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Syngenta Flowers

10 - 13 June 2025

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Syngenta Flowers®
Syngenta Flowers is a leading global company in the pot- and bedding plants market. We produce seeds, cuttings and young plants that fulfill growers and retailers needs. With 2,300 passionate people we bring colour to the world with innovative varieties in a broad range of crops.

As part of Syngenta, a global company with a strong focus on the seeds business and breeding, we have access to leading breeding technologies. We create value for our customers through creative collaborations with strong partners.

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Antirrhinum majus: Sweet Duet
Antirrhinum majus: Sweet Duet
Sweet Duet is a new, double flowered and highly fragrant Antirrhinum series!
It's perfect for large (premium) pots and landscaping use due to its amazing vigour and long lasting flowers. The stunning double flowers combined with their sweet fragrance ensure excellent retail appeal. Furthermore, the plants have an upright habit with strong and well-branched stems and are a great option for late spring and early summer sales. The Sweet Duet series is available in the colours; Appleblossom, Citrus , Deep Orange and Peach as well as in a colourful mix. More colours will be added soon!
Lavandula angustifolia: Aromatico Evolution
Lavandula angustifolia: Aromatico Evolution
The new Aromatico Evolution is set to be a new industry standard. With outstanding flower numbers and size - Lavandula has truly Evolved! Early and free flowering and highly fragrant. No vernalisation needed to easily program and produce all season long. Excellent vigor and game changing branching makes this lavender a must have in any assortment!
Petunia hybrida Painted Love: a stunning petunia with unique eye-catching blooms
Petunia hybrida Painted Love: a stunning petunia with unique eye-catching blooms
We are really excited to introduce “Painted Love”. A stunning petunia with delicate white and purple blooms that appear as if they were painted with watercolours. The colours blend seamlessly together, creating a trendy, dreamy, ethereal effect that is reminiscent to a watercolour painting. Each eye-catching bloom is unique, with soft washes of colour that give the flowers a sense of movement and depth. Painted Love is a versatile charmer, perfect for >12 cm pots and hanging baskets. It thrives beautifully in gardens across different regions, from South to

Top 10 productsSyngenta Flowers

  1. Begonia x hybrida "Tophat"
  2. Begonia tuberhybrida "Limitless"
  3. Petunia pendula "Fotofinish"
  4. Pelargonium interspecific "Mojo"
  5. Pelargonium interspecific "Calliope"
  1. Petunia hybrida "Itsy"
  2. Petunia hybrida "Sanguna"
  3. Mandevilla hybrida "Rio"
  4. Campanula interspecific "Mirabell"
  5. Echinacea purpurea "Prairie"