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Hassinger Orchideen

11 - 14 June 2024

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Hassinger Orchideen is a family owned company from Germany that is specialized in breeding and development of orchid varieties. Over 600 varieties of the genera Phalaenopsis, Masdevallia or Cambria were created during this time. But Hassinger Orchideen also works intensively on less well-known species such as Maxillaria and Dracula. These varieties are marketed worldwide as laboratory goods or as young plants. Whether vigorous and bright pink or delicate and classic white, our repertoire of colors and varieties is large!

This year the focus is on the new Colorful series - Phalaenopsis varieties for every pot size with bright colors or motley patterns. Be inspired by the variety of colors in nature!

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Colorful is beautiful
Colorful is beautiful
Isn't diversity something wonderful? Whether cultural, social or simply the variety of colors in nature: Our Colorful-Series is the best proof of this! Strong colors and high-contrast patterns can be found in very different flower sizes. Be inspired by the radiance of the Phalaenopsis, for example by our new colorful variety Finchen!
Hassinger Intergenerics
Hassinger Intergenerics
Hassinger Orchideen proudly presents the new generation of Intergeneric hybrids. The new line impresses with an incredible play of colours and remains very compact. The varieties can be produced in different pot sizes, starting with 9cm. Health, productivity and early flowering were prerequisites for these great
Antlers on the wall can be alive too!!
Our new Epi-Cerium concept makes it possible to admire the fascinatingly growing staghorn fern as a living picture on the wall at home. The platycerium grows epiphytically on a piece of cork and is connected to a water reservoir with a cord. The fern only takes as much water as it really needs, so you absolutely can't go wrong! The new Easy Care concept from Hassinger!

Top 10 productsHassinger Orchideen

  1. Phalaenopsis Finchen
  2. Phalaenopsis Enid
  3. Phalaenopsis Tracy 4
  4. Phalaenopsis Azur 1
  5. Intergenerics Nahani
  1. Intergenerics Inka
  2. Concept Epi-Cerium
  3. Concept Cocoon Orchids
  4. Concept BellaVallia
  5. Concept Epi-tree