Aalsmeer Region Participants 2021


15 - 18 June 2021

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Masters in Plant Breeding
In developing new varieties Agriom cooperates in joint-venture companies, each of which excels in a specific crop. These partners are excellent companies with leading positions in the global market.
Together with its partners, Agriom follows the global developments in floriculture. Responding to changing market demands regarding product characteristics or colours involves a continuous process of development and selection.
In addition to breeding activities implemented within the joint-venture companies, Agriom conducts breeding activities for other propagation and/or production companies and provides them with assistance.
This assistance can range from consulting services to the complete design and implementation of a breeding project.

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LEGEND Hydrangea
LEGEND Hydrangea
Legend is the infinite search by Hydrangea Breeders Association (HBA) to translate unique genetics to hydrangeas with great characteristics. Legends are hydrangeas which stand out by virtue of their appearance, sustainable and profitable cultivation method and strong market introduction.
Legend Hydrangea is a complete and versatile line of hydrangeas, new varieties are being introduced annually.
HBA creating the legends of the future for you!
Mandevilla Summerstar®
Mandevilla Summerstar®
Agriom and her partners are actively breeding several horticulture crops.
Mandevilla is a very consumer friendly plant offering colour from spring till late autumn. Mandevilla Breeders Association (MBA) represents a breeding concept with only top class Mandevilla varieties. Selected by premium growers that only settle for the very best of production characteristics combined with a proven high consumer value. An abundance of flowers, very early flowering till late in the year. Proven varieties for large bowls, balcony and patio use.
As a young company MBA has launched the Summerstar® series to introduce the first
Hibiscus Sunny Cities®
Hibiscus Sunny Cities®
New varieties of the colourful Hibiscus rosa-sinensis are bred and marketed under ‘Sunny Cities’ in a joint-venture between Agriom and a group of Hibiscus growers. The ‘Sunny Cities’ varieties are well branching. They flower abundantly and show a great shelf life. The range consists of single and double flowering varieties. They perform excellent both indoors and on terraces / balconies.
Special selections are made for suitability to Northern European and to Mediterranean production.
Climate-specific breeding and selection has become a permanent part of our program to offer ranges for distinctive production

Top 10 productsAgriom

  1. Hydrangea paniculata (HBA)
  2. Hydrangea macrophylla (HBA)
  3. Mandevilla Summerstar® (MBA)
  4. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Sunny Cities
  5. Kalanchoe Perfecta series & Prime Line
  1. Rose Favourite series (potted and patio rose)
  2. Delphinium elatum DEWI series
  3. Veronica spicata (potted plant)
  4. Bougainvillea Sandriana series
  5. Hydrangea Royal series (HBA)