Westland Region Participants 2020

Selecta one (NL)

9 - 12 June 2020

About usSelecta one (NL)

The family company Selecta one is leading in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials and cut flowers. With 14 production sites and distribution companies the group serves all relevant markets.
With our claim “we love to grow®” we affirm a commitment, which unites everyone who works for Selecta one. It expresses far more than simply the intense passion contributed by every team member for the breeding, sales and distribution of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. "We love to grow®" stands for being close to our customers – with determination, understanding and passion.

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Dianthus Peach Party®
Dianthus Peach Party®
The mini carnation Peach Party® with its apricot-coloured sea of flowers provides party-mood at home. Peach Party® is a compact growing pot carnation variety with a lot of peach coloured flowers blooming above the leaves. In spring, this variety with the unique play of colours features a highly attractive, apricot-coloured bloom, which is the
perfect complement to the trend for pastel hues. In summer, the variety develops a vivid red eye, creating a glorious contrast between the dark centre of the flower and its lighter-coloured edge. Peach Party® has single, numerous flowers, and is hardy and suitable for any pot​en/​assortment/​dianthus/​familie/​Peach_Party/​
Osteospermum ecklonis Purple Sun
Osteospermum ecklonis Purple Sun
Like the summer sun setting over the ocean, such is the colour play of the FleuroStar Award 2018/19 winner Purple Sun of Selecta’s Compact FlowerPower® series. Several shades of orange fade into a deep purple ring that surrounds the heart of the flower. Growers love the good branching and the easily controllable plant habit. Purple Sun can perfectly be integrated in any existing Osteo production scheme and the enchanting orange-purple colour combination shines genuinely at point of sale. Consumers love the non-fading colours and excellent outdoor performance. Selecta one offers a marketing concept based on the slogan “Purple Sun – takes you to the summer” which is used in the form of posters, banners, labels and other POS​en/​inspiration/​marketing_product_support/​details/​Purple_Sun_FleuroStar_award_winner_201819/​08930371627/​
Autumn Friends
Autumn Friends
Convenience is in vogue and plant sales increase in late summer and autumn! These are two arguments for Selecta’s “Autumn Friends”. The customer has no effort with these recommendations for plant combinations, because the young plants grow in a combination pot from the date of potting on. The tested plant mixes with carnations and a wide range of perennials and grasses ensure long-lasting and late-blooming flowers and an attractive appearance until end of November. More advantages: Short cultivation time and high durability in retail and at the customers​en/​posts/​Autumn_Friends/​latest_news/​85955631420/​

Top 10 productsSelecta one (NL)

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  3. Petunia NightSky®
  4. Pelargonium Zonale Sunrise® Smokey Eye® White
  5. Pelargonium interspecific Marcada® Dark Red
  1. Trixi® Amarena Cream
  2. Dahlia cultivars Dalaya Yogi
  3. Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno White + Yellow Eye
  4. Lobelia Curaçao® Basket Dark Blue ‘12
  5. Poinsettia Christmas Feelings®