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14 - 17 June 2022

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Syngenta Flowers®
Syngenta Flowers is a leading global company in the pot- and bedding plants market. We produce seeds, cuttings, and young plants that fulfil grower’s and retailer’s needs. With 2,300 passionate people we bring colour to the world with innovative varieties in a broad range of crops.

As part of Syngenta, a global company with a strong focus on the seeds business and breeding, we have access to leading breeding technologies. We create value for our customers through creative collaborations with strong partners.

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Fun House: Step right up to thrilling color!
Fun House: Step right up to thrilling color!
You want something truly different in your assortment: take Fun House! This series contains dynamic petunias with unique flower colors and patterns like you have never seen before! With its great habit the Fun House series is a lively addition to your hanging basket and patio container programs. A guarantee to grab the attention at retail or in your garden!
FotoFinish: The spreading petunia that is Fastest to the Finish!
FotoFinish: The spreading petunia that is Fastest to the Finish!
FotoFinish sets new standards in programmability and uniformity for high-density growing. It is an extremely uniform spreading petunia series with perfectly matched plant habits and flower timing. Its extra early flowering and reduced day length sensitivity provide programmable flowering in 9–10 weeks from sowing. The mounded and branching habit is ideal for high-density growing, holds better at retail and provides faster garden fill due to the need for fewer PGRs in production. FotoFinish is extremely free flowering with masses of color all over the plant for high-impact retail and long-lasting garden
The unique Prospera® F1 P4 & P5
The unique Prospera® F1 P4 & P5
Syngenta Flowers introduces two new Basils under the Vegetalis brand: Prospera P4 and P5. These two new Genovese F1 basils for pot production that contain the unique downy mildew (peronospera belbahrii) resistance. Next to this unique resistance, the aromatic flavour and oil profile is comparable to standard Genovese Basil, giving it a very good taste and making it versatile in use. Both varieties are bred for potted production and stay naturally compact. A perfect solution for your potted basil

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