Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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11 t/m 14 juni 2024

Over onsFlorensis

Florensis is een toonaangevend familiebedrijf in de internationale sierteelt. Onze visie is om de meest
betrouwbare, innovatieve en duurzame veredelaar en vermeerderaar te zijn. Wij hebben productie- en
veredelingslocaties in Nederland, Duitsland, Portugal, Kenia en Ethiopië. Met ruim 2.000 medewerkers
leveren we jaarlijks een assortiment van 4.000 plantvariëteiten aan 8.000 professionele kwekers in 50
landen. Voor ons is verantwoord ondernemen even natuurlijk als het bieden van de beste kwaliteit met de
hoogste leverbetrouwbaarheid.

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Dahlia Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink
Dahlia Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink
Step into a world of floral wonder with the Dahlia Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink. This Dahlia dazzles with its vivid pink anemone flower and mesmerising yellow tips which creates the illusion of a star bursting from its centre.

Dahlia Dalina® Maxi Starburst flowers non-stop from June to October and often longer until the first frosts. Bees and other pollinators love the bright flowers, and they’re great for cutting too!

Starburst Pink joins the Dahlia Dalina® Maxi series, synonymous for its garden and pot performance in production, creating a uniform branched plant which keeps relatively compact for the growers in 2-3 litre pots and continues to grow for the consumer. Ideal to fit onto trolleys and produce at good density.
Heuchera hip hip hooray
Heuchera hip hip hooray
Hip Hip Hooray is a true celebration in the garden. It comes with incredible amounts of flower spikes.

This causes a very long period of flower power in the garden and makes it perfectly suited for the impulse market.

No vernalisation needed. Hip Hip Hooray flowers within 12 weeks in first year of cultivation and keeps on flowering untill November. Let's get the party started!
Lantana PassionFruit
Lantana PassionFruit
The first truly trailing Lantana on the market. PassionFruit has abundant flowers and dark green foliage. Perfect habit for hanging baskets. Because of its spreading habit it is also a very suitable variety for landscape planting. Multicoloured flowers are ideal for mono-culture containers. The colour ranges from hot pink to yellow, to gold to orange. PassionFruit attracts butterflies and has non-stop colour all summer long!

Top 10 productenFlorensis

  1. Dahlia Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink
  2. Heuchera hip hip hooray
  3. Lantana PassionFruit
  4. Impatiens Glimmer™
  5. calibrachoa Cabaret®
  1. Petunia Bee's Knees
  2. mandevilla Diamantina
  3. Pelargonium Toscana®
  4. Salvia Mysty & Friends
  5. Lavandula Lovers