Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018


12 - 15 June 2018

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Masters in Plant Breeding
In developing new varieties Agriom cooperates in joint-venture companies, each of which excels in a specific crop. These partners are excellent companies with leading positions in the global market.
Together with its partners, Agriom follows the global developments in floriculture. Responding to changing market demands regarding product characteristics or colours involves a continuous process of development and selection.
In addition to breeding activities implemented within the joint-venture companies, Agriom conducts breeding activities for other propagation and/or production companies and provides them with assistance.
This assistance can range from consulting services to the complete design and implementation of a breeding project.

Video impression 2017Agriom

Hydrangea for indoor and outdoor and cutflowers
Hydrangea for indoor and outdoor and cutflowers
Introductions from Hydrangea Breeders Association in 2017: Indoor and outdoor varieties: a.o. Green Lips, Ice Girl and Sarena: high quality varieties with the well known HBA characteristics such as excellent branching, compact growth, and uniform flowering.
Enlargement of the strong and lovely colouring Royal-series: cutflower hydrangeas with large umbels for cultivation in North West Europe. New: cutflower and pot plant varieties which do not need a cold period, especially for year round cultivation in tropical regions.

Thursday, 15 June from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Hydrangea Night, a special event for hydrangea growers: Developments in hydrangea breeding. For more info send an email to
Kalanchoe Perfecta: double-flowered series
Kalanchoe Perfecta: double-flowered series
Perfecta Breeding, the cooperation between Kwekerij Lankhaar and Agriom shows its complete assortment of double flowered kalanchoes: With its characteristic compact habit and good branching pattern the double-flowered Perfecta series has now been expanded to 9 colours, among which 1 bicolor: Perfecta Egg. Healthy uniform cuttings from Elite material are being produced all year round on our locations in Africa. Cuttings from all varieties are available for world wide
Hibiscus, Pot rose, Mandevilla and Delphinium
Hibiscus, Pot rose, Mandevilla and Delphinium
Agriom is involved in major breeding programmes with partners for developing various floriculture crops.
Delphinium Elatum: Dewi Dark Angel and development of new Dewi varieties in collaboration with breeder Nico Wighert.
Pot rose: enlargement of the Favourite series, a project from Difference Roses.
Mandevilla SUMMERSTAR®. New 2017: early, compact, abundant and longlasting flowering with bright colours.
Hibiscus Sunny Cities: New in this colourful series: Lucca, Sabaudia and Sorento. And a range of varieties selected especially for mediterranean climate

Top 10 productsAgriom

  1. Hydrangea macrophylla EARLY® BLUE
  2. Hydrangea macrophylla HOT RED
  3. Hydrangea macrophylla CURLY® SPARKLE
  4. Hydrangea macrophylla ROYAL NAVY (cut)
  5. Hydrangea macrophylla FORCE (cut)
  1. Kalanchoe PERFECTA series
  2. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis SUNNY CITIES® Torino
  3. Potroos FAVOURITE series
  4. Delphinium Elatum DEWI New Amsterdam
  5. Mandevilla SUMMERSTAR® series