Westland Region Participants 2020

Queen® Genetics

9 - 12 June 2020

About usQueen® Genetics

Innovation | Breeding | Cultivation
At Queen® Genetics we have more than 50 years of experience in breeding and developing unique plants that meet the need of modern consumers. – A long-lasting, easy to care for plant.

Our innovative, carefully selected plants stand out for their:
- Excellent shelf-life
- Perfectly formed and large flowers
- Strong and vibrant colours
- The highest ethylene tolerance on the market.

Today growers from more than 75 countries around the world trust us to supply healthy cuttings and reliable growing instructions. Queen® Genetics offers weekly door-to-door deliveries via our agents as well as growth and after-sales support tailored to the needs and requirements of your facilities.

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Queen® Romantic Roses™
Queen® Romantic Roses™
Queen® Genetics surprises the industry by setting new quality standards in Rose breeding focusing on well documented high level of ethylene resistance and large, luxurious flowers in vibrant long-lasting colors.

The assortment stands out for its:
• Longevity and ornamental value
• High resistance to mildew
• Low water consumption
• Level of ethylene resistance
• Reduced need for growth regulation
• Optimal plant quality, throughout the season
• Vibrant long lasting​products/​?crop=queen-romantic-roses
NEW - Queen® Grand Euphorbia Milii™
NEW - Queen® Grand Euphorbia Milii™
At Queen® Genetics we are setting new
standards in Euphorbia Milii
breeding. The carefully selected 'Queen® Grand Euphobia Milii™' series made its debut at this year’s IPM exhibition, in Essen and caught the attention of growers and industry experts alike.

We focus on the following selection criteria:
•Large flowers in vibrant colors.
•Compact & well branched growth
• Improved longevity and ornamental value.
• High level of ethylene resistance.
• Optimal plant quality, throughout the season, including early spring
and late autumn, as well as production in warm climates or harsh winter​products/​?crop=queen-grand-euphorbia-milii
Queen® Succulents
Queen® Succulents
The Queen® Green™ Succulent assortment comes in many shapes and colors - ready to be mixed and matched in the modern consumer’s urban jungle.

We focus on selecting and breeding unique, high quality varieties with excellent longevity to ensure a superior customer experience from the grower all the way to the end customer.

To make sure that growers get a perfect start with high quality cuttings, a special packaging system has been designed to ensure that young plants will not be squeezed together during transport, limiting the risk of damages, broken leaves or fungus​products/​?crop=queen-succulents

Top 10 productsQueen® Genetics

  1. Kalanchoe: Queen® Originals™ (Single Flowers)
  2. Kalanchoe: Queen® RoseFlowers® (Double Flowers)
  3. Kalanchoe: Queen® MoreFlowers® (Large Flowers)
  4. Kalanchoe: Queen® ElseFlowers™ (Bi-Color)
  5. Cut Kalanchoe: Queen® CutFlowers™ (Kalanchoe cut flowers)
  1. Roses: Queen® Romantic Roses™
  2. Succulents: Queen® Succulents - Rosettes | Aloe | Gasteria | Harvortia | Tomentosa | Crassula | Adromiscus | Graptoprtalum
  3. Asters: Queen Regent Asters™
  4. Euphorbia Milii: Queen® Grand Euphorbia Milii™
  5. Dahlia: Queen® Maya Dahlia™