Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020

ABZ Seeds

9 - 12 June 2020

About usABZ Seeds

Gourmet Strawberries
ABZ Seeds is a Dutch breeding company dedicated to the development of F1-hybrid strawberries, propagated by seed. In our breeding programs we give high priority to flavour. We work on ornamental strawberry varieties. The flowers of these varieties are known for their special colour, shape and size. Nowadays we offer over twenty strawberry F1 hybrid varieties to the market. From Holland Strawberry House in Andijk we ship strawberry seeds to over 35 countries on 6 continents. It is our ultimate goal to please strawberry lovers all over the world, from strawberry ‘gourmands’ to home gardeners.

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Summer Breeze Snow: beautiful double flowered award winner
Summer Breeze Snow: beautiful double flowered award winner
This new white color “Snow" (Exp. V327), and multiple award winner, has been added to our Summer Breeze series.
The double white flowers resemble a snow shower in summer and won't stop blooming until autumn.
During this whole period it will produce aromatic bright red strawberries. A real cool and refreshing treat on a lovely warm summer evening.
Summer Breeze Snow makes a good combination with Summer Breeze Rose, the red double-flowered variety that looks a lot like a real red
Summer Breeze Rose: sensational double flowered strawberry
Summer Breeze Rose: sensational double flowered strawberry
Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose is a real eye-catcher for its sensational deep rose flower colour on a rose-like double flower. The compact plant of Summer Breeze Rose produces a cascade of colourful flowers and fresh-sweet fruit during whole summer. Consumers will experience the fine feeling of a summer breeze blowing through the jasmine in their mind!
After introduction the Summer Breeze Rose is available for many consumers in the world who will enjoy the lovely fruit in a warm
Delizz®: AAS Winner
Delizz®: AAS Winner
Our total product concept Delizz® brings a new market within reach: convenience consumers who just like to enjoy delicious home-grown strawberries. The attractive presentation of Delizz® with a specially selected Tamara pot in a fancy purple colour, a colourful transport sheet and pot cover makes a perfect gift to someone you love. The plant loves a balcony and a patio. In 2016 strawberry Delizz® was decorated as National Winner at All America Selections (AAS). This prestigious prize was granted to Delizz® as first strawberry ever due to its outstanding outdoor performance in many climate zones of North America. And not only there... everywhere in the world the demand for an excellent Urban Gardening product is

Top 10 productsABZ Seeds

  1. Summer Breeze Snow (Double Flowers, snow-white)
  2. Summer Breeze Rose (Double Flowers, deep rose)
  3. Delizz (Total Concept, white)
  4. Toscana (Large Flowers, deep rose)
  5. Montana (Large Flowers, white)
  1. Gasana (Large Flowers, pink)
  2. Elan (Hanging Basket, white)
  3. Beltran (Hanging Basket, white)
  4. Frisan (Hanging Basket, hot pink)
  5. Ruby Ann (Hanging Basket, red)