Westland Region Participants 2018

Schoneveld Breeding

12 - 15 June 2018

About usSchoneveld Breeding

Schoneveld Breeding specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. Our company has grown into a major player. In addition to our more than 190 employees at our location in Twello, the Netherlands, depending on the season, some 150 employees work at our production location in Tanzania. Strong genetics, sharing expertise and constant innovation are the foundations of our company’s success.

We create strong varieties with high ornamental value and long flower life. We supply our products and services to specialised growers and growers of young plants all over the world.

Video impression 2017Schoneveld Breeding

Super Serie Petticoat
Super Serie Petticoat
Super Serie Petticoat is a cyclamen with a unique flower, it is reminiscent of a billowing skirt! So it certainly stands out among the familiar cyclamen. Now you understand why we call this cyclamen Super Serie Petticoat. This spectacular Cyclamen works very well in hanging baskets; you can easily see how beautiful the flower is! That's a cheerful surprise! This surprising jewel is available in six colours: Dark Violet, Light with Eye, Neon Pink, Pure White, Dark Salmon Pink and Wine
Primula Galaxy
Primula Galaxy
The famous Primula Touch Me welcomes a new member to the family - with great galactic colours: Primula Galaxy! This plant has the same properties as Primula Touch Me, strong and compact plant structure and superb flower life. In combination with these noteworthy new colours, this make a magnificent display. Galaxy is available in two colours, Magenta and
Florentes Avida
Florentes Avida
New introduction during the 2017 Flower Trials: The wonderful Campanula Florentes Avida! After a period of hard work in our breeding department, we are proud to introduce the results of our latest breeding project. In recent years, in addition to breeding Campanula for propagation, we have also focused on seed propagated Campanula. The result is this magnificent campanula, that we have named Avida, Available in two colours - blue and

Top 8 productsSchoneveld Breeding

  1. Cyclamen Super Serie
  2. Primula Touch Me
  3. Primula Paradiso
  4. Primula Pricanto
  5. Primula Galaxy
  1. Ranunculus Sprinkles
  2. Campanula Florentes
  3. Florentes Avida