Rheinland Westfalen Region Participants 2021


15 - 18 June 2021

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The Westflowers Advantage
Welcome to a new year of Westflowers by Westhoff. Since our early beginnings as a finished grower
in Europe, we have been a leading innovator in breeding genetics that work for the grower, have
unlimited sell through for the retailer and provide excitement and enjoyment for the gardener.
We’re not only bringing the most exciting plant varieties to the market, but also the marketing
support to retailers worldwide to help you sell them.
And while the plant enthusiasts inside us have us continually obsessed with developing the next great
new plant to present to you.

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Thunbergia TowerPower™ Yellow
Thunbergia TowerPower™ Yellow
The first color of our all new 5 color series, TowerPower™ combines the natural heat tolerance and great summer performance, with, heavy, early flowering; up to 4 weeks earlier!
These vigorous plants, with their new earlier flowering, have extended their sales season and made their production simpler.
Didelta FanciFillers™ Silver Strand
Didelta FanciFillers™ Silver Strand
A new genus for the Industry! This plant has silver, velvet smooth leaves on an upright mounding habit. Although it has the look of a succulent, Didelta Silver Strand grows faster and is easier to produce or combine with other more common bed and balcony plants.
Didelta Silver Strand is part of the new FanciFiller program, which highlights new breeding in ornamental foliage plants. With sharp, modern colors, and unique textures, FanciFillers combine well with other plants for exciting combination planters, or can be grown by themselves for a bold statement.
Petunia Crazytunia® Tiki Torch
Petunia Crazytunia® Tiki Torch
Westhoff continues to push the boundaries of what colors and patterns can be developed in petunia with several new additions to the internationally successful Crazytunia® series. Tiki Torch has shades of red, yellow and orange, all in one large flower. Neat and tidy plants have an upright, mounted habit that allows for a wide range of pot sizes and applications.

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