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Dümmen Orange

11 - 14 June 2024

About usDümmen Orange

Uniting the world through the language of flowers.
Dümmen Orange® is a leading international breeder and propagator focused on potted plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, cut flowers, and bulbs. Representing a legacy of floricultural excellence of more than a century in the making, we provide the largest selection of superior flowers and plants.

At our locations in De Kwakel (NL) and Rheinberg (DE) you can find out more about our product innovations, as well as our trend presentations and new retail concepts.

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Fuchsia Ballerina series
Fuchsia Ballerina series
These Ballerina are ready to make their big entrance! Selected for day-neutral flowering, this new Fuchsia hybrid series is perfect for early production and sales. It is early to medium-early with medium sized flowers and a well-branching, compact habit. The plants require very little PGRs and can be grown in 9-13 cm pots. Ballerina leave nothing to be desired: they come in semi-trailing, semi-upright and upright forms with single and double flowers in bright colors ranging from red and white to red or pink and purple. Ideal for combination plantings, they also boast pollinator-friendly flowers – a natural talent in all respects!
Pot Carnation Strawberry Eyes
Pot Carnation Strawberry Eyes
Strawberry Eyes is a truly eye-catching pot carnation. The flower markings in unusual colors are a highlight of the range and appeal to consumers looking for something special. Growers are sure to appreciate their excellent properties: Easy to cultivate and highly resilient, the plants can cope with all climate conditions and can be produced in a range of pot sizes. This upright variety also has an outstanding growth habit and needs no PRGs. Strawberry Eyes produces a profusion of fragrant flowers over a long period. Growers will love their extreme earliness, while their reliable color behavior and good shelf life will appeal to retailers and consumers
Coleus Downtown
Coleus Downtown
The new Downtown series with its bicolor foliage adds a bold new look to the Coleus range. The series consists of five upright varieties with special small, two-tone leaf types. The short cultivation period of 6-8 weeks from rooted cutting (RC) to finished plant and its very strong branching habit make Downtown an easy and reliable product to grow. The series is ideal for production in 10-13 cm pots and in larger containers with three cuttings. In short: a perfect Coleus series with an excellent shelf life for different market segments and a long sales period – both as a container or bedding plant for outdoors and as a pot plant for

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