Aalsmeer Region Participants 2017


13 - 16 June 2017

About usPrudac

PRUDAC: Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption
Our product focus is on innovative plant breeding and we breed GMO-free. We serve the professional and the hobby market with easy-to-grow attractive, edible products.

Compact tomato Ponchi-F1 Fa
Compact tomato Ponchi-F1 Fa
Fresh and Juicy, Sweet (Brix 10) and a soft skin. Easy to transport. No yellow leaves when the fertilization is OK. Suitable for 10.5-12 cm pots. Short crop time, 12 weeks from seed until the first red fruits.
Pillar Peppers F1 Sweet Red & Yellow
Pillar Peppers F1 Sweet Red & Yellow
Fresh, Juicy and Crunchy. A real sweet pepper with a thick skin and a real sweet taste. Usable as snack or in combination for cooking or frying. Your consumers pick the fruits from their plant at home. Sufficient yield to prepare various dishes.
Patio tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 Red Berry
Patio tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 Red Berry
Small fruited with long bunches. Sweet, small tomatoes. Easy to pick from the bunch and delicious to eat for the hobby gardener and on the patio or balcony.

Top 10 productsPrudac

  1. Allium Quattro F1
  2. Cauliflower Multi-Head F1
  3. Cauliflower Baby F1
  4. Basket/Container Pepper Spicy Jane F1
  5. Basket/Container Tomato Donna F1 series
  1. Tasty Viola F1 series
  2. Pot tomato Heartbreakers F1 series
  3. Pot Tomato XXS Ponchi F1 series
  4. Pot Tomato Sweet Sturdy Jo F1
  5. Tall Tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 series