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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Kolster BV

10 - 13 June 2025

About usKolster BV

Kolster, innovative and reliable for 80 years!
Kolster is a global leader as a breeder and supplier of plugs for cut flowers and garden plants. Our team of specialized professionals, from experienced breeders to dedicated administrative and marketing staff, is committed to excellence. We ensure the highest quality of our products, which undergo careful handling and inspection before delivery.

Our mission is to build lasting relationships with growers, supported by tailored advice and continuous innovation. Experience our products during the summer months at our nursery during the FlowerTrials.
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Callicarpa Magical Snowqueen
Callicarpa Magical Snowqueen
This very special white CALLICARPA is an attractive appearance. The white berries are visible from early September and remain beautiful through November.
Eryngium Magical Purple Stars
Eryngium Magical Purple Stars
A healthy and strong thistle especially for growers of unusual branches. They can be harvested in purple form with young green flowers or more mature as blue-purple thistle. This thistle has a very high production.
Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Pink Floyd
Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Pink Floyd
One of our newest acquisitions!
This beautiful, densely flowered Hydrangea in soft shades of lilac is, like all of our other Magical Hydrangea, richly flowering and widely applicable.

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  2. Viburnum Magical Spring Glory
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