Westland Region Participants 2018

Selecta one (NL)

12 - 15 June 2018

About usSelecta one (NL)

The family company selecta one is leading in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials and cut flowers. With 11 production sites and distribution companies the group serves all relevant markets.
With our claim “we love to grow” we affirm a commitment, which unites everyone who works for Selecta one. It expresses far more than simply the intense passion contributed by every team member for the breeding, sales and distribution of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. "We love to grow" stands for being close to our customers – with determination, understanding and passion.

Video impression 2017Selecta one (NL)

Petunia BabyDoll®
Petunia BabyDoll®
BabyDoll® is the new Petunia sensation with a unique colour pattern. The flowers in pink with white spots are rich in contrast and convince with an unique appearance from near and far. The uniqueness of the variety is also revealed in the high weather resistance and semi-trailing growth habit in combination with a stable colour pattern and a great shelf life. BabyDoll® is the variety for all those who want something special.
Dianthus PinkKisses®
Dianthus PinkKisses®
Pink Kisses®, a spectacular stand-alone variety, is a new type of pot carnation.
The variety captivates by excellent cultivation characteristics. Pink Kisses® is easy to cultivate in any given pot size. Another advantage is the striking flower shape and its outstanding shelf life. The beautiful, slightly fragrant flowers trigger a purchase desire by many. Therefore Pink Kisses® is very suitable as a gift.
Petunia NightSky®
Petunia NightSky®
NightSky® is exceptional and extraordinary. The colour pattern of NightSky® is worldwide unique. The flowers in dark violet with white spots seem like a beautiful star sky. A pattern that is worthy of the name NightSky®. This striking petunia cultivar also offers a new galaxy of possibilities for communication and trade tools. NightSky® has a story to tell that will trigger flights of fantasy.

Top 10 productsSelecta one (NL)

  1. Dianthus Oscar®
  2. Dianthus PinkKisses®
  3. Petunia NightSky®
  4. Pelargonium Moonlight®
  5. Pelargonium Marcada®
  1. Trixi® Calibrachoa
  2. Dahlia Dalaya
  3. Osteospermum 3D
  4. Lobelia Curaçao®
  5. Poinsettia Christmas Feelings®