Westland Region Participants 2020


9 - 12 June 2020

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Passion in Seed
As an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers, Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners. While consumer satisfaction will always be a critical consideration, we listen to distributors, growers and retailers so we can deliver products, technical information and marketing support to meet the needs of the complete market chain. Ultimately, all that we do reflects our commitment to Quality, Reliability and Service. Product highlights include the new Begonia Viking series, Cape Daisy Double, Calibrachoa Calipetite, SunPatiens and Lisianthus. Sakata hosts FlowerTrials® at the same location as previous years in Honselersdijk.

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Begonia Viking
Begonia Viking
The Vikings are coming! All weather Begonia Viking and Viking XL series are developed for use in large showy garden containers and as an optimal landscaping performer. Viking Begonias are available in green, bronze and breakthrough chocolate leaf. Chocolate-leafed is unique in this class and has the most intense, darkest leaves under all conditions. Continuous flowering and a range of colours, including specialities like Scarlet and Coral Flame, make this spectacular new hybrid Begonia an exciting invasion on the market!
SunPatiens® Lavender Bicolour
SunPatiens® Lavender Bicolour
SunPatiens® is the All-Weather Impatiens. The Vigorous series provides outstanding performance where fast growing and massive colour is essential. Ideal in large (container) landscapes and municipal plantings. Like all of the new generation Vigorous SunPatiens, Lavender Bicolour has improved performance and habit and gives stunning flower coverage, 3 seasons long. Lavender Bicolour is the first bicolour in SunPatiens®, a very attractive colour on dark foliage which will be a real wow in landscape and city plantings!
Osteospermum Cape Daisy® Double
Osteospermum Cape Daisy® Double
Ladies Love Daisies … and double the daisy is double the fun! Sakata’s extensive Cape Daisy assortment now also offers two really eye-catching double flowered varieties which not only have masses of bright, beautiful flowers for retail appeal but an excellent plant habit for great garden performance as well! Cape Daisy® Double Delight and Purple are strong branching plants. They keep their flowers open under low light conditions and fast production time saves energy and improves profit!

Top 10 productsSakata

  1. x Petchoa
  2. Antirrhinum
  3. Begonia
  4. Impatiens SunPatiens®
  5. Platycodon Astra
  1. Lisianthus
  2. Campanula
  3. Gerbera
  4. Osteospermum
  5. Pansy & Viola