Aalsmeer Region Participants 2021

Royal Van Zanten

15 - 18 June 2021

About usRoyal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is the international nursery of plants and flowers. A progressive, innovative company with a wide and attractive range of source material. Royal Van Zanten delivers growth talent. In which we invest plenty of talent. We develop new species and varieties and improve existing crops. We can draw from breeding programs in the Netherlands and abroad. Royal Van Zanten has a strong focus on the market. Our customers are spread over all parts of the world. The production sites are located in South Africa and Uganda.

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New! Milkshake™ Mums Series
New! Milkshake™ Mums Series
Our new Milkshake™ Mums have striking colours, a compact growing habit and are a true family. Their names refer to fruity milkshake flavours: Coconut, Banana, Papaya, Cherry, Strawberry and Raspberry. Pick one of the 6 colours or mix them up to your taste: a flavour for every occasion!

Because all the different Milkshakes™ are colour mutations all colours have a similar growth cycle with uniform plants that bloom simultaneously. They need little or no growth regulation and have a response time of about 6 weeks, this makes growing these beauties even more
New: Hermosa, a beautiful and unique pot chrysanthemum
New: Hermosa, a beautiful and unique pot chrysanthemum
Royal Van Zanten presents new pot chrysanthemums: Hermosa White and Hermosa Yellow. What makes this variety unique is her outspoken flower shape. It is a combination of the spikey spiders with an anemone heart and on top of it her flower petals have a small spoon-like shape.

Hermosa comes in two different colours: white and yellow. Both varieties are easy to grow, they grow uniform and blossom evenly. Hermosa pot chrysanthemums are compact growing varieties with a response time of 6,5 weeks. This offers growers an efficient and cost effective
Celosia XXL: bigger is better!
Celosia XXL: bigger is better!
Create the ultimate holiday feeling in your own garden during late summer and autumn with the new XXL celosia! The XXL is available in three beautiful warm colours: purple, orange and red. The large striking plumes of this plant are real eye-catchers for in your garden or in a nice large pot on your terrace. The celosia XXL has a great firm leaf quality and the purple variety has a trendy marble pattern on his leaves. Besides this, their shelf life is excellent and the plant has a long flowering period.

Celosia XXL can be cultivated without darkening and is suitable for pot size 17-27cm.

The celosia is known for its convenient character and is really a plant that falls into the category of "easy-care"

Top 10 productsRoyal Van Zanten

  1. Multiflora Milkshake™ Series (Coconut, Banana, Papaya, Strawberry, Rapsberry, Cherry)
  2. Pot Chrysanthemum Hermosa (White & Yellow)
  3. Aster Showmakers® (Arctic White)
  4. Celosia Anthos Purple
  5. Pot Chrysanthemum Top Hat White
  1. Pot Chrysanthemum Ciao Rebel (Red/Yellow)
  2. Pot Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time (Red)
  3. Pot Chrysanthemum Belmond (White)
  4. Celosia XXL (Orange, Purple, Red)
  5. Alstroemeria Colorita® Megan