Aalsmeer Region Participants 2019

Royal Van Zanten

11 - 14 June 2019

About usRoyal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is the international nursery of plants and flowers. A progressive, innovative company with a wide and attractive range of source material. Royal Van Zanten delivers growth talent. In which we invest plenty of talent. We develop new species and varieties and improve existing crops. We can draw from breeding programs in the Netherlands and abroad. Royal Van Zanten has a strong focus on the market. Our customers are spread over all parts of the world. The production sites are located in South Africa and Uganda.

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The Amadore® series is now available in six colours.
Amadore® varieties are suitable for cultivation with or without blackout.
Multiflora chrysanthemum Amadore® Red is our newest introduction with an intense, deep red flower and a perfect spherical habit.

• Beautiful red flower color
• Amadore® series includes 6 different colours
• Suitable for outdoor and indoor production
Celosia Merida® Purple 18
Celosia Merida® Purple 18
Merida® Purple 18
is our new Celosia for all consumers who are looking for a plant with compact growth and deep purple flowers. No blackout required!
Aster Showmakers® Magenta
Aster Showmakers® Magenta
is a new, unique colour in our Aster assortment with the same superior qualities as the other varieties in the Showmakers® series.

• Decorative flowers in white and various shades of blue, pink and purple
• Very suitable to create mixed colours in a pot
• In 9 weeks a fantastic plant in 9 cm pot (4”)
• Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation in different pot

Top 10 productsRoyal Van Zanten

  1. Potchrysanthemum Fireworks™ Cream
  2. Colorita® Eliane
  3. Potchrysanthemum Giro Time Purple
  4. Bellevardia® Pink Eye
  5. Bellevardia® Blossom Pink
  1. Aster Showmakers® Magenta
  2. Celosia Merida® Purple 18
  3. Celosia Flirt® Magenta
  4. Multiflora Amadore® Red
  5. Multiflora Heron Yellow