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Schneider youngplants

9 - 12 June 2020

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Schneider youngplants
Schneider youngplants, specialized in both seed- and cutting-propagated young plants, offers a wide range of annual, biennial and perennial plants, as well as cyclamen and hobby vegetable young plants. The main products are Begonia semperflorens, Primula and Viola, but our full assortment encompasses more than 1800 varieties. Beside our young plants, we also offer unrooted cuttings and seeds from a well sorted, high quality selection of the popular varieties existing on the current market.

The Schneider sales team consists of passionate young plants specialists, and our representatives are present in more than 20 countries. We are always striving to improve the service and quality offered to the growers, cherishing every occasion for personal contact to offer them professional and personal guidance.

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Petchoa 'BeautiCal'
Petchoa 'BeautiCal'
An absolute WOW flower!
Petchoa is an intergeneric hybrid, combining the best features of Petunia’s and Calibrachoa’s. Petchoa BeautiCal has a mounding habit and it is a very weather resistant plant, recovers from rain much faster than standard Petunias. Being mildew resistant, the plants last long and flower constantly until the end of the Summer.
You can choose from the following 5 fascinating colours: Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Caramel Yellow, Bordeaux and Sunray Pink. The flower colour can slightly change during the season, influenced by the temperature.
The exceptional colours will be an absolute WOW on retail benches and in your garden!​cat/​annual/​#product_cat=58666
Begonia semperflorens ‘Fiona’
Begonia semperflorens ‘Fiona’
A real beauty!
This semi-double type Begonia semperflorens presents strong, upright blooming flowers in radiant red and rose. Fiona starts to flower early in the season, is self-cleaning and provides continuous colour throughout the summer until the first frost. The plant stays naturally compact and forms a nice round shape without using any growth regulator or pinching.
Fiona is the ideal patio and bedding plant in your garden for this summer!​cat/​annual/​#product_cat=52886&_series=Fiona
Impatiens walleriana ‘Beacon’
Impatiens walleriana ‘Beacon’
High resistance to Impatiens downy mildew!
Bring Impatiens walleriana back into production without the risk of disease! Beacon impatiens offer high resistance to the currently known and widely prevalent populations of Plasmopara obducens, which cause Impatiens downy mildew, from sowing all the way through the gardening season.
Beacon is easy to grow: it has the same plant structure, flowering time, flower size and culture as traditional garden impatiens. The series has currently 6 colors: White, Bright Red, Orange, Coral, Salmon and Violet Shades.
This very special plant has been introduced to the market in 2019 and until 2020 only a limited amount is available.
Impatiens Beacon is the “new light in the darkness, bringing color to the shade” !

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  3. Impatiens walleriana Beacon
  4. Viola wittrockiana Inspire Plus
  5. Viola wittrockiana Inspire DeluXXe
  1. Osteospermum Akila
  2. Hedera helix
  3. Fragaria Summer Breeze Rose
  4. Mentha piperita
  5. Primula Protos