Westland Region Participants 2021


15 - 18 June 2021

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Passion in Seed
As an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers, Sakata has over one hundred years of experience in developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners. This expertise has led to the development of unique hybrid genetics that offer real breakthroughs in characteristics like multi-season garden performance, abundant flowering, weather tolerance and disease resistance. At our 2020 FlowerTrials, in our familiar location in Honselersdijk, we will demonstrate the benefits of hybrid breeding for the Urban Landscape!

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SunPatiens® is a unique interspecific cross between New Guinea Impatiens and various native species of Impatiens. SunPatiens® was developed in full cooperation with Indonesia (IAARD), and Sakata has signed an agreement with Indonesia whereby a contribution from the sales of every SunPatiens® flow back to the native country to support the local biodiversity. In addition, SunPatiens has been proved to have air-purifying and in some climates even air-cooling capacity. Add to this SunPatiens®’ excellent 3-season performance, disease resistance and abundant flowering in sun or shade, and it is clear to see why the world needs more SunPatiens®!
Petchoa BeautiCal®
Petchoa BeautiCal®
The looks of a stunning Petunia series without any of the disadvantages! BeautiCal®is an intergeneric hybrid cross of Petunia and Calibrachoa, providing stunning, uniquely coloured large flowers on full, mounded plants, with the additional benefits of incredible weather performance – BeautiCal® recovers as no other from rain – and unlike traditional Petunias, no sticky, smelly residue. Forget all the messy deadheading - BeautiCal® is self-cleaning, with old flowers dropping through the leaves, out of sight. Ideal for large containers, hanging baskets and any spot where long-lasting beauty and performance is required!
Begonia Viking®
Begonia Viking®
The Vikings have landed! All weather interspecific hybrid Begonias Viking and Viking XL series are developed for use in large showy garden containers and as an optimal landscaping performer. The hybrid vigour of the series delivers strong plants to thrive and flower from Spring to Autumn, whatever the weather. Available in green, bronze and breakthrough chocolate leaf. Chocolate-leafed is unique in this class and has the most intense, darkest leaves under all conditions. Continuous flowering and a range of colours, including specialities like Scarlet and Coral Flame, make this spectacular hybrid Begonia an exciting invasion on the market!

Top 10 productsSakata

  1. 1. Impatiens SunPatiens®
  2. 2. Petchoa BeautiCal®
  3. 3. Begonia Viking
  4. 4. Lisianthus
  5. 5. Osteospermum Cape Daisy®
  1. 6. Campanula
  2. 7. Platycodon Astra™
  3. 8. Helianthus Vincent®s
  4. 9. Celosia Dragon’s Breath®
  5. 10. Pansy & Viola