Westland Region Participants 2019

Queen® Genetics

11 - 14 June 2019

About usQueen® Genetics

Breeding | Cultivation | Innovation
At Queen Genetics we have more than 50 years of experience in breeding and developing unique plants that meet the need of modern consumers. – A long-lasting, easy to care for plant.
Our innovative, carefully selected plants stand out for their:
- Excellent shelf-life
- Perfectly formed and large flowers
- Strong and vibrant colours
- The highest ethylene tolerance on the market.
Exposure to ethylene gas is a well-known problem for flowering plants. We have therefore devoted considerable efforts to developing natural ethylene-resistant varieties, and adapting them to stand the challenges at POS in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

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Queen® ElseFlowers™ 'Dean'
Queen® ElseFlowers™ 'Dean'
The Queen Genetics breeding department has been recognized at the IPM 2018, where the judges awarded the IPM Novelty Prize in the "Flowering House Plant" category to the Kalanchoe Interspecific Hybrid Queen® ElseFlowers™ 'Dean' for its innovative look and distinct appearance.

‘Dean’ is part of Queen Genetics’ new ElseFlowers™ Assortment, an eye-catching series of bi-color varieties that provide a striking contrast to classic, single flower Kalanchoes.
All varieties are subject to ethylene and shelf-life testing to ensure a minimum longevity of 6 weeks, setting new standards on the market.
NEW - Queen® Romantic Roses™
NEW - Queen® Romantic Roses™
Queen Genetics surprises the industry by setting new quality standards in Rose breeding. The carefully selected 'Queen® Romantic Roses™' series made its debut at this year’s IPM exhibition, in Essen, were it was introduced at the fairs opening ceremony.

The assortment stands out for its:
• Longevity and ornamental value
• High resistance to mildew
• Low water consumption
• Level of ethylene resistance
• Reduced need for growth regulation
• Optimal plant quality, throughout the season
• Vibrant long lasting colors.
NEW - Queen® Green (Succulents)
NEW - Queen® Green (Succulents)
The Queen® Green™ Succulent assortment comes in many shapes and colors - ready to be mixed and matched in the modern consumer’s urban jungle.
We focus on selecting and breeding unique, high quality varieties with excellent longevity to ensure a superior customer experience from the grower all the way to the end customer.
To make sure that growers get a perfect start with high quality cuttings, a special packaging system has been designed to ensure that young plants will not be squeezed together during transport, limiting the risk of damages, broken leaves or fungus infections.

Top 10 productsQueen® Genetics

  1. Kalanchoe: Queen® Originals™ (Single Flowers)
  2. Kalanchoe: Queen® RoseFlowers® (Double Flowers)
  3. Kalanchoe: Queen® MoreFlowers® (Large Flowers) – LIMITED SPECIALTY
  4. Kalanchoe: Queen® ElseFlowers™ (Bi-Color) – LIMITED SPECIALTY
  5. Cut Kalanchoe: Queen® CutFlowers™ (Kalanchoe cut flowers)
  1. Roses: Queen® Romantic Roses™
  2. Asters: Queen® Regent Asters™
  3. Succulents: Queen® Green™ - Adromiscus
  4. Succulents: Queen® Green™ - Echeveria | Pachyphytum | Pachyveria | Sinnucrassula | Graptoprtalum
  5. Succulents: Queen® Green™ Kalanchoe | Tomentosa | Crassula