground, this series is a celebration of colors and emotions!
Masquerade: The first and only blue variant in existence world-wide, created after a decade of extensive breeding!
Carnivale: Vivid purple colored flowers pop out of a blueish foliage
Aussie Spirit: Disease tolerant variety producing dense stems of gold and green
The difference is in the flowers!
Decades of breeding led to a unique series of Aloe hybrids, carefully chosen for their flowering performance! Great range of colors and sizes, presented for the first time in the European market. Drought tolerant, light frost resistant, varieties that catch the eye and create an WoW effect wherever they are used!
This year we present varieties in 4 different groups:
- miniatures, for small pot sizes
- small, for medium containers
- medium, for large containers
- large, for landscape

Top 10 productsMarathon Plants

  1. Anigozanthos Carnivale
  2. Sunbird Aloe Cupid
  3. Anigozanthos Pearl
  4. Anigozanthos Masquerade
  5. Anigozanthos Inferno
  1. Sunbird Aloe Ember
  2. Anigozanthos Crystal
  3. Dianella Kentlyn
  4. Salvia Oxyphora
  5. Sunbird Aloe Erik the Red