Westland Region Participants 2020

Schoneveld Breeding

9 - 12 June 2020

About usSchoneveld Breeding

Innovators in nature
Schoneveld Breeding specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. We create strong varieties with high ornamental value and long flower life. We supply our products and services to specialised growers and growers of young plants all over the world.

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Cyclamen Super Serie Djix
Cyclamen Super Serie Djix
SPECIALTY: Super Serie Djix

Colourful, unique, energetic and surprising! That is our new Super Serie Djix!
Limited availability. Visit our booth during Flower Trials and ask for the possibilities.​en/​
Cyclamen Super Serie Verano - Victoria
Cyclamen Super Serie Verano - Victoria
Victoria colour available in Cyclamen Super Serie Verano.

Verano is known for its fast and uniform blooms and because of its unique genetics, is ideal for phased summer growth. Together with Carino and Mini Winter, Verano forms a perfect trio: retailers can now include a mini cyclamen in their assortment from summer to winter!

Available pot sizes: 6 – 12 cm / 2.5″ – 5″​en/​
Primula obconica Touch Me Mini
Primula obconica Touch Me Mini
Genetically small compact plant, Production in pot size 9 – 10,5 and suitable for retail.
Touch Me mini is the smaller version of Touch Me which makes the product ideal for efficient supply and​en/​

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  5. Cyclamen Super Serie Mammoth (35 cm)
  1. Cyclamen Super Serie Petticoat
  2. Cyclamen Super Serie Merengue
  3. Primula obconica Pricanto
  4. Campanula carpatica Avida