Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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11 t/m 14 juni 2024

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De Selecta Group is een wereldleider in het veredelen, kweken en op de markt brengen van innovatieve planten, zowel sierplanten als functionele planten. Onze veredelingsactiviteiten omvatten perk- en balkonplanten, kamerplanten, vaste planten en snijbloemen, en in 2022 hebben wij ons assortiment uitgebreid met jonge groenteplanten. Met productielocaties en verkoopkantoren verspreid over Europa, Afrika, Azië en Amerika, voorzien wij alle relevante markten wereldwijd.

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Cali x Pet The Power Sisters
Cali x Pet The Power Sisters
The new intergeneric series "The Power Sisters" combines the best of Calibrachoa and Petunia: Large, early flowers, good branching and bright colours as well as good summer performance and high rain tolerance. The Power Sisters are: Pretty Pam (pink), Wonder Wendy (white) and Bandit Betty (blue), and new in 2024 Red Runa (red). They are also available as Trixi®
Mandevilla ‘Divina‘
Mandevilla ‘Divina‘
New Mandevillas, which are marketed under the name "Divina" with their own marketing concept, stand for beauty and radiant elegance on the balcony and in the garden. Subdivided into Compact, Climbing and Uni, each series offers special advantages for end products in different shapes and pot
Lantana Playa Sun Juana
Lantana Playa Sun Juana
Lantanas from the Sun Juana series defy the sun, manage with little water, and present their extraordinary world of colour. The Playa Sun Juana variety impresses with its special play of colours - yellow, orange, pink and magenta. It stands out with its large flowers, strong branching, and round structure as well as its easy-to-care

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  3. Calibrachoa Oro Double
  4. Osteospermum Type 252
  5. Trixi®
  1. SKYfamily Petunia
  2. Verbena Drums®
  3. Planta Morgana
  4. Nature Garden
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